Bringing A Real Doll To Bed With Your Partners

Bringing sex dolls into a relationship can open up an entirely new world of pleasure for everyone involved.

A life-size TPE or silicone sex doll can help inject novelty into long-term relationships, opening up lines of communication about the boundaries of desire, and discussions about sexual preferences.

Sounds good, right? But even as the taboo surrounding sex dolls generally recedes, many people still suppress their desires or play with the dolls secretly, and are reluctant to broach the idea of bringing a real doll to bed with their partners.

Today, we share 4 expert-approved tips for communicating with your partner and bringing sex dolls into the relationship.

Positive Effects of Lifelike Sex Dolls on Relationships

How to have the sex doll conversations we want — and better sex too

1. Gently introduce love dolls into your relationship and be sure to avoid criticizing your partner’s sexual behavior.

Your partner may be more receptive to the idea of having a sex doll if you frame your desire as a request rather than a complaint. You know, some partners are sensitive about their sexual performance, so be sure to describe it as something exciting to try together, not a replacement for your lover.

2. Share how you really feel about using real sex dolls.

Tell your partner that although you are nervous to discuss the topic of sex dolls with him/her. But sex dolls are a higher form of pleasure that you both can seek together and will lead to new and wonderful experiences.

It’s really important to communicate your true emotions to your partner, not just your thoughts.

3. Just directly say what kind of doll you like but be willing to compromise.

For example, you can say you want to try a BBW female sex doll and ask what they think of it. This will open the door for a two-way discussion that takes both of your needs into account. However, if your partner is not open to this, do not insist or force them to play with the doll.

4. Make the sex doll hunt a collaborative experience.

We highly recommend that you check out sex dolls online together. You can feel what you are thinking, make decisions together and compromise when necessary.
Sex dolls can enhance your relationship and sex life. Try these tips and you'll be on the right track to honestly communicate with your partner, which in turn will enhance your sex life.

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