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02 Jun A Beginner’s Guide: How to Use a Sex Doll
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This guide provides you with a comprehensive introduction to using sex dolls for the first time. Having sex with sex dolls will bring you a special, realistic and intense sexual experience, which will definitely make you feel wonderful. When you buy a 1:1 sex doll for the first time, you may be confused about how to use it correctly without damagi..
15 Apr Goodbye loneliness, hello sex doll! How do sex dolls change human sexuality?
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From Star Wars to Terminator to Transformers, from Small Wonder to Westworld, we've all been exposed to the sci-fi world of how robots interact with humans. But as technology advances, robots appear faster than we expected.   There is reason to believe that by the end of the 2020s robots will be as ubiquitous as cell phones are today. They are al..
15 Apr Why do women buy sex dolls? A few reasons why women buy sex dolls
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Why do women buy sex dolls? A few reasons why women buy sex dolls You've probably heard the phrase, "sex dolls are designed specifically for men."However, this is not the case,Statistics show that women account for at least 25 percent of buyers.What attracts them to sex dolls? What makes women obsessed with sex dolls? Why do women buy sex dolls? A..
15 Apr How can I avoid scratching the floor with my sex doll's foot bolts?
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Standing is a separate feature of the sex doll, which is usually pre-installed when you buy it. Because the material of the sex doll, especially TPE, is very soft, the interior needs artificial skeleton to support, but the palm and sole at the end of the limb are not supported by special artificial bones in general. So if the doll needs to stand, i..
15 Apr Sex Dolls Price Guide -  How Much Does a Realistic Sex Doll Cost?
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How Much Does a Realistic Sex Doll Cost? Realistic sex dolls become more and more popular. High-end sex dolls not only look real, but also feel real. Of course, more realism, and more details are needed, which means a higher price. The average price of these realistic sex dolls ranges from $500 to $6,000, depending on several factors we’ll discuss..
15 Apr Sex Dolls Guide - Hair Implant V.S. Wig
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Hair Implant Sex Dolls V.S. Wig Sex Dolls With the development of technology, customers are demanding more realism from sex dolls. Therefore, more and more sex doll manufacturers put into the productions of silicone sex dolls. These silicone sex dolls are more realistic, with realistic blood vessels, skin texture, freckles, and so on. To make the ..
15 Apr Why Should You Consider a Sex Doll Robot?
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AI Robot Sex Dolls: The Future Of Sex What Are Robot Sex Dolls? Robot sex dolls or sex robots(smart sex dolls) are human-like robots that can provide companionship and sexual satisfaction. They are made to closely resemble humans, with hyper-realistic skin, delicate faces, and life-size heights. A sex doll robot is an artificial intelligence mac..
15 Apr How To Avoid Sex Doll Damage - 4 Safety Tips
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4 Safety Tips To Avoid Sex Doll Damage Sex dolls are one of the biggest investments for many doll owners, which means taking good care of the dolls is a priority. Of course, we have no doubt that you have put a lot of effort into your doll. However, there are many aspects to caring for a doll, and it is inevitable that there will be some negligenc..
15 Apr Five Do’s And Don’ts For Sex Doll Owner Before Using The Doll
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Five Important Notes for Sex Doll Owner Sex dolls are an expensive investment for every owner, and that’s why we advise our customers to double-check that the doll is in good condition and has all the accessories after receiving it. If your sex doll has any defects, be sure to notify the dealer from whom you purchased the doll within 24 hours of ..
15 Apr What's The Life Span Of The Dolls? How Long Does A Sex Doll Last?
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3 Main Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Realistic Sex Dolls Many newbies would ask about the lifespan of realistic sex dolls before buying. Well, buying a lifelike male/female love doll is a big decision for everyone. In addition to the high cost, they wanted the doll to be worth the money. Most importantly, for some people, this hyper-realistic ..
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