Wondering if it is okay to take bath with a sex doll?

Well, romantic escapades always remain incomplete till when you have not had a bathtub bath with your partner. It continues with sitting across from them, sipping on champagne amid candle lights and chatting the nights away which makes it a worthy experience.
Now your partner is a silicone or TPE sex doll, you can still do all of this with your human-like partner but after few considerations. However, if you have decided to take a bath with your doll, just have a look over the potential risks discussed below.
Temperature of the bath water
Bathing with sex doll depends upon the water temperature you want to use. To make it happen, you have to consider silicone and TPE love dolls differently. When it comes to silicone love dolls, you will have a bath with them regardless of the water temperature. Silicone is resistant to heat and can easily withstand hot temperature. It can be boiled and sterilized with no risk.

But if the doll is soft and vulnerable TPE sex doll, don’t forget to consider the water temperature you want to bath in together. They are not as highly heat resistant as their silicone counterparts. Whether you are looking forward to hottest realistic sex dolls in Cardiff, you will find a wide range of options to choose from the thriving industry.
Remember, it’s important to watch the water temperatures you are using so that you don’t waste away the money you spent to buy the same.
Soaps and chemicals
Well, sex dolls are manufactured from plastic materials which have been refined over time to provide the best results. Certain substances which have been added to these procedures are reactive with chemicals. Considering the same, not all soap types may be used on the love dolls. Silicone beauties are slightly tough and mildly reactive to harsh soaps and chemicals. It’s recommended to wash her using the recommended detergents and other chemicals like neutral soap.
TPE is softer
TPE dolls must only be washed with specific soaps and shampoos that were advised during purchase. There is a risk of spoiling her soft skin in ways you cannot even realize. In fact, some of these chemical reactions are irreversible and your money may get wasted. If you are low on budget but excited to have a bath with your life-like companion, just have a look over the variety of cheap real sex dolls in Lancashire.
Cleaning the head
Before you go ahead to have the romantic bath with your realistic doll, you should note that her body parts are not all the same. While bathing together, you have to make sure that her head does not get submerged in water. Sex doll’s head is to be cleaned differently and separately with special tools assigned to the task. Her hair and eyes are delicate which might call for special care.

Many of you might be wondering about how to bathe without using the head of your doll and the process is quite simple. Just set her seated in the tub in a straight up position and then bath together. Be careful about not to topple her over into the tub.
As you choose a right sex doll for yourself, you may be wondering whether you can take a bath with her or not. The answer is yes but at your own risk because the problem is how you do it. After all, you should read through all the care expected on the sex doll you have bought. For instance, you cannot jump into a hot tub with your TPE sex doll to see your hard earned money melting away in the tub before you.

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