Will You Wear Clothes For The Silicone Sex Doll?

Dressing a Original sex doll is not the same as wearing a normal dress. Do you wear clothes for a sex doll?
The so-called people rely on clothing, even if people are not so beautiful and handsome, but wearing appropriate clothing will add a little charm, not to mention how to beautifully plan how to simulate premium silicone love dolls near you,
No matter what clothes you wear, it’s beautiful, and different styles will wear different characters and feelings.

But what kind of clothes to wear for sex dolls and how to wear them is elegant, to pay attention to the problem:
First, before putting on clothes, first put the body of the sex doll on the Talcum powder (baby powder), so that the skin will be more lubricious and easy to wear. Second, Please don’t wear colored clothes for the doll. Because the silicone is oily, once it is dyed, the color will not be washed out, so it is good to wear white, pale pink or flesh-colored. This is very important, the sex doll is most afraid of dyeing.Third, too tight, long-sleeved, conjoined clothes are not suitable for sex dolls to wear, not easy to wear, but also easy to wear the skin of sex dolls, not recommended to buy.Fourth, the corners of the clothes are relatively sharp. Maybe the decorative clothes should not be worn. There are also brooch, sharp earrings, etc., and there is a risk of scratching the doll.

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