Why Vince Vaughn talks about sex dolls when talking about “stop your enthusiasm”

Last night, just like most Sunday nights, I unplugged my laptop, removed it from the “desk” (table), and sat in front of the wood stove in the living room, watching three or four Hours of TV (Yes, I watch TV more on TV than actual TV when I watch it on my laptop, because it feels like a more intimate TV viewing experience. “TV” is only used with family or other public places Watch TV.

At about 12:45, I turned on your enthusiasm to watch another show before going to bed. Although I’ve been watching my phone, I didn’t pay special attention to the show, but suddenly, Vince Vaughn appeared on the screen. “What exactly is Vince Vaughn curbing?” I wondered. I want to know that this is twofold, because earlier in the day, Pajiba Slack spent half an hour joking about the movie poster.

I think Kate may have actually watched the movie (if she may or may not have written it), but Hannah is sure we are not alert to the existence of 2 poster wigs in that movie.

It’s weird to see Vince Vaughn-no wig? — Appeared in the HBO comedy just a few hours after that Slack event, and it was still weird, because when I looked up, Vaughn was talking to Larry David at the newsstand … Sex doll.

Larry: “Do you think I’m going to that doll?”

Vince: “Yes, yes. You never have one? … I have a few. I’m comfortable. I’m healthy. I don’t feel sick and feel good …”

Larry: “Maybe you should try Necromancer?”

Vince: “Now you are talking about a different …”

At that moment, my laptop battery ran out and I didn’t want to plug it back in again. I went to bed and wondered what Vince Vaughn would say to sex dolls next. The girls didn’t feel well, so they crawled into my bed, so when I went upstairs, there was no space in my own room, so I slept in a girl’s bedroom, thinking of Vince Vaughn and Sex doll.

Naturally, Larry is the main cause of this misconduct. His attempt at Cheryl was Ted’s last straw. His unwanted sex dolls attracted Leon. He was a friendly reminder to Uncle Murray, who did not know that pornography was available on the Internet, which gradually addicted the old man (played by the late Camini Cardidi). He broke Lewis’s illusions about the sincerity of a professional heir, and his best friend’s dream of an elderly father. “You ruined another woman for me,” Lewis sighed. Larry’s talkative voicemail and contemptuous comments about Clive’s superb craftsmanship shook the cast’s confidence, and when Larry hired Carol to restore it, she was pulled into Irving’s arms It was just before Larry’s mother’s mink was hit by a truck.

The girls woke me up at 6:15 this morning and asked me to sleep with a real doll, so I got up and finished the episode.

Vince: “Now you are talking about another kind of hanging up.”

Larry: “If you are willing to face so many things, dead woman!”

Vince: “That’s good news. If I want to be with a dead woman, I’ll dress the baby. OK? That way, I don’t have to die for the woman.”

Latte Larry’s episode only plays a small part, centering around three guest stars: Owen, his closed superfan, and Vince as Freddy Funkhouser). (Between Vaughn and Fisher, the atmosphere of the “marriage collapser” in this episode is very strong.) Irving’s appearance makes it harder for Vaughn to play his role, the former appearing in his own capacity, while the latter is The appearance of fictional characters has caused some cognition. unbalanced. Unlike Irving, he doesn’t have to suppress his gameplay: all he has to do is send Larry a sex doll, encourage him to embrace it, and convince him to “regardless of the journey.”

Now this is the way to curb your passion. In fact, I went back to the beginning of the plot, so I could find out who Vince Vaughn was playing. He is Marty Funkhouser’s half-brother Freddy Funkhouser, played by the late Bob Einstein, and also known as Super Dave Osborn. In the world of Curb, Mary is still alive, but he is in China, otherwise, I hope he will play the role of a gift for sex dolls.

The midpoint of the tenth season to curb your enthusiasm “not enough praise” paints a pessimistic picture of love. Larry alone. Cheryl and Ted are alienated; Leon fantasizes Betty Boop and is so addicted to a sex doll that he doesn’t have time to find a housekeeper. Martin’s half-brother Freddy Funkhouser is surrounded by sex dolls, and his ancient uncle was addicted to pornography. Richard Lewis and Clive Owen were fascinated by the same woman, and then separated from the same woman, a professional carrier named Carol, who used herself Talents cry to manipulate men. The only happy character is Finkhaus, who will never return from a euphemistic journey to China. When Jeff and Susie brag about the show’s strongest romantic relationship, it’s a good indication that everyone else is unfortunate in love.

Irving (Jeff’s new client) plays a valuable but unsafe celebrity stereotype in a classic containment style. When Larry saw him performing at Kon-Tiki, he was really in awe of Owen’s sobbing ability, but when Jeff forced him to send a message the next day, He can only evoke a gentle “good job.” We know Larry has a hard time speaking with his left hand, but the obstacle here is voicemail performance anxiety. As someone who complained of lack of apology in the final season of the ninth season, Larry realized that Irving’s praise was unjustified, but he was unable to convene a more convincing second takeover, which left Irving’s mind in trouble and Hindered his performance.

In the end, the show went on, although professional hosts seemed to be crying. As usual, tie the different parts of the plot together. Ted took the position, first financially supporting Mocha Joe to maintain the franchise store, and then selling the doll about Larry to Cheryl (after the postman’s information was delivered) Cheryl), and the postman was still outraged at Larry. (“The postman knows.”) As Larry tried to dispose of the doll, Susie’s exquisite housekeeper and Cheryl found him in a compromise position, further endangering his campaign to recapture his ex-wife. At least, “Full Praise” brought a happy ending to Uncle Murray. When Larry donated a doll to replace online sex, Uncle Murray completed a crash course in masturbation.

Strangely, there were two other major guest appearances in the episode last night. Clive Owen plays his role, while Isla Fisher plays the “professional cryer”. Clive Owen started a new play, but when Larry David praised Owen’s performance, the skinny Owen began to circle, and his performance was also very poor, until Jie Jeff hired a professional cryer to attract the audience and give Irving a boost. After the show, Owen and Fisher were romantically involved until Owen found out she was a professional cryer and responded to his performance. At the same time, the maid and Cheryl both walked into Larry and tried to vent their sex dolls, looking like this.

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