Why Sex Dolls During the Coronavirus Crisis & Social Distancing?

According to the latest data on COVID-19 during the Coronavirus Crisis, there are 2,088, 642 cases of the virus reported around the world as at 1133hrs on the 16th of April. Out of the 2 million cases, there are 134, 754 deaths and 515, 982 recoveries. And as the medics continue to take care of those that are infected and with the public observing the precautionary measures (e.g. Stay at home and practise social distancing) put in place, it’s clearly evident that the pandemic has totally changed our way of life.

Why Sex Dolls During the Coronavirus Crisis & Social Distancing?

Trust me folks. It doesn’t get any better. Sex dolls or Realistic Masturbators are life changers, especially now when we’re living with the restrictions and uncertainty (When the government asks people to practise social distancing during the coronavirus crisis). Sex dolls are;

  • Clean and hygienic. Once you’re done using your sex doll. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the doll. Also, clean the orifices well. If yours has removable orifices, pop them out and clean separately. It’s very easy and your sex doll will always be ready for you. No body odor or disgusting smell.
  • Always ready when you are. One of the most attractive things about sex dolls is they are always ready when you are even during the the Coronavirus Crisis. They’re never whiny or in their feelings and sex is always great. In fact, you decide how great you want it to be. Isn’t that something you want?
  • Stunning as always. The dolls are always stunning as they’re designed to embody a flawless fantasy figure that is born in your mind. What’s more, sex doll manufacturers allow you to customize your sex doll so that you go home with the best version of your visual fantasy. Trust me. You can never go wrong with this one.
  • Super realistic. Sex dolls are built under the premise of realism. From the face to the ass; everything is lifelike. In fact, the vagina, ass, and mouth are fully functional to ensure that you enjoy raw, untamed fun. Whether you want vagina sex, tight anal gaping, or a jaw dropping oral sessions; you decide your destiny. Moreover, the materials used are super realistic and you can always enjoy fondling with the squishy breasts and butt.
  • Let your imagination run wild. With sex dolls, you’re the architect of the experience. Not only are you able to customize the features, but you can also decide how yours looks on different days of the week. You can alternate the outfit, wig, toenails, and even make it a shemale sex doll with an insert.

Is it safe to receive parcels now?

Is it safe to receive parcels amid the COVID-19 pandemic (coronavirus crisis)? Should I leave the parcel on the pouch for a few days? Do I need to disinfect the parcel? These are some of the most asked questions in our mail and it’s only fair that we address it. As you know, there’s a lot of anxiety and misinformation going on about the do’s and the don’ts when it comes to handling parcels.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the answer to all these questions is a definite no! Want to know why? There’s a very low risk for the virus to spread from a package that has travelled for over 2 days. In fact, the World Health Organization also notes that it’s very unlikely for a package to be contaminated after being exposed to different conditions.

How do people fulfil sexual desire without a sex doll during Coronavirus Crisis?

Over half of the world population is under some form of travel restriction and social distancing decree. Countries like China imposed lockdown in major cities as early as the 23rd of January 2020. Others like Italy, Spain, France, and El Salvador followed suit with strict restrictions put in place to slow the spread of the virus. Globally, work, travel, leisure activities, church going, and other aspects of life have been affected as governments look for ways to limit the number of cases.

Unfortunately, the mandatory lockdown has affected all industries across the globe. Men and women who relied on brothels to fulfill their sexual fantasies have been left on the crossroads as brothels have shut their doors and sex workers are also staying at home. What’s more, couples who weren’t together when their country/state was implementing the lockdown are not able to be together anymore. At least until, this coronavirus crisis and pandemic is well managed and the restrictions are pulled down.

What Now?

With the lockdown and travel restrictions, people are lonelier than ever. Especially the single people, this period has to be the worst. No one to relieve your sexual urges with and you can’t even go down to the brothel. Must be hard. Don’t you think? This whole situation makes having a sex doll the best thing that you can do for your wellbeing. A realistic sex doll will help you kick away the boredom and have sex with your dream woman from anywhere in the house. After all, you’re alone.

And even for couples, the lockdown isn’t selective. Being confined together with your partner for more than a month, things start getting boring, and especially sex. Partners start seeing each other’s flaws and sex is no longer exciting. And here is when sex dolls become essential. Introducing a sex doll in the bedroom induces the much needed spice and spontaneity. Whether you want a threesome or a sex doll to have sex with when your partner is not in the mood; the doll will make your lockdown experience worthwhile.

Pornhub to the Rescue?

Pornhub has disclosed that viewing has soared during the coronavirus crisis with some countries like India registering a 95% spike in viewership. The site has also announced multiple COVID-10 relief initiatives that include mask donations, monetary donations, and most importantly, free access to premium content. Pornhub users’ can now enjoy the very best services on the site in a bid to hopefully relieve the stress from the lockdown and social distancing.

So, with such an offer of free premium content, what better way to take advantage than get yourself a sex doll. Free Porn + Sex Doll = Double Excitement! It’s that simple; a sex doll will help you overcome the hurdles and live this ‘new way of life’ better. Have you ever tried Virtual Reality Porn Videos? Well, Pornhub has it and trust me. There’s no other experience that beats a Virtual Reality session with a realistic, gorgeous sex doll and access to premium porn.


And that’s it, sex dolls are a great idea, especially during this period when there are travel restrictions and social distancing decrees. Think about it. The brothels are closed, the sex workers are at home during the coronavirus crisis, and… PORNHUB PREMIUM is free! It doesn’t get better than this folks!

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