Why Cleaning a Silicone Sex Doll Is So Important For Buyers?

There are many websites where you can learn the steps towards buying sex dolls. However, it’s also important to pay attention towards knowing the techniques on how to clean them for their long use.    
Some people have wrong assumptions that only a few varieties of sex dolls need cleaning. However, the truth is that almost types of sex dolls are required to go through the proper cleaning process. This provides dolls with the extended life, while keeping them fresh and sexy for many years.   
It’s very easy to clean a love doll by just following a few simple steps. The simple and easy process can allow anyone to take care of the cleaning job at their own. Start the cleaning process with the selection of a right kind of bathtub where you can drown your doll or shower her as per the requirements. If your doll is made of silicone material, make sure to use the talcum powder to maintain her softness.

Use the warm water with a combination of an antibacterial soap to rinse the chamber after washing your doll. It’s also possible to remove the face of your doll for cleaning. Use the hot water for this purpose, while making sure not to get their eyelashes wet.  
Take an antibacterial soap to wash your doll thoroughly with the help of a lightweight sponge. Experts say that it’s not good to put too much pressure on the doll for protecting her skin while cleaning. Opt for a light wig cap for better results. A warm water wet towel is recommended to wipe off the make-up items used on the face of the doll. Give her a dry cloth or a tissue to dry her face. A wild shampoo can be used to wash her wigs properly. Once it’s done, leave it to air dry. Remember, her hair might be damaged if you give her a hair dryer.
Cleaning is important for all types of dolls whether they are mid range sex dolls near me or the expensive ones.
What can be the frequency of cleaning your silicone dolls?
After every time you have sex with your doll, it’s advisable to clean her private parts. Following the above mentioned cleaning tips ensure that your silicone dolls have a fresh and durable life. You have to follow the same steps for cleaning TPE dolls as you do while taking care of the silicone dolls. Although many dolls come with a waterproof body, it’s advisable to take the needful precautions to avoid her damage.

It’s not advisable at all to rub the face or body of your doll using a rough surface that could be in the form of a scraping sponge. If it’s done, your doll made of TPE/silicone might be damaged while affecting the smooth and soft skin of your love doll. Make a note that when your doll is under water you don’t have to place her head directly since there are chances of penetrating the fixation between the body and head of your doll by the water, resulting into the losing your sense.
Every time your doll should be cleaned when you use or touch body fluids. Give her a light soap shower using the warm water to complete the cleaning process.
Make sure to remove the excess water accumulated by her body using a clean towel to dry your doll thoroughly. The use of hair dryer is prohibited since it might damage her skin. Once drying part is done, use a proper baby powder to make her skin smooth and sexy. The unwanted residual moisture can be removed easily through this process.  
Follow these steps even on all kinds of fantasy real silicone dolls in Texas and take a pleasure of enjoying sex with your doll for long!

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