Why are sex dolls so popular?

Thanks to companies like Abyss Creations, love dolls have been popular for many years, and these companies have received widespread attention for their innovative super-realistic dolls and advanced robotics. WM dolls have also been pioneers, starting with models in regular stores and developing to more complex dolls, but until now are still underground. In 2019, we see a huge growth in the sex doll market, which is why …

According to a survey by www.siliconelovers.com, this is one of the largest sex doll suppliers in Europe, with some of the most authentic sex dolls on the market:

“Apart from the obvious reality that sex dolls have become so incredible in recent years, it is difficult to ignore that media attention is inevitable. We believe that there are many other factors that have determined the popularity and attention of mainstream media One of the factors is that the connection between us is so extensive that it only takes a youtube video or a particularly interesting sex doll meme to quickly disseminate entire demographics, which are usually not accessible in daily life The doll opened her eyes (and opened her mouth!).

In the age of technology, people started creating robots long ago. These machines can not only cook or perform surgery, but now also meet human sexual requirements.

Currently, there are many realistic sex dolls that can joke and answer simple questions, but not all sex dolls are available at sex stores.

Since the original sex doll price was as high as $ 6,000, people began to open sex doll brothels for men who wanted to try new feelings.

One of the most famous sex doll brothels in the world is located in Dortmund, Germany, and was founded by Evelyn Schwarz in 2017. Schwartz was a sex worker before starting her business, and she has confirmed that this practice is healthy for men and safer for women.

Usually, people are shocked and enthusiastic about their sense of reality, so they certainly want to impress (or shock) their friends with newly discovered knowledge. Others were completely frightened and thought it was completely wrong and could also speak on social media. We all have our opinion, and there is nothing wrong with it. There are also well-publicized documentaries that educate people, otherwise they will be in trouble … Another reason (causing concern) is due to other reasons (such as the “Fourth Wave of Feminism” and MGTOW (men’s own way) Sports, sex dolls have become a very hot topic of debate, and it’s no surprise that there are people in and out of every community

Schwarz also mentioned that sometimes men’s wives wait for husbands outside. Women know what happened behind the door, but neither take it seriously nor consider it cheating.

Schwarz remembers critics mocking her business philosophy, but now she has a large number of clients who pay 50 euros in 30 minutes and 80 euros in one hour. One of the most expensive brothels in the world is in Canada, where owners charge customers $ 120 an hour.

She explained that men can only make their sexual fantasies a reality with dolls, because dolls have no restrictions and will never tell clients that they have no mood. According to Evelyn, many of her clients are back.

For hygiene reasons, each customer disinfects the doll and re-dresses it. Customers must also follow certain rules when dealing with dolls, such as not biting people, scratching or punching holes.

Today, sex doll brothels are available in 12 countries around the world. In Japan, the trend of doll love began in Japan, and Asian countries have been leading the industry since its establishment. In fact, there are several cases of Japanese men dating their sex dolls. Others buy gifts for their silicone companions and take them for a walk in a wheelchair. These people have an emotional attachment to the dolls, so they don’t want to cheat because they believe that each doll has its own personality.

The idea of ​​having a silicone girlfriend is prohibited in some countries. For example, sex doll brothels are not allowed in China, but men can rent sex dolls by paying $ 45 per day and paying a refundable deposit of about $ 1200. Authorities are currently trying to shut it down.

The concept of a sex doll brothel has been criticized by the Sex Professionals Association in Barcelona. They believe that robots will replace female workers in the future, as the concept has been growing in popularity.

But the doll maker doesn’t want to stop. They want to create a sex robot that can behave like a human.

The creators believe that making realistic sex dolls could address human trafficking, prostitution and violence against women. But it also raises concerns that once such alternatives are available on the mass market, people will avoid getting married.

Questions about the growing number of sex doll brothels are still pending. There are no statistics on the demand for such products, so it is difficult to answer whether this is just a trend in human sexuality or the beginning of a new era.

As humans, we have an innate fascination with copying Mother Nature’s work to understand how our skills compare, or whether we can even design things close to the way nature does.

This is obvious from all aspects of art and design, we have always been obsessed with it as a species, and I think dolls are another medium for self-expression and exploration in the same field. When you enter a large forum like TDF (The Doll Forum has more than 60,000 members), you will quickly realize that many people are talking about the design, assembly methods, personalized specifications of these dolls, and the customization of the owner Choose the unique characteristics and personality of the doll.

You will soon realize that this is not only about sex, but also about creativity and imagination. It’s a hobby, the same as classic cars, and just like you did at the auto show, people appreciate the perfect design and manufacturing of machines, as do dolls.

In fact, many owners have a “doll society” to do this. Due to the harsh judgment of the media and outsiders, what two-dimensional views we must have on the owners of sex dolls, and we are most frightened that most people feel a little secret about this. For many owners, these dolls have become sexually absent to some extent, appreciated only for their curve, shape, design, quality, unique customization, and lasting friendship with them.

Silicone enthusiasts say, “It ’s really impossible, just like the public wants the owner of the pigeon hole doll. Our customers are more diverse (if not more) than any other customer group. For example, we are Couples and collectors, cosplayers, widows and widowed people, young and inner youth, gamers and sports enthusiasts, photographers and fashionistas sell. “

“Everyone has their own unique personal reasons to own a doll. We even have long-distance lovers buying each other dolls as gifts. Some have their own, some have their own 21. Some people were asked on the forum” You How many “sex dolls” are there? Will answer “No, but I have three emotionally supportive silicone companions.” Or “I have a doll set, I have n’t used these things, they are just my dolls.” Some are sexually motivated, some are not. Some It was inspired by a specific thing, and then it changed completely and unexpectedly. “

“I would say that as far as their general behavior is concerned, we have no other experience than the most civilized, polite, open and honest customers, and we can build bonds with certain customers. It is a sensitive product, trust and Respect is two-way. If roles are changed, we will treat our customers with respect and friendliness. We like to think that we are helping people find partners in a society that sometimes fails to give everyone the attention they deserve. “

Are sex dolls a long-term solution? Who knows, but for now, they seem to be doing better and better.

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