Who really bought the truth behind sex dolls is the most realistic one can buy

Only the creepy old pervert hides a sex doll under the bed. At least, that’s what the sculptor Matt Krivicke did before he quit his job of making Halloween costumes and joined the stereotyped industry, which proved that he was wrong.

For the past five years, Matt has been working at Sinthetics, a Los Angeles-based company that makes dolls so realistic that it’s hard to believe that they have no life. These mannequins, which he prefers to call them, come with huge price tags that start at as high as $ 5,750 and can even exceed $ 25,000. But everything from tan lines and real hair to tattoos, piercings, and manicures (which can be customized) is so great and the level of detail is so high that they can’t help but appreciate their artistry. “I want dolls to have a personality. His tone tells me, quickly adding that he will not play with them by himself.

The vast majority of buyers are “just fascinated by the human body,” and Matt sees many as “smarter” than anyone he meets on the street. He learned that some customers are only pursuing the best sex dolls, but there is often a deeper desire behind the order.

Sinthetics does not make their dolls on a large scale, but crafts them for people from all walks of life from six months to a year. One of the more touching stories involves a man who bought a doll to have sex, but found that he really cared so much that he brushed his hair off his face as he walked by. He quickly found a community of friends online. “Ordinary people are eager to connect” and they often talk about their dolls and share photos on internet forums. Others come to Sindh to find a doll to help them emotionally after losing a partner. These buyers may not be ready for a date, but they don’t like staying at home alone, so they order a doll as a “bridge” until their confidence is restored.

Couples buy dolls and singles, a trend Matt has longed for. “Humans are an appetizing sexual animal,” he said. The couple found that the doll was a safe way to introduce each other because they were not emotional. This is a sexual exploration without cheating. Sometimes, for health reasons, when a partner is unable to enjoy sex, sometimes the doll is the target of sexual surrogacy, but the couple does not want to be a foreign lover.

Sinthetics has also successfully entered the transgender community, meeting the needs of transgender people who want to find a strap-on penis for everyday wear. Matt was unfamiliar with the market, and then a transitional customer bought the fluffy penis that was intended for one of the male dolls, liked it very much, and started recommending the company on cross-forums. “Sex is not a topic in the United States. Sex education is when you talk to friends and watch dirty movies. Sex education in schools is simply sad,” he said. “I don’t know how transgender communities are so big, and so is gender mobility. Even people who are not necessarily identified as transgender may not be identified as male or female, heterosexual or homosexual. Different degrees of human sexuality Surprisingly.”

Sinthetics received some worrying requests, the most shocking of which was that they received orders for two minor dolls. He said firmly: “If it doesn’t feel right to us, we shouldn’t do it.” “Several incidents occurred and people came to us to have children, in which case we gave them to the authorities. Unless consent is obtained and celebrities are treated with care, the former partner’s request is also immediately rejected. “Our rule of thumb is that I would do this, but use different skin tones and give them different colors of eyes and makeup, so it will never really resemble them,” Matt said.

It’s not hard to imagine that the only sex doll that buyers want is idealized and flawless, but Matt breaks the myth and insists that not everyone desires an overweight 18-year-old woman. “A client didn’t want a doll in his 20s when he was in his sixties, so I gave us a face and gave her crow’s feet, wrinkles and a deeper smile. He said:” That looks more like A woman is like someone I can contact. “We get requests for all kinds of things, people want bigger buttocks, freckles are popular, and even rabbit teeth.”

For anyone who considers her doll to be a female, Matt is just one of the company’s 11-inch huge penis. “You have nothing more objective than a dildo because you have removed the entire body. No face, no arms, no legs, no six pack abs, no beer belly. This is just the penis, which is the ultimate goal of objectification.” He said that he is confident that his model can enhance the positive image that reflects and enhances female beauty.

The awkward weight of silicone banned the use of synthetic chemicals, which meant Matt couldn’t make a bigger breast and couldn’t meet the requirements he insisted on. “Our 50-inch torso is mechanically limited, but it’s not undesired,” he said. “People often want beauty. The perfect face and body aren’t needed most.”

Matt wants to make his dolls more realistic and has added internal heat to the genitals, but is cautious about adding mechanical functions (such as speakers) or changing facial expressions when broken. “Imagine that a doll’s blinking motion is very slow and sexy, and then one eye is broken, so now she just blinks at you. This will be a complete disaster!” He smiled.

Still, there is little going beyond theology. Take the “Vajankle” (better interpreted as a vagina) on the ankle. Sinthetics’ strangest product is the imagination of a client who has been buying fetish feet but wants to see and caress the soles of the feet while having sex with the feet. Matt usually doesn’t get angry, but this request makes him fit. “I’m giggling, it’s fun,” he said, adding that he had already sold dozens of copies before sharing news of his latest and even more ridiculous custom product “vaginal dentures.” Inspired by the horror film Teeth, this vagina hides human mouths and hides human teeth inside. “This is not a daunting mouth,” Matt promised. “It’s a very beautiful tooth. The way I look at something like this is that if it doesn’t hurt anyone and it looks morally okay, I will do it.

“I’m not afraid to shock people. I’m not afraid to do something that challenges people’s emotions. I just sit back and enjoy the journey.”

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