Which Is the Best Lube for Japanese Sex Dolls: Types of Lubricants?

When it comes to using lubricants to reduce friction or to ease penetration during human sexual acts like masturbation and intercourse, the first question that arises in your mind is to decide that what type of lubricant you should go with. Although, the market is filled with numerous options you can go with, but it’s important to make sure that you choose only the one that suits your skin type and the texture of your sex doll. In addition to this, it also depends on the kind of sex you want to have, whether it will be an anal sex or a vaginal sex.
In this article, you will get to know about the availability of different types of lubricants and their usage in making sexual experience more pleasurable.  We are sure that you will enjoy about knowing the main kinds of lubricants and how they can play a crucial role in increasing your satisfaction level.
Water based lubricants: The very first and safest lubricant is the water based lubricant. Everyone might have heard about the water based lubricants as they are extremely common that you can freely use while doing sex act with the anime Japanese sex dolls in Oakland. Such lubricant is made out of glycerin and water. If you are looking for the best lube then going with water lube can prove to be a nice bet since it will not damage your doll.

It is very easy to clean it with good quality soap or sometimes with water only. The best part is that it does not leave any stain on your bed as well as skin of doll. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that you are supposed to apply it frequently on the doll as it wears off quickly. So, one should keep some by his bed in order to reapply it whenever needed.
Oil and Petroleum Based Lube: Oil based lubricants are also in great demand among doll users these days. The best part of this is that these lubricants will not come off easily when you intercourse with a sex doll. As the texture of a doll is already slippery, so there are more chances that a lube will not stick on its body. In order to overcome it, petroleum and oil based lubricant would serve your purpose in the best possible way.
It will give you the best feeling you have ever come across in your life. But, in this case also, one should be careful while washing it because it is not that easy to clean it and also some techniques to be followed while removing it from the life-like dolls.
Silicon Based Lube:  There are no chances of getting your doll damage with the use of silicon based lube on the silicone sex doll. This lubricant ensures you to have a safe and secure sex. It is made up of water and silicon, which make it a perfect option to be used during different sexual activities.

Just like the other water based lubes, silicon based lubricant is also very easy to apply. In addition to this, one has to be very careful as it does not wash off so easily. However, the use of this type of lubricant can make the sexual intercourse with the best silicone sex dolls in Arizona more pleasurable and interesting. Additionally, when you are using silicon lube, you need to make sure to restrict it from not coming in the contact of water to ensure its best use.
We are sure that you are satisfied with the information about different types of lubes and their usage here. The proper use of a lube can help to add flavors to your sex life. Not only this, one should keep in mind that the material of sex doll as well in order to maximize the sexual pleasure.

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