Where Is The Best Platform To Buy A Sex Doll?

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I’m sure you’ve all come to this page because you want to buy a doll. It’s easy to buy a doll, just find one you like and pay for it. But how do you get a quality doll at a low price? That’s the big question. So let’s talk about it!

1.Real dolls regular agency – Recommendation ★★★

There are many websites that sell dolls on the internet under the name of official physical doll agencies, and a quick Google search on physical dolls will immediately reveal them. These sites, as agents, do not have their own factories, they just receive orders and go to their partner factories to get the goods and then send them to their customers. In order to make money, the factory will sell the dolls to the agency at a high price, and the agency site will sell them to the customers at a higher price in order to make money, so the price of the dolls at the agency will never come down. The price/performance ratio is very low. These are the disadvantages of agency shops. For example, please see the screen below. Even the loli dolls and bust dolls, which should be the cheapest, sell for over 90,000 yen (800 dollar) at this agency shop.

However, the downside is also obvious. The agency’s website and system are carefully revised and optimised every day, using gorgeous photos, and the experience when browsing the site is great. In addition, if you are a regular agency, you can be sure that the quality of the products you sell is guaranteed, as they are all regular products from various manufacturers.
At this agency, they sell a 148cm doll like this one, and even if it is not customised, it costs almost 200,000 yen (1760 dollar), which is very expensive.This is hard to accept for those of us who want to experience perfect sex!

2.Amazon – Recommendation ★★★

Amazon is already the most widely used online shopping platform in the world, and you can buy physical dolls on Amazon! However, this year Amazon is cracking down on physical doll selling and has put in place various restrictions, so doll selling has become difficult and the number and variety of items available in each shop has dropped dramatically. It’s hard to even get items on the shelves, let alone offer customization services. With the intervention of Amazon’s strong return policy, the quality of the merchandise can be guaranteed and the prices are low, but it is very difficult to find a doll that matches your taste because of the exceptionally small selection of items available. In other words, if you happen to buy a doll you like on Amazon, then you’ll make a lot of money, otherwise you won’t have the freedom to choose what you like at all, which is really tiring.

But due to the changes in Amazon’s policy. So platform is unable to find adult products and real dolls that are too nude. And it was impossible to find sex dolls with childish faces and breasts. This makes it difficult for many of our customers to find the girlfriend dolls they want.

3.Manufacturer’s Outlet – Recommendation ★★★★★

The two most obvious advantages of a manufacturer’s outlet are the large number of products and low prices.
At present, Like OUDOLL is a member of the factory outlet and has more than 200 kinds of dolls, as well as clothing and other related products. With a wide range of products and many photos, customers can freely view the product portraits and take their time to find what they like.
Also, as a factory outlet, you don’t need to go through an agent, so you can have your order produced in your own factory as soon as you receive it, bringing the price down to a minimum.
For example, this item is the same as the one on the website above (face and figure), but it is 24,000 yen cheaper. And because it is a direct manufacturer’s sale, it is a matter of your own company’s credit, so the quality can be guaranteed on top of the bargain. That’s the biggest advantage of a factory outlet. It’s a great value for money.

What makes OUDOLL different from other dolls in the market is that: we can let everyone take away a sex doll without spending a lot of money.
Everyone can buy their beloved doll with good quality and cheap price. makes us different from other dolls in the market is that: we can let everyone take away a sex doll with Affordable price. Everyone can buy their beloved doll with pleasant sense of sex.

Summing up.
The above analysis has been done for the four methods of buying physical dolls.
The advantages and disadvantages are all different.
1. Auction sites are cheap, but mainly second-hand goods with little variety.
2. Regular agencies have good quality and a wide variety of dolls, but they are very expensive.
3. Amazon is cheap, but the number of products is limited.
4. Manufacturers’ direct shops have guaranteed variety and quality of goods, and the prices are also very low.

Thank you for reading the above.

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