Where Can I Find Low Price Mini Sex Dolls?

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Where can I find low price mini sex dolls?

1.Oudoll brand has been in business for many years. We have our own factory located in most of the world, and a partner manufacturer specializing in the production of silicone and other thermoplastic materials. And there are several friendly factories. The cost is low.

2.Oudoll was established with the intention of selling the most cost-effective physical dolls. Our policy is to ensure quality while selling more at a lower price. In addition to the Japanese market, we are also entering Europe, the United States and China, a large market that allows us to achieve and continue our policy of ensuring quality while selling at low prices.

3.Oudoll’s main products are small dolls, i.e. young little sex dolls, American sex dolls, japanese sex dolls, between 100cm and 140cm in height, and mini dolls that sell like hot cakes cannot be customized, so we have set up a special production line with full power to further higher quality.

Why does Oudoll sell dolls so cheaply?

“Bought such a cheap robot doll until the arrival of the doll have been nervous. I was nervous about buying such a cheap doll until it arrived, but I was relieved to see the level of workmanship was beyond my expectations. In the past, I was happy to see such comments. But recently, I’ve been surprised to see such inquiries.

“Good evening, is your company really selling this product? It looks good from the photo, but it’s so cheap that I suspect you are a fraud. Can you show me the actual photos, try to take as many angles as possible.”

This is a very direct question. I knew that we were not a scam, but I had to reply properly, so I contacted my colleague at the factory and asked him to take photos so that I could send them to the customer.

After replying to the email, I received several requests from the customer, and although there were many questions, I replied one by one and received the order from the customer, which is expected to be shipped soon, and everything is in order.

But at the same time, I also realized a problem: that is, this customer he has questions to us, but there will be other customers, browse our website also have the same questions but did not choose to ask but directly closed to buy other expensive dolls? Thinking about it I know that my doubt is superfluous, such guests will certainly be there. So for this reason, I am writing this blog today to let you know why our Oudoll dolls are so cheap.

1.Oudoll has its own factory, and has cooperation with many factories

Oudoll, as a brand that has been in business for many years, this year has reached a partnership with a thermoplastic material manufacturing company, which has significantly reduced production costs compared to production in Japan. In addition, it has also built a friendly relationship with other local doll factories in China to help each other in case of productivity shortage.

2.Oudoll’s products are mainly low height dolls

In Oudoll, dolls between 100cm and 140cm in height are the main force, among which the young loli girl dolls between 100cm and 140cm, the so-called low height dolls are the best sellers. These dolls because the height is not high, the price can be put relatively low.

3.The goal is the most cost-effective dolls

“The original intention of Oudoll is to offer the best value for money to our customers. It is Oudoll’s management policy to keep the price as low as possible and sell more at a lower price while maintaining quality. In addition to the Japanese market, we are also actively developing the European, American and Chinese markets. The wide and diverse sales channels enable us to continue our management policy.

4.Sales events are held frequently

As you can see by looking at Oudoll’s homepage, Oudoll is always holding daily events in the form of this time, this time, next time, and so on.

Commodity prices are always influenced by costs and market conditions. From the perspective of Oudoll’s cost control measures and management policy, it is not surprising that the prices of products are low.

Even so, even in such an Oudoll, it is not uncommon to have high priced products. For example

I like small sex dolls, they are as really lovely as maiden. Maybe you can find the right price on oudoll.com. I think they are the greatest.

Above, thank you for reading.

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