What is Intelligent Pronunciation Sex Doll ?

Intelligent pronunciation: Common sexual dolls Smart pronunciation is an external pronunciation. Most of the products are third-party kits with built-in simple mp3 content. By embedding the sensor chip, the built-in audio can be played by sensing the starting strength.

The next step is the intelligent dialogue. In addition to the Real doll factory’s ability to develop intelligent dialogue functions, most products can be generally understood as Bluetooth small speakers. The function is implemented based on the dialogue between you and the voice assistant of the mobile phone.
When customizing sex dolls, some websites add an extra 100+ dollars to this pronunciation function. ES DOLL editor thinks this is a form of deceiving users. The pronunciation function of the doll is not a function worth paying for if you really want to To create a sexual atmosphere, we can suggest that you use your mobile phone or tablet pronunciation device, 3D glasses, bring a Bluetooth headset, browse the Internet for your favorite female orgasm content, and fully satisfy your climax of reaching sex.

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