What Is A TPE Sex Doll? – Best Reasons For Having One


Forget for a second that this article is about TPE sex dolls and picture this – you’re in a hotel room with someone you like. You didn’t plan on getting intimate with them but you’re in bed, sleeping together. You start talking to them and inch by inch you’re getting closer to each other…And before you know it, you’re kissing. It’s hot. And what comes after kissing? Yeah, you guessed it right, after kissing comes the fireworks!

Now, we know that this seldom happens to any of us. But, wouldn’t it be just great if these fantasies actually came true? Well, don’t let the lack of a person stop you from a night of passion. You can get your own person…the catch is, this person is a TPE sex doll.

No wait, don’t think that a sex doll will take away the feels you get with an actual person. Sex dolls are something that needs to be accepted as an entity that’s more than just for pleasure. Open your mind and explore your sexuality. Be informed with this article and find out what TPE sex dolls are all about.

What are TPE Sex Dolls?

To get into the technological aspects of it – TPE, or Thermoplastic Elastomer, is sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubbers and is a class of copolymers, which is usually a mix of plastic and rubber. It is durable, soft, feels realistic, and also easy on the wallet. TPE is also commonly used in the healthcare field for things such as tourniquet bands and menstrual cups. As a bonus, TPE is also more eco-friendly than silicone.

TPE Sex Dolls are easily molded into many shapes and sizes, replicating a variety of different body styles of both men and woman. TPE is also more affordable than silicone, making it a popular choice for many customers..

TPE is also quite porous and demands high maintenance when it comes to cleaning. You should make sure to shower and wash the doll thoroughly after every use. Use a gentle soap and warm water, not hot water. When you take care of your TPE Sex Doll, it it will certainly take care of you.

Why Should You Choose A TPE Sex Doll?

Honestly, why shouldn’t you? They’re lifelike, they’re great to look at and they’re quite affordable. Why the qualms, mister? Doesn’t everyone need love, affection, and physical contact? If you keep an open mind about this, you can see that TPE sex dolls have many uses for a lot of different people.

As you can see, a TPE sex doll could actually be great company. Many men who have used them claim the touch and feel is very similar to a real woman. A TPE Sex Doll would allow you to explore, without judgement – I’m talking fetishes, fantasies, kinks – that allow you to expand your world and imagination.

A Quick Safety Reminder

A sex doll, or even a sex toy, is quite personal. It is advisable to not share them with other people. Make sure to clean the doll after every single use. As we said before, take care of the doll, and it will take care of you.

Another thing to be aware of is that TPE absorbs oils from human skin, which means that your TPE sex doll might feel sticky after a while. But, not to worry about that, just use some baby powder – or if you want to be fancy, get some professional renewal powder – and dust your doll!


All in all, TPE Sex Dolls are something you should definitely consider buying – they have many different applications other than sex. If you have more questions, contact our knowledgeable customer service team today.

Should you Buy A TPE Sex Doll?

Most sex doll customers feel that TPE is the best possible material for a female companion to be made from. They look real. They feel real, whether you are caressing them your hand, and or penetrating any of their wholes with your penis. Most TPE sex dolls allow you to penetrate them in whatever hole you like. The mouth, the vagina, and the anus each give a unique, pleasurable sensation. You can take your doll in dozens of sexual positions.

They feel better than real women that are available for most men to date. They are flexible and can be posed in any natural social or sexual position. They work for men who are thin and men who are overweight up to 400 lbs, in any position. Men who are larger can use them as well but must be careful of the missionary position. These dolls are durable and will be your companion for many years.

TPE sex dolls can also be customized to fit your most discriminating preferences. You can choose a wide range of hairstyles, eye colors, face shapes, skin tones, body types. There are few men on this planet who can not find a TPE sex doll that catches their eye. They ease loneliness and provide deep satisfaction without the frustration that most men experience when dating. DollWives carries only the highest quality sex dolls at the best prices. We also offer customer support in case you have any issues. Browser the TPE sex dolls available to find your ideal companion. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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