What gift are you going to buy for Christmas?

The long-awaited Christmas is coming, and since Black Friday has opened a good start, we decided to continue the discount on Christmas or the lowest price in history.
Not only that, but we also have more favorable benefits than Black Friday.
For $400 or more, we will reduce the price by $20.
Offer: 400dFor $600 or more, we will have a $30 reduction and a sex toy.
Coupon: 600dFor $800 or more, we will refund $40 and give VR one.
Coupon: 800dFor $1000 or more, we will pay $50 for sex toys and VR.
Coupon: 1000dFor $2000 or more, $60 off, doll head, sex toy and VR each.
Coupon: 2000dThe most favorable event in history, the lowest price event in history, has waited for this event and has to wait for Christmas next year, so if you are still hesitating, is it a purchased doll? Still not buying?After hesitating, the price is restored to the original price.
When you look at our dolls, there is no discount, and the price is expensive.
So what are you waiting for?

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