What Does Sex With Real Sex Dolls Feel Like?

This is the question that most of the men generally want to ask an experienced one before they could purchase real sex dolls for themselves. But many of you sometimes feel embarrassed to raise your questions openly right? But not to worry anymore, we have put down the opinion of all the experienced hands to give you the best idea of what it actually feels like.
1st Question- What does kissing and touching a sex doll feel like?
Kissing the doll lips, face and her body parts give you a genuine feeling of a real girl. The face is so soft, she can also open her mouth to a limited extent where you can insert your tongue as well and can do french kiss and smooch. How? Because doll has beautiful white teeth and tongue along with deep throat like we humans do have.
In short, silicone dolls are made to feel exactly like a “real girl” in fact more than that. They are soft to touch are very close to realistic in nature.
2nd Question- What does oral sex with doll feel like?
Oral sex with the doll will also be an amazing experience. Since these dolls are designed with deep throat you can easily insert your long penis and allow her to do pleasurable blowjob for you.  It made you feel like an exact human mouth.
3rd Question- What does vaginal sex with doll feel like?
Like everybody parts of doll gives you a real feeling what you expect from her intimate parts like a vagina? You might be thinking this will definitely be artificial. Right? No, you are highly mistaken again. We bet if you were blindfolded and allow you to touch her vagina, you wouldn’t feel any difference in real and dolls vagina. It feels awesome when you penetrate realistic love dolls vaginal orifices and release all your cum over her vagina.  
4th Question- How about anal sex with her?
This is something which your girlfriend or wife might mind but a sex doll won’t mind it she, in fact, motivate you to get wilder with her as extreme as you can. Just like her vagina, her anus gives you the feeling of real anal sex where you can do fisting and doggy style sex. Her ass feels so good and tighter like an elastic which stretches only when you give force to it.  
Invest to feel best
Hence making out with sex dolls is way better than jerking off all lonely. She is in no way less than a real girl whether compare her to look wise, features wise or potential wise. She wins all the basis at one-sided.  Having sex with the lifelike doll is much better than trying old masturbation technique which only releases your cum nothing else. But the heavenly pleasure is inside the dolls.  
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