What Are The Methods of Collecting Solid Sex Dolls?

The problem of collecting after the purchase of a Solid sex doll has always been a concern of most users, even because there is no good solution to this problem and it cannot be purchased temporarily. In fact, the collection of sex dolls is also very simple, the following ESDOLL will make some better collection suggestions for everyone.
The height of the Premium life size sex dolls ranges from 1 meter to 1.7 meters. The built-in metal skeleton can not be folded when stored. Therefore, the height is more difficult to store with the increase of height. In this case, the sofa box can be considered. The appearance is the sofa. People can’t see what it is. They don’t know that this sofa can actually be opened, and it is also equipped with hidden locks. The sofa box can be made from 1 meter to 1.7 meters long. It looks beautiful and has a good shape. The price of the sofa box is only about 200-300 dollars, which is liked by doll fans.

In addition to the custom sofa case, you can also buy a bed with large storage space, open the mattress, the bed below can be opened, and putting a few dolls inside is not a problem. There is also a custom closet, as long as the shoulder-width wardrobe, let the doll lay flat inside, or hung in a fixed place with a hook.
Regardless of the collection of adult sex dolls, there are several guidelines:
Solid Sex dolls near me can’t be standing all the time. Lying face up in the storage space can extend the life of the doll.Don’t wrap the doll with clothes or blankets that will fade, and there are blankets for the accessories.Don’t put a bit of powder on the dolls for a long time in the box. Do not have ink around the life sex doll, corrosive gas liquid, sharp weapon and so on.

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