What Are The Major Differences Between Silicone Sex Dolls And TPE Dolls?

Before differentiating between the silicon sex dolls and TPE sex dolls, let us first identify what is silicone and what is TPE. Silicone is generally a type of thermoset elastomer which is safer and non-toxic. This material includes the features like insolubility in water or any other fluid and stability of different chemical properties. Silicone does not react with hydrofluoric acid and any other strong alkali. Meanwhile, it proves to be a protecting layer for your doll. This material is generally free from any thermal effect and possesses the higher adsorption capabilities. Due to blessed with all these features, it gives very realistic texture and feel like real touch to sex dolls.
On the other hand TPE is the thermoplastic elastomer, which is eco- friendly and free from many toxicants. The texture of this material is very soft and smooth and can be easily colored.  The hardness rate of this material lies between 0A-10A. The processing of this is very easy and can be easily recycled after they are used. This material is very cost effective as it can be coated with many cheap plastic materials like PE, PC, PP, PS, ABS, etc. The molding process of the material is done separately.
There are a large number of websites available on internet, which can guide you towards the selection of the cost effective sex doll near you that are manufactured using the TPE material as it is really very cheap in comparison to the silicone.

There are several points on the basis of which silicon and TPE sex dolls can be differentiated and they are listed below:
Temperature of Melting: The TPE is a wide variety of elastomer, possessing elasticity of rubber at normal room temperature. Otherwise it will start melting slowly as the temperature rise. Silicone sex dolls have several amazing characteristics due to which they remain unaffected from temperature. It can withstand high temperature..  Dolls do not melt at the higher temperatures after vulcanization.
2). Smoothness of Surfaces:  The surface smoothness of silicone sex doll is widely ranged in terms of hardness. Its surface is much smoother and there are very a fewer chances of deposition on it. The smoothness of TPE sex doll is slightly lower, but you can’t say after using them that they do not give the favorable experience.
3). Price: The pricing for silicone sex dolls is higher as compared to TPE. The rate of silicone material five thousand US dollars per ton and the price of TPE is three thousand to four thousand per ton.
4). Resistivity for Temperature:  The temperature resistivity of silicone is very high. Silicone can withstand 300 degrees and TPE has the resistivity of about 150 degrees. There are high chances of getting cracked at the higher temperature for TPE sex dolls, so one should use it at the normal temperature conditions.

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5). Processing Performance: On the basis of processing performance, the molding of silicone sex doll is done with the help of hydraulic press. Silica liquid is generally non injectable and cannot be injected in the doll. Sometimes, it can also contain cross linking due to chemical processing. The whole process is cyclic in nature and carried for long time. The waste generated from silicone based doll is non-recyclable.
In opposite to this, TPE sex dolls are injectable and can be extruded also. The cross linking is unavailable. TPE can be recycled easily. The processing is cyclic in nature and shorter in length. Therefore, TPE sex dolls are more durable than Silicone sex dolls.

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