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Transsexuals; Sexual Attraction to Transgender People
From time immemorial, people defying the conventional gender roles have always existed in every culture in the society. And though the term transgender is fairly new, dating back to the 1990s, I think there have been great strides taken towards incorporating transgender people in the society. Don’t get me wrong! There still are places where transgender people are not well understood by the general public, and a lot ought to be done.
And while we continue spreading the word on the importance of accepting and appreciating the beauty of diversity, it’s important to understand who are transgender people and possibly debunk some of the common myths surrounding the topic.

The term transgender is an ‘umbrella word’ that covers a number of people that live each day identifying by a different gender than what they were assigned at birth. They include transsexuals, cross dressers, and non-binary people.
The general feeling among transgender people is they were born in the wrong body. As a result, many of them end up transitioning to their desired gender, either using the hormonal or surgical route. The social transition also encompasses legally changing one’s name, asking friends to use the chosen pronoun among other adjustments.
So, now that we’ve looked into the basics, let’s sink a few inches in;
Sexual Attraction to Transgender People
Sexual attraction to transgender people is a topic that has been studied and critiqued for a long time. Psychologists have affirmed that men who are attracted to transgender people identify as either heterosexual or bisexual, but never as homosexuals. The response patterns recorded are unlike those of gay men but very much resemble those of heterosexual men.
And while there hasn’t been a scientific study on sexual attraction to transgender people yet, it’s essential to note that this isn’t homosexuality but more of a heterosexual or bisexual behavior (they are aroused by transgender women in addition to natal women). And mind you, this also affects women too who are aroused by both natal men and transgender men.
According to Jeffrey Escoffier, an American media strategist, sexual attraction to transgender women was first witnessed in 1953 and is linked to the renowned transition of Christine Jorgensen, the first American to have sex reassignment surgery. Today, there has been a surge in the number of erotic materials produced to meet the needs of the people who are attracted to transgender people. Additionally, trans actors, authors, and activists have teamed up to kick off the stigma surrounding the topic.

Over the years, various terms have been developed to describe people who are attracted to transgender people. Some of the most common ones include trans-oriented, admirer, trans fan, tranny chaser, and tranny hawk. And while these terms are used to describe men attracted to trans women, they are also used for those interested in trans men.
However, for most transgender people, they use these terms in an uncomplimentary sense because they feel like the chasers are only interested in them because of their trans status and not their personality.
Why Are Men Attracted to Transsexuals?
Ever heard of the famous quote by Emily Dickinson- ‘the heart wants what it wants?’ Well, the question of why men are attracted to transgender women is a hard one, and there’s probably no definitive answer to it.
And while some people might call it a fantasy, to some, this is a way of life. However, just like in any other relationship, consent is essential and the trans woman must like you back. Makes sense? Well, most trans women feel like the men are only attracted to them because of their status and not their personality.
The importance of consent cannot be overlooked and the general negative feeling about men attracted to transgender women doesn’t help either. And I know there are men who are ‘getting it’ and living their best lives with transgender women. Yes! Plenty of them, but our goal is to provide a safe environment where every man whose aroused by transsexuals can live their fantasies.
And how are we doing that? You might be asking. Well, here at SRSD, we’re committed to providing you with a wide range of transsexual sex dolls that will help you work on your attraction to transsexual women at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.
SRSD is at the forefront of advocating for consent and with the feeling that most trans women have a pejorative term for you, why not present to you some of the most realistic trans women you’ll ever meet? These impressive sex dolls are realistic, passionate, and very much aroused by heterosexual men-like you!

You don’t have to be lonely anymore! Take one of these hot, alluring women and have a feel of what you’ve been missing. We have two options for you to choose from;

Pick any sex doll that excites you and we’ll get you an insert of your preferred size.
Dive straight into it with one of our special trans dolls

Sex Dolls You Can Pair with a transexual insert

To help you make the right decision, look at some of the sex dolls that can be paired with a trans insert. Most dolls can use the insert, here some examples.

Turn the light on and enjoy the excitement and fun that you’ve been yearning for with these impressive gems.
170cm (5ft7’) Shemale Love Doll with Transgender Insert
This Shemale Love Doll with Transgender insert is the perfect depiction of someone having it all. Away from the cute, innocent face, and enormous H-Cup breasts, she also has a huge dick that’s just as excited to see you. This 5ft7’ love doll is at your service and ready to take your load anytime you feel like dropping it. Enjoy teasing her juicy lips and fondling with her soft boobs as you get ready for the kill.
Her hard dick is by now burning from the inside and the only thing that can stop the fire is you.
This versatile and resourceful shemale sex doll has everything you’d want in a transgender woman. She’s fully articulated with a steel skeleton and movable joints to enhance her flexibility, which allows you to enjoy just about any sex position you want. And you know what? She has an insatiable appetite for affection, and you just happen to be her lucky charm.

Enjoy every piece of the experience with this gorgeous shemale sex doll. Remember, you can also turn the rest of your sex dolls into transgender women with the removable insert? This is truly a game changer. Isn’t it?
155cm (5ft1’) A-Cup Sexy Doll Brianna
How about we mix it up with the young Brianna? Everything about this model-size beauty is alluring. From her cute face, glowing eyes, long, think hair, flat tummy, and fine ass; you can’t go wrong with her!
And I’m sure you know the magic that comes with small breasts. Don’t you?
Just like women with small breasts, you’ll certainly enjoy the response from fondling Brianna’s breasts. Women with small boobs feel more pleasure when you fondle with their boobs because they lack the extra fatty tissue that reduces the sensation. Additionally, it’s very easy to find outfits for A-cup dolls and you don’t even need a bra.
With Brianna, you get a typical transgender woman, with a cute face, and small breasts. Simply slide an insert into her vagina, and enjoy what we here call, a complete trans woman. You can choose the insert size depending on the experience you want to enjoy too. Brianna is open-minded, submissive, and ready to enjoy unforgettable moments with you. Just you!
What are you waiting for?
156cm (5ft1′) Big Ass Sex Doll with Small Tits
Standing at 156 cm (5ft1’) and weighing 43 kg (94.8 lbs), this Big Ass Sex Doll is just one step away from being yours. If you’re the type that’s aroused by a huge ass and small tits (and a cute face); she’s for you! Do everything you’ve always dreamt of with her; she’s all yours.
Enjoy her reactions as you fondle with the small breasts staring at her alluring and inviting smile. Spread your arm and get to those thick thighs that hold her enormous ass in place and massage her. Trust me! She enjoys every bit of the experience.
Want more? Great! No one is limiting you- just slide an insert inside her vagina and enjoy the whole package. We have two insert sizes for you to choose from; 15cm and 19 cm (12.5 cm/5-inch girth). And what’s even more amazing is these inserts are compatible with most if not all sex dolls in your arsenal.
Sounds like a deal for me! Take your trans women fetish to the next level with this gorgeous and well-endowed beauty!

Our Special Trans Dolls

A customer reached out about building a doll that could maintain both vagina and penis at the same time, his feedback was key to the development of these models. Read his story and his review at the end of this article!
156 cm (5ft1″) G-Cup Tranny Sex Doll
Imagine having a full-size Tranny Sex Doll with a cute face, palm-size breasts, a huge penis, and multiple orifices? Heaven on earth?
Well, quit imagining, and get your sex drive ready for one of the most realistic trans women you’ll see today. This G-cup Tranny Sex Doll is everything you’ve been dreaming about. So, are you up for the challenge? Because she isn’t’ the type to back down from a challenge. In fact, she’s more than ready to unload all the goodness.

This fully-articulated sex doll will elevate your expectations and over-deliver on all your fantasies. She has a steel skeleton and movable joints to enhance flexibility and allow you to enjoy numerous sex positions without straining.
Isn’t that the perfect trans woman you’ve been looking for?
We’re glad to have made this match possible.
156 cm (5ft1″) G-Cup Tranny Sex Doll – Colalee
Colalee is the missing puzzle in your quest for a fine trans woman. She possesses everything there is to be admired by anyone who appreciates beauty. And that’s not just it; she possesses a massive dick down there and multiple orifices for your utmost pleasure.

As a product of the renowned OR Sex Doll Company, this impressive trans woman is ready to unload all your fantasies. She’s 5ft1’ which makes her tall enough to inspire a realistic experience and short enough to carry around the house. She’s also 100% articulated with a steel skeleton, so you can enjoy different sex positions with her.
Colalee is just as excited to meet you and I can only imagine about the excitement and fun that this union will bring. Her inviting face and model-size body blends in well with the massive insert that tucks well in the pouch above the vagina.
Enjoy feeling the immense dick and playing with her orifices. And with multiple orifices, a hard dick, and a set of soft boobs, the possibilities are endless.
156 cm (5ft1″) G-Cup SheMale Sex Doll – Sandra
Standing at 156 cm (5ft1’) and weighing 31 kg (68.3 lbs), Sandra embodies everything there is to like about trans women. This confident woman turns heads everywhere she goes, and it’s not hard to see why this is the case. From her inviting round eyes, glossy lips, long thick hair, soft G-Cup breasts, and impressive ass, you just can’t assume her!
And that’s not it! Sandra comes with a massive penis insert that slides into the well-crafted pouch above her vagina. She also has 3 orifices including a mouth, a vagina, and anal opening. All these features, coupled with an attractive face, and model-like body, makes this beauty a force to reckon with.
She’s submissive and committed, and has already disclosed that she’s looking for a strong man to take care of an enjoy life together?
Are you the lucky man?
Take her home with you, unravel the goodness in bits, and enjoy all the fun all by yourself!
Selfishness is allowed here!

And that’s it folks! Sexual attraction to transsexuals is not a new topic but rather a broad one that has been subject of social commentary for the longest time. Psychologists have affirmed that the response shown by men who are attracted to transgender women is similar to that of heterosexual men and not close to gays. So, sexual attraction is a reality and it’s not in any way a paraphilic disorder!
And while studies have confirmed that sexual attraction to transsexuals is a thing, not all transgender women welcome the idea with some using phrases such as tranny chaser and tranny hawk to describe men attracted to trans women. So? Here’s where sex dolls come in! To help you live your trans women fantasy in a safe environment. You can choose to pick any sex doll that excites you and get an insert of your preferred size, or better still, get a special trans doll.
Regardless of the route you take, we have a myriad of options for you to choose from. We believe everyone should be able to have fun and live their fantasies, but in a comfortable and safe environment. And there’s no other way to promote this other than by providing you with some of the most realistic and gorgeous transwomen in the world?

Read our customer review after buying our special transsexual doll

Here is the review and story of the customer that helped with the development of this special transexual doll. Indulge and Enjoy!:

Here is my story and my experience with while purchasing, reviewing and receiving a special transgender doll,

I had been looking at many types of dolls and many websites that sell them, I’ve been very interested in these dolls and particularly curious if a doll could be made in a certain special way… I have asked several different websites that sell these dolls if they could custom made for me a special doll the way I imagined, and one by one they all said no until I found and asked  Sexy Real Sex Dolls aka SRSD, they were the first ones to look into it and try to make one,

A very unique custom Special Made one, that is the best of both worlds at the same time, the very first hermaphrodite sex doll, and is now available for anyone to purchase a new hermaphrodite type of sex doll. It took a while to get the exact details of this new special feature for this new type of sex dolls, and corrections were needed along the way. It was hard to communicate how I envisioned this model, the functionalities, features, and details since this was something new and never made before. This doll is unlike any other dolls but once it got properly figured out how to make a doll that has a spot to attach a penis attachment to and still have a usable and functional vagina as well as anus, the three sexual organs at the same time, my dream became true!

Adding an extra spot, it is possible to attach a penis over the vagina cavity and to convert this doll into a hermaphrodite, I decided to call this type of model Orpheus.

When I finally received this doll I had learned that there is much more I could do with it than I originally thought I could…

I have realized that while the doll is equipped with the penis attachment the vagina is and has a more tight feel and you can attach the penis attachment to the vagina as well, and if you have two penis attachments you could even attach both to the doll at the same time by equipping one to the penis attachment spot and the other one to the vagina, this can’t be done in the anus, but that would be too much lol…

The great thing is, that I was able to build my doll with my favorite face, eyes, hairstyle, shrugging shoulders and stand up feet options. I also requested to get a 19cm sized penis/trans insert!! My dream was real now!

I was so excited when I received her! The first time I saw this unique doll, it made me feel special, she is special and different and the way I desired her. Very realistic and more impressive than I thought. It feels great!!!!

The shrugging shoulders option is a little tricky but more realistic as you can pose her in many more positions. The standing feet are a must!!

It is nice to have a doll that I can use in so many ways.  No matter my mood, this doll knows how to get the best of me!

This doll is great for a  threesome and those who like to have the best of both worlds. I have named her Pearl because she’s like having a hidden pearl to enjoy. I play with her often and l look forward to each time I play with her as there is so much to explore and experience with her. She is ready at any time and for whatever I’m wanting to play and never says no to me, and I got what I want.

I look forward to getting more accessories to add to my fun and enjoyment as I learn more about this doll and all that I can do with/to her. The accessories I’m interested in are other hairstyles, other eye colors, and a few other faces/heads I have in mind. I am a collector, so I’d like to expand my collection and mix things a bit!  I’m also working on putting together a special clothing collection just for her.

Yes, I would consider getting another special doll just like this one! I can’t wait to see what other improvements could be done to this type of doll. I’d love to see what other people customize too!

Thanks for your time and for helping me to get this special doll as I imagined and to make it available to others!

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