TPE VS Silicone Mini Sex Dolls – Which is Better? (Pros & Cons)

When you find yourself in the market for a sex doll or a love doll, one of the first decisions you will have to make is which material you want your doll to be made of. Two of the most popular materials used for sex dolls today are silicone and TPE. Both of these materials are usually the most sought after because the dolls made from these materials not only look incredibly realistic but they provide you with next-to-real sensation. However, knowing the pros and cons of both of them can guide you in making the right decision that will meet your needs.

TPE Sex Dolls

TPE sex dolls are made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), otherwise called thermoplastic rubbers. TPE is made from the combination of rubber and plastic, and possess properties from both materials. This makes TPE dolls flexible, slip resistant and shock absorbent.  They are the most popular of dolls due to their affordability.


TPE sex dolls are a lot less expensive than silicone dolls as TPE is a less expensive material to produce while possessing almost the same characteristics. They look very real and human-like, with soft and smooth bodies that make them easy to handle. They also have the ability to retain warmth and, because of the elastic features of the TPE material, can be squeezed as you would a real human. The material is also odorless and hypoallergenic, which makes it unlikely for it to cause allergic reactions.


TPE is a more porous material than silicone, which makes it easier for fluid to become trapped which can enable germs and bacteria a chance to thrive if you do not properly clean your doll. One way to simplify the clean up process is to customize your TPE doll by selecting a removable vagina when you place your OUDoll order. Additionally, since TPE is a blend of materials, one manufacturer’s doll may feel slightly different from another.

Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicone sex dolls are made of silicone (no surprises here), a man-made polymer material which is rubbery, heat resistant, and available in a number of forms. It is a very versatile material with lots of properties and uses, with a wide range spanning from kitchen spatulas, baby teething rings to breast implants used in cosmetic surgery. Silicone sex dolls have been in existence for a while now, and have proven to be of the highest quality available.


Silicone sex dolls are the closest to actual human beings when it comes to sexual stimulation, and they have a very real feel when you touch them. They are slightly more durable than TPE, so your sex doll may not be as delicate. Silicone sex dolls also have the ability to retain warmth, providing you with a more human like feel. Silicone dolls are easier to sterilize because of the non-porous, silicone material, and they rarely cause allergic reactions.


Silicone sex dolls are the most expensive types of dolls because silicone is an expensive material and the technology used in its production is costly. Also, silicone dolls are heavier and slightly more rigid than TPE sex dolls, as they do not have the same ability of elasticity that TPE possesses.

TPE Mini Sex Doll (1) Marlys

Marlys is one of our most lovable sex dolls from head to toe, right down to her fingertips. are carefully designed and created to fulfill fantasies and inspire intimate pleasure on all levels. True lifelike attention to detail and super-soft TPE skin, this ultimate sex doll will make all of your dreams come true!

Petite sex dolls-Asian Flat Chested Miniature Sex Dolls Marlys 128cm 4ft 1-06

TPE Mini Sex Doll (2) Tamara

Teen Love Cute Dolls! Hi, my name is Tamara. I am cute!
Last week my older sister and I were alone at home when her boyfriend came over. Setting in my bedroom texting a friend I heard a noise, sounded like someone gasping for breath. Leaving my room I looked around the corner and there, with the door open, was my sis on her knees with the boys penis in her mouth. I just froze and stood there watching as they performed oral sex on each other and then he got on top of her and with his dick inside her pussy they finished a great looking sex act.

Mini sex girl-Beautiful Medium Breast Mini Sex Doll Tamara 130cm 4ft 2-01

SILICONE Mini Sex Doll (1) Robbin

Silicone sex doll-Sweet Small Breast Silicone Mini Sex Doll Robbin 130cm 4ft 2-05

Robbin is a famous pron star in Japan, she is loved and spoiled by her AV fans. Her body is super flexible and can do any sex position to make you happy. Japanese girls are obedient and quiet, she is only listening to their husbands and do whatever you tell them. She will not only comfort you in your lonely night but give you a mind-blowing mouth job.

Her mouth is very kissable, and the lips feel soft and real. The vagina of this Asian love doll feels super tight, a tiny waist that loves being grabbed by your manly hands. She is everything you want a real Asian girl has!

SILICONE Mini Sex Doll (2) Lola

Cute Small Breasts Petite Sex Doll Lola 130cm (2)

Both an idol and a nationally important figure, Lola is also famous for her naturally given gifts — her curves are all in just the right places. If you do some light research, you’ll find out that she’s not hiding her body.
You can get real sex experience when having sex with her. In addition, you can fiddle with her body and make more sexual gestures.
Even if you don’t use her, just put her in the corner of the room, her charming appearance will make you feel better.

Final word

So, buy a mini sex doll today and improve your life. Contact us for further assistance.

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