Top 5 Most Popular Asian Sex Dolls of 2022 (with pictures!)

So, you’ve finally decided to buy a sex doll? Perfect choice! Sex dolls make great partners and are a great way of investing in your well-being. The sex doll industry is one that is growing quickly and with the varieties of dolls that are available, choosing the ideal one can prove to be a challenge. Initially, not only was using the sex dolls not morally accepted in the society but also talking about them in public was seen as a taboo. However, this has really changed over the years and more people have started to embrace these dolls as an ideal way to improve your personal well-being.

Asian sex dolls account for a large percentage of our vast collection of both silicone and TPE sex dolls. The luxury Asian love dolls in this list have been manufactured by some of the most renowned designers and respected brands. They’ve been tested and certified before being released to the market. Made from human-like TPE and silicone materials, you’ll find these Asian love dolls ultra-real and breathtaking.

Other than the medical grade silicone and TPE material used, the dolls are fitted with a metal skeleton and movable joints that enhance their flexibility. This allows you to perform any sexual stunt with the sex doll with ease. You won’t have to worry about damaging the doll or your back!

So, let’s look at some of the most sought-after asian dolls on the market.

Best Asian Sex Dolls:

1. Marlys, Asian Flat Chested Miniature Sex Dolls 128cm

Petite sex dolls-Asian Flat Chested Miniature Sex Dolls Marlys 128cm 4ft 1-09

Marlys is a girl who looks very innocent on the outside, but in reality Marlys is a slutty girl with bad grades, so her parents hire a teacher for her. Little did she know that when her parents were not around, she was secretly having sex with this teacher. She sucks her teacher’s cock over and over again and penetrates her tight pussy. Would you like to be Marlys’ next teacher?

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2.Selina ,Closed Eyes Medium Breast Mini Sex Doll 125cm

milf love sex-Closed Eyes Medium Breast Mini Sex Doll Selina 125cm 4ft 1-06

Selina is a mini sex doll. Her breasts are perfectly spherical, and her nipples are beautiful. There is also a cute little waist. Her hips are small and they are easy to grab when you separate them to play with her shaved pussy. Her lips are wet, begging your stiff body to penetrate into her heart. Her tight body is a paradise for sex, and you can’t wait to play with her every night. Turn her over and let her ass speak. The sexy ass is ready for you to spank or squeeze, Selina likes it when you insert your penis into her from behind.
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3.Lillian, Blue Long Hair Silicone Small Sex Doll 130cm

Silicone Sex Doll-Blue Long Hair Silicone Small Sex Doll Lillian 130cm 4ft 2-06

Lillian is a young miniature sex doll schoolgirl. Lillian wanted to gather her girlfriends together this weekend and come over to her house for a party. She told her girlfriends to try and bring some boys over for our secret and fun game. They gathered in the living room, moved the furniture to one side and we sat in a circle, alternating between boys and girls. There were about ten of us. lillian pulled out a pack of cards and announced the game was on …… Strip poker! The boys cheered. Hahahaha! After a few rounds, the boys were left with their ‘tights’ but Lillian wanted to have some fun too as it was like taking candy from a baby. So after a short refreshment break the girls agreed to lose a few hands on purpose and then we went back to the living room with the boys. lillian was the first to lose a few hands and I was left with just my little ‘melon’ showing off my lovely A cups and nothing left but my panties and shoes! Hey, next time I’m going to get some guys over, wanna play cards?

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4.Brenna, Big Breast Christmas Mini TPE Sex Doll 130cm

Brenna is a mini sex doll, what she wants most for Christmas is you. She waited so long before you could give her the gift she wanted. Every night, she dreams of you taking off her clothes and giving her your penis. She always feels it through your jeans, but she wants to hold it in her hand, lick it with her tongue, and then penetrate it deep into the vagina. You can give her the perfect Christmas present this year and every year. Do you want to spend Christmas with Brenna this sex doll fuck?
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5.Ella, Best Short Hair Sexy Petite Love Doll 138cm

Ella is a small real doll sex with a cute body and beautiful eyes. She has more innocent elf looks. This cute girl can dress up and she has a very good figure. She also has a sturdy TPE body. This wonderful little elf lady carefully maintained her purity. She looks forward to finding her eternal love on the doll podium. Do you want sex with sex doll?

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There Are Even More Asian Sex Dolls Waiting For You

These are our favorite Asian Sex Dolls. What do you think? Let us know in the comments. We have a huge selection of Asian Sex Dolls, and we want to know which ones turn you on!

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