Top 10 Cheap Mini Sex Dolls in 2022 (Good-looking)

milf love sex-Big Eyes Flat Chest Mini Sex Doll Cinderella 65cm 2ft 1-f

Although sex dolls are very common in 2022, as far as we know, buying a sex doll is still a huge expenditure, especially under the influence of the covid-19 virus. That’s why we created the “Top Ten Cheap Sex Dolls” list for you!

Generally speaking, torso sex dolls or mini sex dolls are a cheap choice because of less consumables. But if you are not interested in the above two types of sex dolls, please be prepared to spend at least $1000 to buy high-quality TPE sex dolls. The price of silicone may be higher. The average price of a TPE sex doll is about $1,500. Here are the top ten affordable high-quality sex dolls we picked from the well-known sex doll store

#1 Cinderella  $310.00

milf love sex-Big Eyes Flat Chest Mini Sex Doll Cinderella 65cm 2ft 1-d

#2 Philomena  $310.00

Petite sex girls-Long Hair Flat Tit Mini Sex Doll Philomena 65cm 2ft 1-08
#3 Chantal  $329.00

#4 Hailey  $329.00

#5  Tamara  $329.00

Sex doll porn-Sexy Big Breast Mini Sex Dolls In USA Tamara 100cm 3ft 2-03
#6  Ruby  $340.00

#7  Delois  $340.00
Anime sex doll-Small Breasts Anime Mini Sex Doll Delois 68cm 2ft 2-05
Final word

Are you looking for a petite lifelike mini sex doll? She has a mini body shape and a sexy curve body. Mini love dolls are small in weight, small in size, and low-priced for sale, making it easy for you to move to the sexual position you need. Petite sex doll are easy to collect.

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