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Hello, everyone, welcome back to OUDOLL, a manufacturer dedicated to selling mini sex dolls, I believe some of you who bought a sex doll doesn’t know how to maintenance them or even don’t have the concept of sex doll maintenance, in the beginning, I also think it’s unnecessary to maintain a mini sex doll, use it, clean it, that’s would be enough. No, I was wrong, I figure it out if we want our mini sex dolls to last longer, we have to pay attention to the sex doll maintenance.

The material of mini sex dolls is made of TPE or silicone, so what should we avoid during the use? I bet many of you are unfamiliar, so what kinds of things to demand during maintenance, many people would think of shower gel, but others do not understand. Especially when you buy a very expensive doll, you have to understand it’s important to maintain them daily. Here are some of the specific things you will need when maintaining sex dolls.

1. Shower gel

The baby shower gel is good for keeping your mini sex doll clean by removing simple dirt during bath time, and regular washing will extend the time your sex doll can be used. If there were lubricate on the skin of your mini sex doll, you beg to use some shower gel when you are bathing them, because, the lubricate may not wash away just using water.

2. Vaginal Cleanser

We have two types of vaginas. One is the attached vagina and the other is the detachable vagina, what’s the difference between them, you can tell through the chart below. They both have advantages and disadvantages. If you get a mini sex doll with a detachable vagina, that would be easy for you to clean, all you need to do is take the vagina out and make the detachable vagina inside out, and clean it. But for the attached vagina, that would be difficult, because the vagina cannot be taken out, so you have to take the mini sex doll with you to wash places.

The simplest type of washer is usually handed out by merchants. You can fill the washer with a little water, insert it directly into the vagina of the realistic sex doll, wash it, and it can be reused for the sex doll in the future.

There is also a type of washer that can be connected directly to the faucet, with a tube in front that inserts into the vagina of your realistic sex doll, and all you have to do is turn it on when you want to wash. They can generally be purchased online for your sex doll.

3. Body powder

You will need a powder to dry your realistic sex doll after bathing, which can be a regular one. It can help your mini sex doll skin last longer, keep the quality of them.

4. Towel

Choose a light-colored one that is highly absorbent and lint-free. So you can realize if there is any dust on your realistic sex doll’s skin. It could help keep the skin clean and tidy, if there is some dust on the doll skin that cannot be wiped away, you can use a stain removal to help you.

5. Cosmetic pads

Also known as make-up remover pads, it is good for your sex doll’s appearance, these are mainly used in conjunction with olive oil to wash off localized dirt that cannot be washed off or to remove light stains.

6. Olive oil

Good for light stains and makeup removal, which can be normal. It makes your sex robot feel extremely good.

7. Cosmetics

You can make up your mini sex doll as you wish, there may be some light smell of your mini sex doll, also the makeups, so we suggest you can spray some perfume on your mini sex doll body to make them smell better.

8. Small spray bottle

This is a small one, mainly used for non-smooth wigs of those sex dolls, with a mixture of conditioner and water inside. It keeps your sex doll’s wigs very smooth, it feels good to grasp the sex doll’s hair during sex, if you use a good shampoo, or spay some perfume around her hair, you would feel amazing just smell her hair.

9. Faux nails

You can ask the manufacturer for your sex doll, or buy them yourself for your sex doll. You can DIY nail polish in different colors, just like you do with your sex doll’s nail polish. To attach your sex doll’s nails, you will need to prepare the glue.

10. Nail polish

It depends on your personal preference. If you pay attention to those details, you may buy them for your sex doll.

11. Repair agent

If your sex doll has a small crack or other damage, you can fix it by dipping some glue in it, which is usually sold at merchant stores and can be purchased with the doll.

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