Tips to choose a Sex Doll Based on its Height and Weight?

In today’s era, a large number of men are found
crazy about sex dolls. While going to choose the best suitable rental sex doll
service, a handful of things are to be considered like its height and weight.
The taller a sex doll, the heavier it will be irrespective of the height and
there will always be pros and cons to everything.
Mini-sex dolls
When it
comes to mini-sex dolls, they range in weight from 5 kg or less (11 lbs) and
sizes from 65 cm (2 ft 1.6 inches) to 80 cm (2 ft 7.5 inches) and smaller sizes
make them light and easy to conceal. The unrealistic measurements may not be the
same as a real woman but for some people, this is a turn on. Usually, these
dolls offer vaginal sex but their cuteness makes them easy to ignore some of
its cons.
finding clothing for them can be hectic job but most of them choose to rent
them rather than to buy the same. These dolls also make a great small
masturbation toy and facilitate great companionship.

XL mini-sex dolls
dolls are 100cm (3ft 3in) and weigh 12kg (26.5lbs), comparatively small than
mini-sex dolls. However, the features are more detailed and realistic.
Moreover, you can explore the deviance with different options like anal,
vaginal and oral sex with an XL mini sex doll. These new
feel real sex dolls for men in Tennessee have
a life-like appearance which makes them extremely close to a real woman.
Spotting out clothes and wigs for them is a bit easier but renting them is
still the preferred choice of many buyers. Buying these dolls is like a macrophilia’s
dream come true.
Medium-Sized Sex Dolls
They can
weigh between 20kg (44lbs) and 23kg (50.7lbs) and range in height from 125cm
(4ft 1in) to 140cm (4ft 7in). And this is the height when the options begin to
open up such like insertable or inbuilt vagina. This is a feature missing in a
lot of smaller sex dolls. And the weight makes them feel more authentic and
natural in bed.
them, clothing is relatively easy to find for medium-sized sex dolls along with
wigs and other necessary accessories. When you need a sex doll which is
human-like with multifunctional orifices, the concerned model is worthy option
to consider. Whether you want to go for mid-range silicone love dolls in Boston
or any other variety, you will find plethora of options to choose from.

Full-Sized sex dolls
sex dolls weigh in at 30kg (66 lbs) or more have a height of 158cm (5ft 2in) to
165cm (5ft 4in). The concerned weight is where weight can be a problem for
those having upper and lower back pain. But when you are physically fit, a
full-sized doll will be as close as you are going to get a real woman. Such
models are the easiest to find clothing, wigs and other accessories for but
they are not the ones you can easily hide in. In case concealment is not an
issue and you need a true companion for life having extra-ordinary features,
the full-sized doll is the most preferred choice for both the cases, either
purchases or rentals.
For those who prefer big
boobies and booties, larger sex dolls are being offered. There is a wide array
of options for sex dolls which can be customized to meet your expectations.
Many of you may be wondering can
sex dolls help you cure anxiety and depression and the answer is an obvious yes as it helps a lot to overcome the same.
So, go for it and choose the right one for you depending upon the size and

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