This is how the sex doll robot looks under fake meat

In his new book, Unexpected Beauty, British photographer Alastair Philip Wiper captures the “accidental aesthetics” of his technological revolution near the base in Copenhagen and around the world, found in research facilities, industrial sites, and robots for sex dolls artistry.

It is not recommended to use a sex doll robot head made by RealDoll in California for oral sex (shown above). An ordinary doll-fully customizable, from nipples to lips, and more than a dozen types of vagina-costs about $ 7,500 (£ 5,750), and a robot head costs another $ 8,000. Founder Matt McMullen said, “We don’t recommend that you have oral sex.” “There are gears there. I mean you can mess things up. You can mess yourself up.”

The Large Space Simulator-part of the European Space Research and Technology Centre on the Dutch coast-is the largest vacuum chamber in Europe. Opened in 1986, it is capable of accommodating the entire spacecraft, and simulates space conditions-cooling to low temperatures, and creating a vacuum that is a billion times lower than the pressure at sea level. A series of bright lights (shown here) reflected by hundreds of small mirrors reproduce the changing sunlight encountered on the track.

The radio anechoic chamber opened at the Danish Technical University north of Copenhagen in 1967. It works with the European Space Agency to test, among other things, microwave antennas for satellite and mobile networks. Huge foam spikes are filled with carbon and iron and can absorb radio waves. This can test the effectiveness of the antenna without any external interference, such as in space.

Matt sees it as a very interesting film and concept. Creepy? “Yes, this is creepy. But our goal will never be that way, and as we move forward into the future, no matter how much technology I use in my dolls, it will aim to achieve a simple goal That is to enhance interaction, not to get rid of it. I will definitely not pose a threat to organic women. In addition, when people are new, women may have some choices: “They may make robot humanoid robots rather than deceive themselves: women also Will become mainstream, “he said. Like the Jude Law character “Gigolo Joe” in AI? “Yes, you can. If you make robots that are strong enough for Johnny Depp-ish or the character at the time, then of course they will accept it!”

He said, “Human sexuality is generally expanding into other ways and areas.” “We like to experience different types and styles of sex, which is our nature. Therefore, I don’t think it needs to be highly concerned. People fantasize There is a huge gap between what we can achieve in the next ten years. You know we are not there yet. When we can build the Starship Enterprise Edition, we will have this kind of robot that people dream about, but here and There will be many steps in between. “

Is it the greatest desire to animate dolls or give them emotional intelligence?

He replied, “Well, the thoughts, goals, fantasies there are, ultimately, will bring her back to life.” But he acknowledged that given the choice between pretty women and animated dolls, some people still choose the latter. “They have an obsession with dolls. It has nothing to do with degrading the human nature of anyone. They have an animation obsessed with this doll, not with owning or controlling them. I mean, there are people who have sex with their cars. Some people have Clothes or homes are sexually prone because they are hilarious and will not make anyone lose their character. That’s just their business, man. Again: relax. “

So women shouldn’t worry about being replaced by their own synthetic version?

“No. People don’t have to worry about being replaced by dildos.”

In a red lobster stall in downtown Huntington, David Mills is looking for a waitress who was once a stripper. One thing he will say for the Huntington area is to have some really good striptease. People come from and around Charleston. Every few months, Mills goes to Madame Godiva Theatre or Southern X-Posure, where strippers are completely naked on stage and perform wonderful private circle dances.

“The only problem I have is having a lot of degreasers and having tattoos,” he said. “I mean, it doesn’t work for me, although usually one or two nights they look like Very good and looks elegant. “

He said he didn’t drink tonight. unacceptable. He usually buys a 22-ounce bottle. “This is what I have. However, if I have 12 packs, I will drink until I vomit, so I rarely drink.”

Is he taking his offer to wash toffee seriously so that I can test her? “Yes, I mean, I’m fine,” he answered. “That’s fine. It’s absolutely impossible to capture anything. You can do it now or come back later. I’m not kidding.”

The only disadvantage of toffee is her weight, but “you can’t ask for a life-size doll that looks and feels exactly like a woman, and expect the doll to weigh 10 pounds and throw it on your shoulder.” Another problem is the doll Ambient temperature is assumed. He was glad to learn that McMullen was working on a design for remotely controlling the internal heating system so that his customers would not have to use electric blankets.

David does not sleep with toffee. She stayed on a tripod. What does he think of the term “love doll”? “It’s abnormal, man,” he said with a smile. “People from big cities make me sick.” The waitress brought the check, and soon we were in a park by the Ohio River.

“Lewis and Clark drove past,” he said, adding that there were prostitutes here before police crackdowns. It’s idyllic now. Gorgeous sunset, intoxicating air. Nice people strolling, the children were laughing, and someone flew by motorboat. He found a small plaque he bought to honor his second ex-wife (ANDREA + DAVID).

We ended up at the cock bar. An outdoor table overlooking the city centre offers views of the skyline and a quiet view like Norman Rockwell below. David showed off some cell phone photos. First toffee, then his first ex-wife, looks sexy. Today, he thought they looked alike. He brushed up some “erotic” photos and stopped at the last woman who had sex with him before Tafi arrived, and later had sex with him and his doll.

The waitress asked if we were OK. He ordered the first beer of the night.

How is the average day for him now?

“Well, someone will email me: Oh, it’s too sad. I know you’re such a sad person using this doll, I think SOOO is sorry for you,” he said, mocking the person. “Well, this is where you should feel sorry for me: I sleep until 11 o’clock, and maybe later if I want to. I get up. I sit for a few hours, watch TV, and if my daughter comes, maybe with me Have lunch together. You know, go to the restaurant for dinner, come back, maybe watch some porn or TV shows. Maybe eat a late night snack, a glass or two of beer, and then go to bed. So, for Christ ’s sake, do n’t feel sad . “

At 10pm, the waitress told us this was the last call. “If I’m a pervert here, remember that you’ve traveled halfway across the country and talked to a man with a sex doll.” “So, who’s this guy here?”

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