The Weight And Softness Of Sex Dolls

The weight and hardness of the sex doll

The silicone doll weight loss layer, also known as the sponge layer, also known as the spongiform body, is a thing, usually I used to call the weight loss layer;

The weight loss layer is basically hard, especially the silicone doll, the skin is very thin, the weight loss layer occupies the entire doll up to 60%- 70% of the whole doll area, is really a car tire, Terminator T101…… Basically, the skeleton accounted for 20% of the whole silicone doll, weight loss layer accounted for 60% of the whole silicone doll -70%, silicone skin, accounted for 10% of the whole silicone doll -20, this is why a lot of doll owners, have always said, silicone doll, hard, car tires, this is why, every time I see the doll group drying doll, The first three words that come to my mind are skeleton + weight loss layer + silicone skin. No matter how good your picture looks, those are the only three words that come to my mind.

Silica gel skin, we referred to as silica gel skin, currently there are only two kinds of silica gel, one is called fast rebound, one is called slow rebound

Quick rebound, doll business most called “platinum silica gel”, business noun, we ignore is, if the doll business is willing to, can also be called “diamond silica gel”, “diamond silica gel”, “ruby silica gel” and other nouns, this topic is no longer to explain;

Slow rebound,doll business called “organic silicone”, is also a business noun, do not care too much;

At present, there is no third material, at least, I have not seen it in my 7 years of 34 dolls. No matter it is fast or slow rebound, just a thin layer of silicone skin. How soft do you want the doll to be?

Glue blending problem??

According to a large number of doll manufacturers visit and discussion, learned that although the current silicone grade is good or bad, there are cheap general grade silica gel, there are slightly higher cost of food grade silica gel, medical grade silica gel do not have to think about, doll business will not give you use, implant human breast augmentation that, as for the human bionic skin silica gel, will not use;

Many sex doll factory, irregular dolls, doll, glue ability and replenish onr’s stock purchase had good silicone glue, but is unable to express the Eva ring real softness, tearing resistance of dolls is person’s question, the factory has a position, is called the glue, belong to one of the big three position the quality of the doll, and the big three, including: Skeleton master, glue mixers, makeup artists, silicone glue mixing, not to say, to do it, need experienced master, to glue, and glue mixing two words, many doll merchants do not want to mention;

Reason is that a series of softness silica body, after numerous glue, is short for three months, long is rectified and even a few years, most merchants, the doll is not willing to put money, investment in research and development of glue, skeleton, rather than purchasing has prepared a good silicone raw materials made the doll on the market, buying made Eva mould to increase production sold more worth the investment, Spend money for doll main consumer needs to consider to develop better colloid, few businesses are willing to, but there are such businesses;

Glue, sometimes luck, eight hundred million, will be able to successfully developed a new softness materials, sometimes need to hundreds of thousands of, even the businessmen, strives to be perfect to spend millions of research and development, also is not impossible, for the research and development of glue, why so expensive, silicone replenish onr’s stock, really to do research and development of glue manufacturer, is by no means such a kilogram of replenish onr’s stock, It is a few buckets commonly a few buckets, tons of incoming stock, because research and development has the probability of failure in large numbers, adjust incoming stock once, will be a very troublesome thing

And the glue is not pure into the silicone raw materials is finished, still have to another thing into, to carry on the silica gel softens, also known as skin softening, bad business, silicone oil, give the doll to the conscience of merchants, purchase imported “pressed soft agent” to glue, silicone oil how cheap it was obvious to everyone, is the sort of thousands of pieces of a silicone doll, fuel, soft products used above As for silica gel “accelerant”, the cost is currently in 4000-240000 and the cost of a kilogram, yes, the most expensive more than twenty one thousand kilograms of cost, as for the ten or two hundred thousand, most businesses will not use, with thousands of “accelerant” is good;

As for soft silicone push agent why so expensive, the reason is not silicone oil, using imported push silicone material, soft agent after push soft, small amount of oil and fast rebound after push soft, the quantity of oil can push soft less than silicone oil, obvious is slow rebound silica gel, push the soft after softening, almost to zero out the oil, a month or so, take a shower, and powder, The body in the local position of 2-3cm slight oil, can only rely on oil absorption paper to test the amount of oil, it can be said that no oil, no one will be stupid to hold the doll every day with the doll, to test the amount of oil out of the doll;

Back to the theme, glue mixing, is to see whether the manufacturer has a strong and experienced glue mixing master, plus investment in glue mixing, to change the existing traditional doll silicone skin softening, and colloid softening ability;
Back to the subject, is silicone hard? Less comfortable than TPE? No soft TPE? Silicone = car tires?

This topic, the answer is that krypton gold, crazy krypton gold, which is why the cause of the silica gel doll can sell twenty thousand or even thirty thousand, pure silicone skin softening push soft, is unable to achieve the whole doll silica body series of softness, also in another place, that is, cut off the silicone doll, 80%, even 90% weight loss layer, after cutting, Doll body empty out a lot of space, use a lot of soft push soft silicone gel, filling the whole doll vacant space, to form the “whole meat silicone doll”, just had now, true humanization softness, even beyond the reality softness doll, most doll dealer does not support this approach, one is the technical defects, one is the cost rise sharply, doll business naturally do not accept such customization, and very few doll business, not only accept, but also the customization of the regular, that is, you add money, doll business will do, because they have this ability, this behavior, we call: weight reduction;

You may ask, why not remove the weight loss layer altogether, that is not softer? If all removed, the skeleton and silicone gel is not stick, will lead to doll unglued, which is why TPE doll often appear unglued, because TPE doll, itself does not lose weight layer… Layer or the need to keep a certain amount of weight loss, maintain gluing skeleton and the effect of silica gel, as for weight loss this behavior, will increase the weight of what doll, dolls master himself to consult the manufacturer, each doll merchant manufacturer of baby height, body shape is different, the behavior of the smoke can lead to weight loss, weight gain weight is differ, 145 m, little Eva increases 10-15 pounds, Big baby will increase 15-20 jin, this is a rough estimate;
So, silica gel is harder than TPE, car tires, not soft, TPE is wrong, this situation needs to be based on Eva main krypton gold + Eva business manufacturers with technical support, and agree with the mass production, as for the handle, soft TPE is soft, but not real feel, what I said is to touch, pinch tactility, jelly, everyone should know that eating jelly, kneading, jelly, The hand feel is different from that of real people. It can be understood that this is the hand feel of TPE dolls.

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