The story of how I bought a sex doll for my wife

This is the journal of my story having doll sex with my wife (the story has been updated several times as the threesome continues to experience new sexy moments)

My name is G.V. and before I get into my story, I have to say that I consider my wife mentally to be an explorer sexually. We have been married a long time, and she has done many favors for me through the years for my enjoyment. These favors include use of a fucking machine, and use of a whole array of toys through the years including sucking on molded silicone women’s feet for my foot fetish pleasure, and licking large molded silicone pussy and ass toys but only for my enjoyment and when it was time for me to get off. What stirred the interest in a full bodied sex toy was that once with a big pussy and ass toy, she came just from rubbing her butt against the toy butt. That is what planted the seed in my head for a sex doll for her. If she can come just by rubbing asses, I can only imagine what she would do with a whole body. Through the years, I have noticed her staring at women with large breasts in public now and then. My reason for purchasing the Climax Doll 160cm big ass doll at Sexy Real Sex Dolls, was for my wife’s experimentation and enjoyment. I personally do not need a sex doll, because she does all I need, and wears anything I want her to during sex, but like any human male, I have always had a fantasy about watching her go at it with another woman, grinding pussy to pussy. This had never happened, and I don’t think it would ever happen, because we are not that social, and spend our time together at home. It is for this reason that I decided to buy a life like love doll for my wife to have sex with and this is how Josie, our new sex doll partner, entered our lives and changed our bedroom rules.

Day 1: My wife doesn’t know that I bought a realistic sex doll
After ordering the realistic doll, as time got closer to the doll’s arrival, I got more and more excited. When it finally reached my home state, I could barely sleep. Then I saw it was out for delivery. When the doll arrived, I was embarrassed though. It showed up after my wife got home from work. Taking the day off work, I was hoping that the doll would arrive before she got home, so I could set things up first. Well, my wife ended up helping me move the large heavy box into our spare bedroom, repeatedly asking, “What is this?”. I told her, “You will find out this weekend”. She put it to rest for a short while, but then started asking again. Finally and reluctantly, I told her it was a sex doll for her, and that it is her “bitch” to do with whatever she wants. She said, “I don’t want or need a bitch”. She then asked if I could send it back. I didn’t know whether I could or not, but having no intention whatsoever to do so, I told her no, that it was a custom made product. I thought to myself sarcastically, “Oh great, this is going well.”. Later that evening when she took the dog for a walk, I opened the box to make sure all was in good order. Then I struggled to get the doll out of the box and onto the bed on my own. Josie is a heavy doll. Needless to say I was very excited seeing Josie in person for the first time after imagining what she would be like for the weeks it took to arrive since I ordered it. I installed her head, and Josie was even more beautiful in person than in the pictures on the web, and not only was she beautiful, she has a presence rarely found in inanimate objects, a presence that stirs emotion.

Days 2-4: Does my wife like the sex doll?

I am now very sick, I have been out of work, so I am taking advantage of that time to get familiar with how Josie’s parts move while recovering. I began to leave Josie on the bed with a new pose every day. A few days passed with different poses that seemed to have no effect on my wife. I did see her look in to the room a few times without entering, but with no reaction.

Day 5: First approach

Unfortunately, I am still too sick to have sex with my doll, recovering slowly but still not ready and now we are into another work week. I told my wife that this coming weekend, I hope to be ready again. At this point my wife has finally accepted the doll’s (Josie’s) presence. She has not said she wishes I could send it back for a few days now. I believe not forcing her to accept the doll, and patiently allowing time for her to get used to the thought of having a doll helped greatly in that process of acceptance. Today I posed Josie on the bed lying on her tummy with her elbows lifting her upper torso so her big boobs were visible from the side. Her lower legs were up and crossing each other. I dressed her in an old pair of sexy black leather thigh high boots. This would be the first opportunity for my wife to feast her eyes on Josie’s big sexy ass. I asked my wife, “Why not go in there and check out her ass?” I gave her a second and then I snuck up and peeked around the corner to see. She had both hands on Josie’s big, soft, and sexy butt cheeks and called out to me “Boy, she sure has some junk in the trunk”. I quickly hid from my wife’s view so she didn’t know I was looking and returned to the sofa before she returned. Things seem to be progressing.

Day 6: Exploring the doll

I posed Josie sitting on the edge of the bed, slightly leaned back. I put a pair of those famous standard red shiny pleaser platform sandals on Josie, with very soft nude colored stay-up stockings.  I purposely posed Josie’s head in advance so that when my wife leaned down to squeeze Josie’s tits, Josie would be looking right into her eyes. I have learned from posing her that Josie’s stare can be intoxicating. My wife and I were in the living room watching TV, and I asked her, “Why don’t you go in and squeeze those big boobs with both hands?” To my surprise, with no resisting or delay, she got up and walked right into the spare bedroom and to add to my surprise, she stayed in there for about two minutes. I didn’t sneak up this time. When she came out, she said, “they are really big and soft.” with a giggle and a smile. When my wife didn’t come right out of the room, I got extremely excited though, but did not show any emotion upon her return to the couch. I could only imagine what my wife was doing with Josie’s huge tits. At that point I knew for sure that she has totally accepted the dolls presence, and believes it is here for her, and not for me.

Day 7: Caught red handed

I am starting to feel better. Now with just three more days until I plan on having sex with my wife with Josie there, I have Josie wearing the same nude stay-up stockings but this time with a pair of sexy purple leather open toe platform pumps on. She is on the edge of the bed again, but this time lying on her back with both legs in the air and bent, slightly spread so that Josie’s pretty pussy is easily accessible. When my wife got home from work she went in to our bedroom to change, and on her way out she noticed the new pose of the day. I asked her to go in to feel the doll’s pussy, to wet a finger and put it in. Again she went right in without any further coaxing, and after about a minute I just had to sneak a peek. I found her sitting next to Josie with a finger in Josie’s pussy, and the other hand squeezing Josie’s calf. This time, being very excited at the view, I went into the room and my wife was embarrassed. I told her that it was OK and it looks like she is having fun. She just smiled and giggled a little. I leaned over and gave her a kiss, and then walked back to the sofa. She came out a minute later, and said, “It felt kind of weird” I replied, “It is all about fun” and changed the subject. Now I know that I am in for a real good time this weekend. I can’t wait. I am very excited.

Day 8: I’ll have to wait

This is a sad day. My job today was to put the doll in the box because company is coming over. I have the box stashed behind the bed so it is not visible when looking into the room, with assorted stored items on the box to hide it further to avoid the question, “What’s in the big box?” if someone sees it. After having Josie out for just over a week, it feels strange not having her in view to appreciate the beauty. That is OK; tomorrow she will be out again.

Day 9: Dreaming… I can’t wait any more

Things are “normal” again now. I got Josie back out of her box and have her sitting on the corner of the bed facing the doorway, wearing sexy brown leather thigh high boots with her legs crossed, one hand helping to balance her, and the other pointing at her booted foot, as if saying, “Lick it!” I don’t know for sure about my wife, but I missed seeing Josie, and am glad she is back in view again. At this point I am very familiar with Josie’s limitations and how far the joints will bend. Also, the joints are loosening a little and although they are still stiff enough to hold in place well, they move much better. I am not going to suggest anything to my wife today, just have Josie sitting there with that pose. My wife got home and was extremely tired from a difficult day, so I am I glad I decided not to push her into Josie’s room. So far she doesn’t even realize that Josie is there again, she needs her rest today.

Day 10: D-Day

Hopefully this is the day that my dream comes true. I am feeling much better. As I am playing a computer game, my wife is relaxing watching TV on the sofa. I have Josie on her back on the bed, with her legs spread and her arms out. I went out to the sofa and made my moves which led to foreplay. I got up and took my wife’s hand, led her to the spare bedroom, and laid her down on the bed to give her oral sex. After a few minutes, I motioned for her to bend over, and she did, but I told her to get on the doll. She reluctantly did so, acting disinterested. Then it happened. She put her head on Josie’s huge breasts, and I began my part. She brought her hands to the huge breasts on either side of her face and began to squeeze them against her face. Then as I was working, I grabbed Josie’s sexy booted legs and bent them to wrap around my wife’s waist, and leaned forward to bend Josie’s arms so that they embraced her. I proceeded and shortly after, my wife climaxed 3 times in a row with very little time between, and a few minutes later I simply could not take any more myself. The sight of it all was driving me crazy, and I could hold no longer. Wow, I haven’t had an orgasm like that since I was a very young man, proof that the brand name Climax Doll is very appropriate. My wife just laid on Josie for a few minutes relaxing while I recovered. Then she told me to help her get off, you see I had Josie wrapped around her quite well. No, I didn’t get to see the grinding scissor session I wished for…..yet, but we were both spent before anything else could progress. We had to lie down for a little while after. Later my wife said, “You know what was cool? I didn’t have to get all dolled up myself, because the doll was already all dolled up” It didn’t last very long, but we scratched the surface without first leap into the world of 3 way sex, and with the doll it ended up being a great experience. Dolls won’t tell, get clingy, or disagree with you. There is certainly a lot of exploring and experimentation still to do, and I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Day 12: Spicing up my marriage with a sex doll

We had another experience with Josie, and it was everything I hoped for. I got the scissors I always dreamed of, my wife got so excited during the process that she had to recover all yesterday. It took some coaxing, but she gave in without too much pressure. She started slowly and then came a magic groan and before long was jolting back and forth. I haven’t seen her move like that for a long time. Once again when she finished, she just laid there exhausted and entwined with the doll. That is proving to be the sexiest part of it for me, the most memorable.

Purchasing a real love doll has been a great experience for my wife and myself. There is a new spark, a new willingness to make love after so many years of marriage. Patience paid off for me. If not for Sexy Real Sex Dolls, we would have never had this much fun.

Few days later…
There I was, sitting there, watching Youtube videos to pass the time. Only a portion of my attention was on what I was doing, for in the back of my mind lurked inescapable thoughts of love and lust. I tried very hard not to dwell on them, but this had proved impossible. But a few nights before, I had participated in a sexual event that I never thought would happen, but so dreamed of for so long. An indelible image was burnt into my mind, a fulfilling image of beauty that serves as a giant trophy on my mantle. My wife, shapely and alluring, had given me the greatest gift a husband could ask for. I sought to return the favor by making her next experience even more realistic.  Finally the mailman showed up with two packages that would help in kicking the realism up a notch. I had searched and searched for an affordable human hair wig and the perfect tongue toy. The wig I selected was beautiful with bouncy and very soft hair, and the tongue toy looked terrific in videos, vibrating and making licking motions. I immediately charged up the tongue toy and it did do exactly what it was supposed to, and it just fits inside the Josie’s (our Sexyrealsexdoll’s) mouth. The wig looks terrific on the doll and feels terrific. Now I had to come up with a perfect pose for the doll that would make full use of the new items.

I began looking at lesbian porn pictures to help me decide on a pose. Of course oral sex was featured on the menu for our next encounter with Josie, and I was searching for the the best possible position for the most enjoyable experience for my wife. I know she loves to sit on my face for oral sex, but that position would not take full advantage of the the wig. I thought about posing Josie on the floor at the side of the bed with her head at the edge, but that may not be the most comfortable position for my wife. Finally I decided on a bending Josie over with her knees together, her big soft ass in the air, and on her elbows with her forearms outstretched, ready to grasp my wife’s thighs. I thought long and hard about what Josie should wear? I know my wife loves to wear thigh high boots for sex, and black leather is her favorite. So I put Josie’s black leather thigh high boots on, and a satin robe, because Josie’s skin feels so nice to grab at with it on.  I must say that zipping up the boots on Josie’s legs is an experience all in its own. Once they were on, I have to admit that I spent a good few minutes just squeezing and feeling her buttery soft booted legs before working on her pose. I placed Josie diagonally so that her knees rested near the far corner of the bed. This would make it so there was enough room on the bed for the three of us. Was my wife going to enjoy this as much as I was enjoying setting it up? Later when my wife got home, she noticed the new wig and the pose I had placed Josie in, but had no idea what was is store for her. A whole day passed and all I could think about was how this plan would go over.

The weekend finally came and everything was in place for our next three way encounter. I cooked a nice dinner for my wife and later we were snuggling, getting ready for sex. I got up and took her hand, and once again instead of leading her to our bedroom, I took her to our spare bedroom (Josie’s room). I had pre-planned the lighting so that the room was dark, but just enough light leaked in though the open door from other rooms so we could see what we were doing. I instructed my wife to lay on the bed and when she did, I immediately started caressing her ample breasts from the floor on her side. I then began to play with her pussy and noticed it was very wet, much wetter than usual. Beside her was Josie, with her big sweet ass in the air, an extremely sexy sight, after all, much like my wife, Josie is an art form in her own right. Here I was again, in the same room with two beautiful women with beautiful big asses, one that I am so familiar with, the other perfectly posed and patiently waiting to please. The tension had built for days, and the moment was finally here.

I told my wife to position her pussy in front of Josie’s face. She resisted at first saying,  “I would rather have your face between my legs”. I reassured her that I would be next, but just wanted her to try out Josie’s face to see how it felt and to test out the new toy. I had the new fully charged tongue toy hidden under a pillow. When she moved into position, I brought it out, turned it on, and lubed the base of it quickly to put it into Josie’s mouth so the tongue stuck out perfectly. There it was vibrating and licking up and down. I lubed the tongue tip now, and put a little lube on my wife’s pussy even though it was very wet to begin with. I put Josie’s head down and my wife needed to move a little more, so she reluctantly did. She said, ” I am doing this for you, not for me.” As soon as the tongue made contact with my wife’s pussy I saw her stomach tighten. She lifted her very pretty feet and placed them on Josie’s sexy butt cheeks. I then moved Josie’s arms to wrap around my wife’s thighs from under them and when I put Josie’s hands in place, I saw my wife’s stomach muscles flexing again. Josie’s arms wrapped around my wife perfectly and must have felt real. Then, I placed the human hair from the wig on both sides of Josie’s busy face over my wife’s inner thighs and at that point my wife was twitching slightly in reaction to the feeling, her toes now digging into Josie’s big soft ass. Finally my wife rested her right foot on Josie’s butt cheek, and had her left foot resting in Josie’s crack. My wife started to moan quietly, her stomach muscles now quivering to the rhythm of the licking tongue. Now that I knew Josie was perfectly in place, I hopped onto the bed and took the opportunity to tease my wife’s nipples with my tongue. I kissed her and played with her breasts while she was getting licked by the doll. By this time I had a raging hard on going on, like a young man again. My wife’s moans got louder, and I saw her clenching the comforter with both of her hands. She was really liking it, and it was obvious that it wasn’t just for me. Then came the magic moment, she grabbed Josie’s head with both hands and let out a loud moan. By now her stomach muscles were dancing and she began to quake. I felt the entire bed shaking. She was having an intense orgasm. Josie was making her come. Her body rocked and then she just laid there with the doll still licking away.

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I asked if she was ready for me to take over, and then she suddenly started to moan again without saying a word. At the start of this session she was reluctant, and now she is not pulling away. She is choosing to have more. Who was I to disagree? I let Josie continue to lick, checking the position of her head which was still right on the money. I got on my knees next to my wife’s head and put her hand on my penis. She began to jerk me while her pretty pussy was being licked again, and before long was reacting to the rhythm of the tongue again. Her abdomen was fluttering again and she was heading towards a second orgasm. I could take no more. The scene was so hot, and in response to my wife’s talented jerking, the view, and her reactions to be licked by Josie, I shot a huge load all over her breasts. Being useless at that point, all I could do was watch the show, so I laid down next to her taking in the scene. Her tension continued to build and a few minutes later, she grabbed my leg and squeezed it hard, letting out a loud moan as she began quaking again. She was having another orgasm, and this one was even more violent than the first one. She put her legs up a little with her feet on Josie’s back had a tight hold on Josie’s head between her legs. She arched her back and lifted her head. Then she threw her head back and came very hard again. After she was done, even though I was spent, being the hero I offered to give her more. She said that she had enough and just laid there with sweat all over her body and face asking me to please turn off the tongue. I took the tongue out of Josie’s mouth and turned it off. I then turned Josie’s head to the side and laid it in between my wife’s legs before returning to my wife’s side. We just laid there for a few minutes, both totally spent and totally pleased, her with Josie’s arms still wrapped around her thighs.  When we could move again, I freed her from Josie’s grasp, and we made our way out to the living room to watch some TV and didn’t talk about the experience. We communicated only with smiles and sighs. Before I knew it my wife was asleep, and I took her off to bed. My balls were swollen and a little sore. They remained that way over night and into the next day, and my wife slept like a rock, sleeping in and getting up late the next morning.

Once again I had a great experience, better than any porn because I was in it, and once again I have to thank for it.

Last update: August 2017,

I decided to take a break from the doll to keep things fresh and to reassure my wife that she is still great in bed in her own right, not because she mentioned it, but so she didn’t have to. Visitors came over early in the week, and I hid Josie in her box, not taking her out for about week. I missed seeing her, and when I lifted her back out of the box, all powdered fresh and ready, I had almost forgotten how fun she is. I sat her on the bed, and sat beside her, and rested. Josie is a heavy doll.
After all, you can’t have a big smacking ass, sexy thunder thighs, and huge tits and be light as a feather. I did not have time to dress her up, and the wife and I did not have a lot of time for sex. In a spur of the moment instance, as we were both busy doing different things, we ran into each other outside the door of Josie’s room. I quickly led her in to Josie’s bed and bent her over near the edge of the bed, collected her robe and moved to to the side pulled down her panties. Before she knew it, my wife was getting her hot milf ass humped doggie style. As pumping got harder, Josie was starting to tilt with what was going on right next to her, so I stopped pumping and quickly laid Josie down next to my wife, then I got right back into it. Next I noticed my wife’s hand make its way to her side, searching, and it found one of Josie’s big tits and and immediately started to squeezing it. What a sexy sight it is to watch her hand struggle to stretch out enough to grab the entire huge tit. Josie’s tits are too big for that. Her excitement intensified and I felt her glutes tighten as I gripped on them, pumping away. Next she asked me to help move the doll, so I dismounted again and helped her move Josie so that her body was perpendicular to my wife’s, with her big tits in a position that would be close enough to my wife’s face that they could be easily reached. Once again I remounted my wife and got back to work.

Then my wife grabbed Josie’s closer tit, and stretched her pretty fingers around it. She said, “These are too big.” I replied, “Yes they are too big, that’s the fun of it.”. I told her, “Your tits are big and hot too, so f’en sexy.”, as I continued pumping my wife’s big soft ass. Then I noticed her head lowering and with her fingers outstretched gripping Josie’s large breast so that the nipple pointed at her mouth, her sweet lips parted and her tongue came out to lick on Josie’s perky nipple. This proved slightly difficult for my wife, because her head was bouncing from my pumping. Then her mouth opened wide and she began to suck on Josie’s huge tit. It was so hot, a serious suck, because as she was being bounced at a few points, her suction became unglued a few times, making a delightful sound. I saw her tongue moving a little through her cheek as she sucked on it, which was also very hot. After a few minutes, my wife raised her front with her one hand still on the massive tit, cupping its bottom, squeezing away and with her eyes closed, she came nicely without intense pumping. Then to my surprise, she let her body back down and began sucking again as I kept on pumping. What a sight this was. It was driving me crazy. I thought I would climax, but then being as my wife was slightly winded with her mouth so busy, my wife started to breathe hard through her nose. Her hand ventured to find Josie’s other nipple. She squeezed the nipple with her thumb and forefinger, and then stretched her fingers out very wide to grip the other massive tit while sucking on the closer tit. As she got more excited again, her breathing got even deeper and she started to back that ass up.
At that point I was torn between cumming and waiting to see what else would develop. I transitioned smoothly from pumping to getting pumped, and just stood there behind her to take the “punishment” her ass was dealing me. Boom Boom Boom, she was doing all of the work and her pussy felt great as always. I was struggling not to come, and quickly she raised her front again and came again while pumping me. My turn then came quickly as I grabbed my wife’s sweet ass vigorously and finished with a ball draining orgasm that began to run down her crack. She said, “That felt like a good one, was it?”. All I could say was, “Wow!”, and she just laid there for a minute to recover with her head resting on Josie’s chest. I sat next to her on the bed to catch my breath, soaking in every sexy second of that view. She admitted, “I have been wanting to do that ever since I saw them the first time.” I told her, I have been dreaming about it for years and years. It was worth the wait.”. Thanks again


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