The owner of the sex doll company revealed how to clean between rents

This is a dirty job, but someone must do it. This video shows the harsh reality of the sex doll rental company cleanup process.

The Natel Doll in Calgary, Canada, has a collection of 12 women and a male statue and can be rented for two hours for £ 110, or £ 167 per night. The direct purchase of this service costs around £ 4,500, which saves a lot of money and has proven popular with customers who want to try before they buy. Since its inception three months ago, the company has grown explosively, and its demand is sufficient to open branches in Vancouver and multiple cities in the United States. Business is booming and people are talking all over Canada, everyone is talking about a specific issue. How to clean sex dolls between leases?

Thankfully, the company’s founders only wanted to be called Justin, and thus relieved responsibility for this pressing issue. If you want to know, it involves pulling your body apart and deep cleaning the three holes. Justin said: “Each doll’s washing, cleaning and scrubbing lasted for almost 45 minutes to an hour. ‘The head tightened, the wig came off, and we washed our hair.

 “We need to clean three holes-the oral cavity, the anus, and the vagina.” We hang the doll in the air above the shower and then clean the entire surface with antibacterial soap and medical soap. “This is a very thorough process per square inch All need to be cleaned. “

Obviously, this is a very thorough process. But hard work doesn’t stop there. Justin added: “Remove the vagina and wash it. Wash the inside with soap. ‘We rinsed it all out and then used hydrogen peroxide as a second cleanser.

 “We will then use ultraviolet light to kill all the bacteria on the doll. Then we use black light to absorb all the bacteria and display them in blue so we can wipe away any residue that may have leaked from the cleaning process.” In cleaning In terms of dolls, we are absolutely beyond. “

Las Vegas residents are increasingly demanding sex doll-only social clubs that allow customers to “create and interact” with a “emotional sexual atmosphere, tailored exactly to their needs.”

The company said on its social media pages and website that the “Las Vegas Sex Doll Experience” prides itself on being “the first place in Nevada to have sex dolls ready.”

But the company’s website also insists: “We are not a brothel.”

“I like my job as a legal prostitute in the Las Vegas area,” she explained in an AVN interview. I work hard to comply with all Nevada regulations and am happy to legally sell my sexual services in a nearby rural area. But this doll brothel is a slap in the face to me and other hard-working sex workers who work hard to get us to the world.

The Las Vegas sex doll experience company advertises on its website that the host will greet customers at the door during a date. The host then takes the client to a “careful, secure, and private studio.”

The Las Vegas sex doll experience does allow customers to buy dolls, and even allows them to test run before buying.

According to Robbins, customers stop in front of her house on weekends.

“I don’t know these people, nor do they know who they are,” she said. “And, I know they don’t come here to visit people nearby because you see them coming to the club.”

Las Vegas sex worker Roxanne Price has been very vocal when she criticized the “sex doll brothel” in recent days.

“Las Vegas sex doll brothels? Good,” she said on Twitter. “But are sex crimes no longer criminalized in Las Vegas?”

The sex dolls sold by Justin are lifelike, especially very tactile. They have high-quality wigs, soft skin and joints, which means they can be placed anywhere. But keeping them at their best doesn’t just mean cleaning.

Justin said all customers are required to use condoms when renting sex dolls. To be on the safe side, there is a clause in his contract with customers that they will bear the cost of excessive wear and tear. Although many respect the rent rules, in some cases, dolls are severely damaged and unusable.

Jason said: “A customer broke the doll’s back. I don’t even know how that is possible. He acknowledged the money and paid the doll.” But wear is usually not bad. In fact, the biggest wear is their fingers and hands. “ We have a doll about to retire because of a scratched knee. Someone must have dragged her onto a rough surface.

 “Our dolls can live between four and six months.” His most popular doll is a Russian blonde figurine named Anastasia, a former ski instructor with a C Cup chest. However, Justin said that not all guests rent dolls for sexual reasons, and some people just enjoy being with them.

He criticized the stigma surrounding the industry and said it could help people with mental health problems while reducing the spread of sexual trafficking and sexually transmitted diseases. “We have 20 to 60-year-old customers and various types of games,” he said. “We have attracted couples interested in renting dolls, and there are people with disabilities renting houses from us. People should not be ashamed of sex dolls, nor should they be hidden in the closet. I think that is about to change.

We have seen our customers there and our services have been well received. “ Using dolls instead of escorts will reduce human trafficking and hopefully reduce prostitution and sexually transmitted diseases. Is it legal or illegal.

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