The original sex doll has a high maintenance rate

A former professional sex doll repairer unveiled an overused sex doll-it’s not pretty.

Slade Fiero estimates that during his ten-year-long career he patched over 100 expensive sex gear, but he claims that this won’t break the $ 2,500 desire container-poor storage.

“If a person takes care of her doll, she will often use it for a long time,” Fiero explained in an interview with Sun Online.

Storage, cleaning and maintenance are key to longevity.

“If not stored properly, they can create pressure creases that eventually become tears and sometimes irreparable tears.”

These areas are located under the arms, behind the knees, at the recesses of the at and elbow arms. Basically any active joint. “

But that doesn’t mean that every repair is as simple as using some kind of latex to repair a tear or tear or replace a doll’s orifice.

Some of the dolls sent to Fiero were so damaged that he felt so uncomfortable that he refused to repair the customer’s dolls again.

He recalled: “I had a sexual violence person who literally kicked his left leg off the doll.”

“The second time he brought me his doll for repair, the second time I told him never to contact me again!”

“That guy is complete. A f-king a hole feminine despicable man.”

“Everyone on this planet deserves respect, unless otherwise proven, but not worth that guy.”

“How he talks about and treats women is a very painful topic for me.”

That wasn’t the only tricky client Fiero had to face, he acknowledged that there were other dolls that were obviously badly treated.

He added: “It’s no doubt at all, it’s obvious.”

“I see a lot of dolls not being taken care of. Men have a lot of sucking levels.”

“Sexual dealings with certain people are tentative experiences when crossing our own boundaries. We all have them, including me.”

“Even a doll, respect is important and you have to think about what it represents.”

Fjero is now living the “life of a retired artist”. After looking for a realistic female model to dress him up in the corridor, he set about repairing the doll.

He recalled: “A man I knew told me, ‘Hey, you deserve a silicone doll with a vagina and a chest!”

After buying second-hand goods on eBay, he contacted the company for a repair kit and began a relationship with the company.

As it happens, Fiero has a wealth of anatomical experience working with a local morgue pathologist friend for some time, so when he uploaded his “doll surgery” photo to his website SladesWorld, it looked very real.

“I have a friend who works with the county coroner, where I participated in several autopsies,” Fjero said.

“This caused me to cut my first doll to make it look like surgery. Her head fractured because the company used a brittle material to fix her jaw.”

“I posted some pictures of the baby surgery on my website, showing that I pulled her face back.”

“I put a lot of tools on the head of the play and I started from there.”

His previous morgue experience not only made his pictures famous online, but also in Hustler magazine. In addition, this gives him a way of thinking, he needs to fish out some of the sex dolls of others.

Fiero explained, “Nothing sticks to silicone. I live in a world full of humans. I am myself.”

“We produce a lot of bacteria in our lives, and I’m not afraid of body fluids.”

“I cut people and put my hands inside them. Soap and water leave some invisible bacteria.”

When Fiero needed cash to fund the painting, he returned the eBay with a doll that had been repaired and looked like a new one.

“I needed some cash to buy the paintings, so I put the doll back on eBay and made a lot of money in the process,” he said.

“During the time I had her, I made contact with the company and when a customer contacted them that they wanted to sell his doll, they passed my number to them because they didn’t return it.”

Fiero started operations on and soon received injured sex dolls from across the United States, costing hundreds of dollars for a single repair.

In his work, he also appeared in the 2007 documentary “Love Me, Love My Doll”, an eye-opening short film focusing on men who live in asexual lives.

“My home is my workplace. I’m a full-time artist, so that’s just another aspect of what I do at home,” he said.

“My repair tools are basic. Vinyl tape, liquid silicone and catalyst fluid can make them work together.”

“If the doll has internal problems, I will cut it with a knife and replace any hardware I need.”

“No one asked me to change their dolls personally, give them a boob job or reduce the job, it was just a direct repair of the wear and tear.”

“People who want a doll differently than normal-hermaphrodites or transsexuals with breasts and penis-usually order from scratch.

“How do you customize women? When you consider the final cost of buying dolls from the factory, you spend hours deciding on body type, head type, skin tone, makeup, and every detail.

“She’s going to spend your money, just like buying a small car, a motorcycle … what else can you buy with so much money?”

Fiero never had to deal with any hysterical or unsatisfied customers, but one client did take him to Las Vegas to fix his girl twice.

He also hinted that there were “horrible” moments when he sent him two dolls.

“I experienced some fun creepy experiences on two different dolls. Curiosity only lasts for a while. It will disappear,” he said.

Although his work was abnormal, Fiero’s house was filled with other men’s sex dolls, but he never encountered any romantic problems, claiming that it made him more popular among ladies.

He said, “If there’s anything that attracts me to a woman. In fact, I spend the majority of my time with a doll. I’ve never been a guy looking for women.”

“We are all the only individuals in our lives, but the rare people we meet in life are a little different from most others. I am one of those rare creatures.”

RealDolls boss asked Fiero to design the company’s first male doll, but he acknowledged that female customers were limited.

He explained: “Women don’t often buy dolls. They are completely different sex lives. If you are a woman and you only need two D-type batteries at work, would you buy a 132-pound dummy trying to fall into a sack? ? “

“While the dolls do have a purpose, I don’t think that sex dolls or robots will be ideal sexual partners for people.”

“Can never replace human touch.”

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