The Importance of Sex Doll Skeleton

The Importance of Sex Doll Skeleton

The sex doll skeleton is the core of lifelike sex dolls. Unlike other issues that may arise with realistic sex dolls, such as skin cracks or staining, they are easily resolved. Once the skeleton is broken, it may affect the use of customers, or even have to be discarded. You know, sometimes, even the doll factory that made your doll couldn’t save her life. Even if the factory can revive it, the high freight costs will deter many customers.

Skeleton damage can occur in the following 3 ways:

1. Skeleton damage occurred during production.
If something goes wrong with the skeleton during production, the doll factory will reconstruct the skeleton.

2. Improper Transportation
We recommend that you check the doll as soon as you receive it. Be sure to contact the vendor within 24 hours if you find any issues.

3. The skeleton developed problems after a period of use.
This may be due to improper use or storage. It could also be the mass of the bone itself.

In general, doll bone joints are either welded or screwed. The most common problem of doll skeleton is joint loosening, mostly caused by welding joint fracture or loose screws. You can use the following methods to determine the cause of your doll’s loose joints: if the loose limb can be wobbled in more than one direction, the welding point may be broken, but if you can only swing its limb in one direction, then the screw is closed.

If you have no idea how to solve the problem of doll joint loosening, please contact the vendor immediately, they will contact the factory to provide you with a professional solution.

Skeleton Upgradation of SEDOLL

To further improve the quality of sex dolls, top doll manufacturers have been working hard to develop and upgrade the skeleton. Now, let’s see what SEDOLL has done to optimize the doll’s skeleton to eliminate any skeleton looseness.
1, To reduce the instability of manual welding, the skeleton welding is upgraded to automation.
2, The screw installation is automated.
This automated machine allows precise adjustment of parameters and uniform tightness. The original manual installation is difficult to maintain the same tightness. In addition, the screw kit has been upgraded to advanced version to enhance the reinforcement effect.

3. The arm joints are geared to extend the life of the skeleton.
Ordinary joints have a large contact area between two metal surfaces. Due to frequent friction, the joint becomes looser. However, the gear connection can reduce the contact area of the joint, greatly reducing friction and extending the service life of the skeleton.
4. The neck is upgraded from a universal tube to a steel tube.

The neck is upgraded from universal tube to steel tube.
The universal tube is too soft and easily damaged, while the steel tube is more durable and has the same movement effect.

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