The Future of Sex Dolls – Will sex dolls replace women?

Related Question: Will sex dolls replace women in the future?

Gian Mendoza:

Men are already getting tired of putting up with demands of women and biased laws on top of that.

Women are not as they were in the past and their sense of entitlement is not going to go down.

With growing movements such as MGTOW, a lot of men are just going to give up chasing women in the near future.

So, sex dolls might not replace women as sex partners but they can acquire a huge market share and I would happily invest in such an initiative.

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The sex dolls I have seen so far turn out to be just the beginning of a revolution that is coming our way sooner than you might think. The future lies in sex robots.

I am taken along a corridor away from the production line to meet Harmony, the most ambitious creation ever developed at Abyss. She is RealDoll brought to life, a RealDoll with a personality, who moves, speaks and remembers.

She is the culmination of 22 years’ work making sex toys by owner Matt McMullen, five years’ research and development into animatronics and AI (artificial intelligence), and hundreds of thousands of dollars of his cash.

He wanted to get beyond the situation where a customer operates a remote-controlled doll or a push-button animatronic puppet. This an actual robot, he tells me, which moves on its own when you talk and interact with it.

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Times are always rolling forward.
Anyone who used to use balloon sex dolls probably couldn’t have imagined that today there are already such great things as sex dollss. With beauty that is as good as, if not better than, that of a human and skin that is as soft as that of a real woman. And the perky breasts, the ultra-realistic bottom!
What will the sex dolls of the future look like? I’m sure you’re all looking forward to it. So, let me tell you what I imagine for this question!

1. Before 2030, AI artificial intelligence development becomes more and more advanced and is eventually applied to dolls. A chip or computer is implanted in the doll’s brain to communicate normally with the user, and high-precision sensors are installed all over the body to give a sufficiently intense but not excessive response during sex according to the user’s stroking position and intensity, making sex more passionate. It also has a memory function that allows it to save every episode of the user’s life with him or her, and even to remind him or her of things he or she has accidentally forgotten.

2. By 2040, artificial intelligence and robotic skeletons were simultaneously applied to sex dollss, allowing them to move on their own, no longer as mere dolls, but as sex robots. And as doll modelling technology improves further, the finished sex robot will look and move and talk almost indistinguishable from ordinary humans alone. The doll’s face is equipped with high-precision electronic nerves that allow it to make all the usual human expressions, and the mouth will correspond to the words spoken. With expressions, language and physical abilities, the sex robot will even be able to make active advances and adjust its position, so sex with a sex dolls will no longer be a one-man show. If you are willing to pay the higher price, you can even make the doll painful. So you can take your own sex robot for a stroll and play without fear of being poked, or maybe it’s because everyone is carrying a sex robot so it’s nothing to be poked at at all. Not only do sex robots not break moral ethics or laws, but they will also be used as an important tool to maintain social stability and harmony. We no longer need to be careful to ask businesses to ship them confidentially.

3. By 2050, the ultimate combination of sex dolls technology and robotics will be achieved, and by then there will probably be no such concept as sex dollss, or sex dolls at all. The notion that dolls are bought for sexual gratification will fade away, as they will have been fully integrated into the concept of robotics and will be essential to the functioning of all parts of society, with sex accounting for very little of the available functions.
In their place, companion robots will, due to their specific use, restore the maximum possible human structure and functional characteristics. She will do everything your family can do, cook, wash and clean of course (although I’m sure there will be more advanced cooking and cleaning techniques by then), accompany you in everything you do and even protect your life, and have excellent artificial intelligence that gives her the ability to think powerfully based on the knowledge that she is the centre of the robot and can meet all the emotional needs of the user. It even automatically switches to sex mode when it recognises certain situations and words, adjusts its own body temperature to the same level as a human, and can secrete lubricating fluids, allowing it to do sexy things that real women cannot do, such as blowing and leaking urine and spraying breasts. And thanks to technological advances, mechanical products no longer have to worry about water ingress, and companion robots can even join you in the bath for erotic fun.

All of the above would be great if it did come to fruition.
Thank you for reading!

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