Take home sex doll company opens in BC

She sat quietly, her legs crossed at her ankles, and one arm hanging from the arm of the sofa.

She was wearing lace pink pajamas with cherry red lips. Her eyes are chestnut brown, but they keep staring at you.

They call her Chanel, and for about $ 350, she can be with you that night. Her host will pick her up with her suitcase in the morning.

Chanel is a character doll that is one of seven anatomically correct, TPE silicone-based dolls that can be rented from a new company, House of Dolls, initiated by Aberdeen resident Kristen Dickson.

“It’s like an escort agency, but without prostitution and human involvement,” said the wife and mother of the two companies, the first commercial collaboration between Kalloops.

Dickson’s company recently obtained a business license from City Hall and operates an adult novelty rental company.

All dollhouse sites can be ordered through the site and are expected to go live this week.

Chanel’s inventory includes dolls of various races and names-Aika, Marriah, Sadie, Cannana, Portia and Zach ( Zach), this is the only male doll in the group. They consist of a metal skeleton structure covered with soft silicone meat, which Dickson bought from Sex Doll, a Canadian company in Toronto.

Ultra-realistic dolls can be bent in all appropriate positions, and their bodies have a lot of detail in the knee, collarbone, hands and feet areas.

They also have realistic genitals, which, as Dixon proved, feel real.

She smiled and said of the girl doll, “Except not warm, it feels like a real vagina.”

Although the silicone on the dolls is cool to the touch, Dixon plans to cover each doll with a heated blanket in advance to ensure that each doll is warm during use.

She can also change wigs and clothes to meet customer needs.

The cost of renting a doll is per night, from 5pm to 9am, rather than hourly.

Dixon and her husband plan to transport dolls to homes and hotels, rather than “brothels” that run storefronts. This model can be seen in similar businesses that have recently opened in Toronto and Vancouver.

The dolls they rent will be unusable for two consecutive nights as it will be cleaned the next morning.

The older I am, the older I am, and the harder it is to find the clear boundaries that existed in my youth, the lines between written words (that is, what they say) and words that should be considered parody or irony.

For example, I just read a tweet from a transgender woman saying that a woman can have a penis, and anyone who disagrees with the statement “can suck my dick”. My first impulse was of course to laugh, but now, this response must always be questioned, so I did.

Ms. Emmons dived into her thesis and suggested that “gay men” who have a sexual preference for inanimate objects (for example, the Korean man she married to a pillow she cited) should be given her own gender Identity category. I think this article is a satire on the never-ending concept of gender mobility and the unscientific belief that biology and gender are completely unbound. I settled down and laughed.

But when Emmons made his argument, my smile faded. Ms. Emmons’ suggestion started to make sense. “Today, having sex with a robot is basically the only meaningful sex,” she wrote. Why? Well, to put it another way, having sex with a real person is full of fear of rape and / or false accusations. Plus there is no real family now-a child! -It’s too expensive and the whole world is in trouble, so why bother? True sex comes with so many drawbacks that robotic sex starts to look very tempting: “No talking, no texting, no communication, no supper, no drinking, no birth control, and no shame.”

Damn, this writer makes sense! Having sex with people is incredible. And the look and behavior of sex dolls becomes more and more realistic every day. Most importantly-I take you back to my opening anecdote-robots have no gender. Or rather, because they have no biology, they only have gender, and gender is the gender you assign to them. Of course, not at birth, because they were not born, only their creations were created by nothingness. Like Adam and Eve. Whoever is designed by God, an immortal is plagued by reproduction, and therefore focuses on the whole duality.

I want to believe this is ironic. Of course, even trans women should know that the expression “suck my [insert any part of the body here, including breasts]” will never come out of the mouth of a real woman. Women don’t talk like that. An angry woman might say, “… if you don’t believe it, you can joke, you will go crazy,” or something like that. But she never said, “Suck my [body part].”

Of course, unless she consciously tries to sound like a man. Because this is exactly what rude men say, and it always makes most women mess up their faces and say “ewww”. Therefore, I naturally thought of myself, oh, this is a brave creature, and although he has transitioned, he still shows his unshakable male character and is willing to laugh for his followers.

Although the company obtained a family-run license, Dixon also leased space in the city center to use it as a doll’s cleaning and storage facility.

She told KTW Interior Health that she had no rules for cleaning dolls, but she noted that her company would use its own in-depth cleaning procedures, including antibacterial soap, black light, and a camera that can be inserted into the sex organs for inspections for any foreign objects.

“I have all the special flushers that go into every crack and crevice, and everything can be washed away,” she said. She noted that the cleaning process takes about two hours.

As for business expectations, Dixon said she has been following a similar company in Vancouver, Bella Dolls, which opened in early November and is often booked.

“I’m not afraid not to be too busy, not too busy, but we’re in a small town, so who knows what it will look like,” Dixon said. She said she believed there would be interest.

She expects clients to consist of many business professionals who travel frequently.

When her father-in-law heard about a sex doll rental service in Toronto, Dickson came up with the idea of ​​setting up a sex doll rental service.

When choosing to open a similar company, Dickson said she believed that sex trading would never go away and wanted to provide people with a safe, clean option without involving forced behavior.

About two months ago, she started running the company and noticed that when she first looked at the dolls, it was amazing to see how the dolls looked.

The doll is not a robot and weighs about 70 pounds. They come in various heights. The male doll Zach stands about 5 feet 9 while the Latino doll Chanel is about 5 feet 5.

All seven dolls, along with clothes and boxes, cost Dickson about $ 18,000.

These dolls retail for about $ 3,500 each in Canadian “sex dolls” and feature a range of customizable features from the manufacturer, such as large and small breasts and hips, optional teeth and shoulders that can be shrugged.

You can even choose to buy a toy that can stand on its own, and this feature of Dickson is not an easy task for most dolls.

She smiled and said, “Actually, that means how long they have to hold on.

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