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As a mini sex doll seller, not only do we have our factory, but also we cooperate with other brands, all this to find all kinds of sex dolls in the market, so our dear customers can have more choices to choose from, we have a very specific checking system to make sure all the brands we cooperate are qualified to our requirements. Now, let’s take a look at what brands do we have and take a sneak peek at our factories!


OUDOLL is our brand, some of the mini sex dolls are from our brand, and some are from other brands which are not well known. As a mini sex doll seller, we want to bring you a wide range of silicone mini sex dolls and at the same time ensure the quality, so even if it is not a well-known brand, we will include and bring it to you.


WMdoll is the world’s silicone mini sex doll and love doll brand with far superior quality and popularity enough to rank in the world’s top 10. We provide all WMdoll original realistic mini sex dolls, you can buy high-quality hyperreal originals silicone sexual mini-dolls here. Here are the best erotic dolls.


JYdoll is a high-quality mini sex doll and brand. They have excellent TPE mini sex dolls and mini silicone sex dolls. So here you can find both TPE and silicone sex dolls, as well as a variety of customization options. No matter in Asia or Europe or America, skinny love doll or fat love doll, you can get what you want in here.

Aotume Doll:

Aotume Doll is a famous brand offering professional premium TPE mini sex dolls. If you want to buy TPE mini sex dolls,l believe you will never regret buying a TPE love doll here. We offer you the most diverse choice, this has the most abundant sex doll style. What type of TPE love doll do you like, what type of TPE love dolls do we have.


MeSedoll dolls are cheaper than other mini silicone sex doll brands. That’s because MeSedoll’s mission is to bring the cheap mini sex doll with the best value for the customer. They offer not only TPE mini sex dolls but also a small number of high-quality silicone mini sex dolls. You can find abundant Asian mini sex dolls here. Take your Oriental sex doll home.

6Y Doll:

6Y Doll is the fastest-growing mini silicone sex doll brand that attracts more and more people’s attention and love. 6Y Doll may be a new brand in Europe and America, but in China, they have been selling for many years. 6Y Doll dolls are liked by everyone in China. I believe you will also like the sex dolls they sell.

RRA doll:

RRA doll is a brand focused on the production of European and American mini sex dolls. They are committed to providing better European and American sex dolls. RRA doll adult mini sex dolls are designed by designers from Hong Kong and Britain, so RRA dolls are more close to the aesthetic and usage habits of Europe and America. In addition, they have produced some male sex dolls to meet the needs of female users.

Lrontech Doll:

Lrontech Doll is a brand that offers high-end TPE mini sex dolls. Lrontech Doll’s mini sex dolls have excellent quality and rich body shape and are loved by many consumers in Europe and America. The Lrontech mini sex dolls sold in our store are selected by our best “choose product team” to bring you the best silicone sex doll.

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