Spice up your marriage with a Sex Doll

How to Spice Up Your Marriage with Real Love Dolls
The sex doll industry remains to be one of the most dynamic trades at the moment, with years of metamorphosis and advancement. Not long ago, sex dolls were made of inflatable plastic with very little excitement associated with them. Not only were this inflatable human mimics unappealing to the eyes, but they were also very far from realism.
Initially, sex dolls were considered a taboo, and there was some form of stigma associated with using and talking about them in public. However, the ‘dark days’ are over and people are starting to appreciate the benefits of these pleasure dolls.

The quality of the sex dolls has also greatly improved over time from what was unappealing and bogus to what is now realistic and life-size. The dolls are now being designed to not only look like humans but also feel realistic. From using human-like materials like silicone and TPE to articulating them with skeletons and movable joints, things can only get better.
The contributions of people like Howard Stern to the popularity and growth of the industry is massive and will never be forgotten. The American radio host ordered a life-size sex doll in the ‘90s and had sex with it on air, which in turn got people talking followed with a sex doll sale that hit the roof.
Getting a Sex Doll
So, you’ve decided to buy a sex doll to spice up your marriage. Great choice! There are a number of reasons why people bring in a sex doll in the bedroom. Whether you just want to reintroduce the lost spark in the relationship or maybe you feel frustrated with your partner’s laxity during sex, bringing in a doll is always a great idea.
However, introducing a sex doll in the relationship is a noble idea which can be very sensitive as it involves two or more people. So, it’s important to do it with the diligence and tact needed. Here’s how to bring in the doll and ensure it plays its role immaculately.

Discuss it beforehand

One of the greatest mistakes you can ever make is buying a sex doll without running the idea by your partner. And while you could be planning to surprise them, I prefer doing this with masturbators and vibes instead. When it comes to introducing a sex doll in the relationship, both parties MUST be involved! So, even before you go shopping, discuss the idea with your partner and come to a consensus. Read our customer’s story about the doll he bought for his wife!
As the proponent, try as much as possible to present your idea in a persuasively and make your partner aware of why and how important it would be to bring the ‘third wheel’ in the family. Remember, if either partner objects the idea, it automatically means it’s dead on arrival.

Define its role

The main aim of a sex doll is to enhance our sex life, especially for those partners who derive ecstasy from fantasy sex. For this reason, the role of the sex doll should be defined clearly to avoid confusion later on. For instance, the sex doll could only be used for a short while during sexual intercourse or used when the partner is not around. Defining the role beforehand helps everyone to play their sexual role and enhance the experience.

Stay on track

At the end of the day, the sex doll was introduced to help solve a concern whose permanent solution only comes when two partners tackle it head-on. So, remember the doll is just but a complimentary and the real sex only takes place between you and your partner. Regularly evaluate whether the doll has helped to tackle the concern, and feel free tuck it away in the closet once it has outlived its usefulness.
Whatever happens, the doll remains a side tool and the only players in your sex life are you and your partner. Do not give it undue prominence as this mistake might lead to a shift of attention from your partner to the sex doll. Make sure the sex doll doesn’t overshadow your real partner.

Experiment and Enjoy

Initially, sex dolls were universally designed to replicate a pre-meditated set of features. However, things have changed now and you can customize your sex doll with the features you personally want. Additionally, sex dolls are designed to complement sex and help you experiment with your wildest fantasies. So, why not try different sex dolls and have fun with your partner?
To start with, I’d recommend ordering a sex doll with the features you’ve been missing in your relationship. Maybe large breasts, a huge ass, or that cute, innocent face? However, one is never enough. Right? So, consider ordering a doll with a different set of features and mix it up with your partner. Do you like elfs? Why not get a sexy elf sex doll? Oh wait, you want a flat chested blonde? Why not? Check our largest collection to find your dream doll.
Remember, the goal us to spice up your marriage, kick away the boredom, and enjoy life!

Ways A Sex Doll Can Transform Your Sex Life
Having looked at the benefits of buying a sex doll, it’s evident these pleasure gods are indispensable. Learning how to utilize them with your partner during sex to enhance the experience, bring you closer, and remove the barrier between personal and mutual pleasure is the key to a successful ‘threesome.’
So, how do sex dolls spice up your marriage?

Ideal Alternative

Sex dolls provide an ideal alternative to a human partner, especially when one partner is not around. Most people spend a lot of time away from family and friends, either because of work-related commitments or school. During this time, most couples are unable to stay afloat as the constant urge for affection and sex cannot be met by the person they love the most. Buying a sex doll can thus help contain these needs up until your partner gets back.
So, if you’re away from home most of the time, consider bringing up the discussion with your partner. Furthermore, it’s technically not cheating and I’m sure you’d rather have your partner aroused by a doll than have them patronize escorts. Right?

Extra Pleasure

Introducing a sex doll into the relationship enhances the sex and magnifies the experience. In fact, 74% of women admit to being unable to climax through penetration alone. For, this reason, bringing the doll into the picture introduces a new experience and opens your world to new possibilities. There are numerous options available for both women and men allowing you to get a hand from technology when you need it. So, mix it up with a life-size sex doll and see just how it improves the experience.

More Intimacy

According to a 2016 study by David Fredrick, Ph.D., Chapman University, couples who used sex toys to spice up their sex life reported to being closer and more satisfied in the union. And while introducing the doll in a relationship is a sensitive affair, researchers believe it helps a lot in bridging the personal barriers between partners, allowing them to enjoy sex together. So, consider introducing a sex doll to the bedroom as it will help you enjoy more intimacy and fire up the moments between the sheets with a realistic sex doll.

Counter Jealousy

According to research, jealousy accounts for a big percentage of why married couples aren’t open with each other about sex toys. Mostly, jealousy kicks in as your partner feels like they are inadequate and not good enough for you. And as we’ve already discussed, sex dolls should not be seen as a replacement but rather a supplementation.
The most effective ways to counter jealousy is by making the experience a couple’s affair and navigating through it together. For instance, you could try having your partner use the doll with you and letting them be in control. This way, you’re not the only one having fun but both of you are. You can also buy an equivalent for your partner and use them interchangeably. By doing this, you help your partner understand how fun it can be, which in turn sparks interest in involvement.

Guilt-Free Threesomes

Threesomes are one of the most discussed sexual fantasies among sexually active adults, especially couples who wish to explore unscratched regions. However, the emotional risks and repercussions outweigh the physical benefits, a key reason why most threesomes don’t eventually actualize. If you fall into this category, you don’t need to worry anymore- sex dolls offer the best, guilt-free solution.
Despite of the realism and human-like features, sex dolls lack the emotional facet that humans do. The lack of emotional attachment means neither of the partners is likely to feel jealous or fear that the experience might affect the relationship. In fact, a threesome with a sex doll only brings you closer.
So, whether you’re insecure with your partner or not, having a sex doll as a third wheel can help bypass a lot of awkward moments. Also, there’s no risk of rejection or disease transmission. Amazing. Right?

Personal Satisfaction

While the emphasis has been not to allow the sex doll to be a personal venture but rather a supplementation to bring you closer, these amazing sex aids are also an ideal way to meet your personal needs in a guilt-free manner. As long as you discuss with your partner about the importance of personal play, there’s nothing stopping you from having a good time solo.
And while some people see having a sex doll as an upgrade to the conventional masturbation of using a hand or basic traditional sex toys, others see it as an avenue to try out their wildest fantasies with a non-judgmental, submissive partner. The sex doll thus satisfies your personal sexual needs and keeps your partner’s mind at ease as it’s a non-cheating and safe way of getting aroused.

Greater Appreciation of Non-Sexual Activities

Bringing a sex doll into the picture helps to satisfy both of your sexual fantasies and in so doing, allows you to focus more on other aspects of the relationship. In the knowledge that bedtime will be enjoyable, you can comfortably carry on with other non-sexual activities, which in turn, encourages a happier existence. Increased bedtime satisfaction helps both of you gain greater respect and perspective for each other, and eventually strengthens the bond that comes with your relationship.
Having looked at the history and use of sex dolls, the steps to incorporating one in your relationship, and how these pleasure gods spice up the experience, it’s clear that you’ve been missing a lot ignoring the importance of a sex doll in your life. Right? So, have the discussion with your partner and bring back the lost spark in your marriage.
All The Best!

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