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Deciding what size to get is one of the most important decisions when it comes to buying a sex doll. Sex dolls are usually sorted by height, which can range from as tall as 173 cm (5’8″) to as small as 65 cm (2’1″). But many beginners don’t realize is that weight plays a very important role in your decision. You should know, the taller your doll, the heavier it is.

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When you are choosing a sex doll, you usually want them to be realistic, so people always want a doll of mature human size. But you should be notified, a doll with a grow-up woman size is very heavy. In general, a 170 cm (5’7″) doll usually weighs around 40 kg (88 lbs) and a 150 cm (4’11) doll usually weighs around 30 kg (66 lbs) – if you want to see the actual weight, be sure to check the specifications of each doll. First of all, let’s define what height is tall and what height is short. Technically, it depends on your height. In this article, we’ll say that dolls over 145cm are tall and dolls under 145cm are short.

At first glance, it doesn’t look too bad, right? It shouldn’t be that hard to lift a human weighs over 88 lbs, so it’s an easy piece to lift a 170 cm sex doll. WRONG, sex dolls are fully dead weight, it’s not like a human being, when you lift up a human, your mind tells you she is a human, but for a sex doll, the weight is also distributed awkwardly along with the doll. They will feel twice as heavy as you would think, taking them around is hard work. If you have back problems, it’s not a good idea to get a tall one, it’s best to get a smaller doll due to the weight.

So, why are sex dolls so heavy? Different from inflatable sex dolls, which are filled with air, TPE and silicone sex dolls have a metal skeleton interior, which forms the “bones” of the doll and is quite heavy. Besides, the doll is made of a solid silicone material or TPE, which altogether is also quite heavy because it is a very thick layer of material. Needless to say, the combination of the metal skeleton and TPE or silicone material results in a heavy doll, and the taller the doll, the more metal and TPE/silicone is used, resulting in a heavier doll.

If you never owned a doll before, a lighter is usually better. A lighter doll will be easier to move around, pose, and change positions during sex. But, the lighter a doll, the shorter she will be. In my opinion, 140 cm is the smallest realistic size before it starts to feel awkward and unnatural. If you are short, then a 130 cm doll might still feel realistic. 

  • Tall sex doll

(1) Characteristics

In real life, women are usually over 145cm tall, and the term “realistic sex doll” refers to a doll that is over 145cm tall. They often weigh more than 25 kilograms.

(2) Advantages

Luxury, realistic. Because they are the height of a real woman, you will not feel uncomfortable with any body type, including big breasts and big butt. There are many outfits you can wear. You can easily buy clothes that suit them at the store. In addition, if your sex doll is over 158cm, you can use the greatest omnipotent skeletons, finger skeletons, etc. to give it the best sense of realism. There are so many ways you can play with them, you will hardly see the possibility of getting tired of using them. It is an image of an adult, so there is no guilt when you hold it.

In general, the taller the sex doll is, the deeper the vagina is, and the bigger/longer the penis is.

  • Short sex dolls

(1) Characteristics

If sex dolls are under 145cm tall, their weight range will be 17-25kg, actually, most realistic little girls are in this range.

(2) Advantages

Cute in appearance. Ideal for those who love the cute little girl. The low weight makes it easy to carry around and operate for maintenance. Suitable for beginners. The storage is relatively convenient and the price is low.


The number of products is limited, and because of their short height, finger skeletons may not be available.

Some people may feel uncomfortable with dolls of short stature with huge breasts. There are not many body types that can be used.

The doll looks small, but the vagina inside is almost as deep as an adult’s.

Hard to find clothes that fit. Most of what can be worn are children’s clothes, and if you put them on, your desire might go down. It could feel unnatural to have sex with a small doll.

We’re looking forward to your purchase!

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