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Pussy Ass Masturbator from Amazon. For obvious reasons, I won’t review on there. Looks appetizing. Lickable, no bad smell or taste after 1st wash. Feels good. Properly TPE the cheaper but softer and more realistic than silicone. Tight, could be too tight. Works for flat-ironing, hands-free.

When my meds kick in, I have the appetite to do a girl every day for a few. It’s not worth the money for the 2nd day because my cum is too few to justify the CIM if it’s included in the price. I also have to cut down a bit of expense now that all the tax refund are gone.

I had the same type of toy before. It must be from China where the Amazon importer and seller doesn’t have a clue what they are selling. I had trouble getting in! Some reviews are telling the truth when they say they are pretty average. But I thought I didn’t know how to use it properly. I did enjoy it when I got in but it hurt me.

Accidentally, I bumped into some Chinese websites that list those toys by ages. What? A 16-year-old fake ass for masturbation? Then I realized that it was meant to be the customer’s age. That explains. They dump those unwanted sizes on Amazon.

I never liked fleshlights. They are creepy and I don’t want more stimulation than my hands; that just made me cum faster but I have all the time I need. I don’t want to look at it all the time and free my hands to do something else like operating a laptop or tablet.

I bet on this one with few reviews because it looks good. Actually, it looks slightly better and more realistic in the flesh. User submitted pictures in reviews is important to me because I can’t use it if it’s visually turning me off. Some pictures are far off as in escort advertising. This one looks good no matter how you picture it.

Indeed, it looks so appetizing that I licked it! And I got some satisfaction from it!! After washing the protective oil film it doesn’t smell bad or tastes bad if there’s even any smell or taste left. The ass is slightly darker and the pussy slight less pink than their picture probably because of the lighting. It looks more realistic in the flesh.

The colors seemed to be nicely “infused”. It doesn’t look like painted on. Sure it will come off very gradually with age. Hopefully, there’s no harmful material in it but since I’m not 18 anymore, my lifetime exposure will be limited, even if I’m to lick it again, LOL. Though it’s a good way to serve a dessert! The back can be serving sushi. A good idea for an adult-themed restaurant?

The entrance size is good but I have to be erect to get in. The inside is not as narrow just like the real thing. It doesn’t hurt after some rough flat-ironing. I’m a Trojan size. Trojan Magnum is too big and Asian condoms like Crowns and their 003 are slightly too small. It takes some effort to put them on and I feel tight when I’m really rock hard. The bulk condoms from China are terrible. Thick and small.

It’s probably TPE, the softer and more lifelike wobbling material. It doesn’t last as long as silicone. Indeed, I have torn her ass already. The ass entrance is very close to the surface and the TPE there is very thin. That’s no big deal as it’s functioning the same and it still looks the same when I’m not stretching it. There’s no such risk at the pussy.

I preferred a flat one because I suppose she will more likely hold her ground for hands-free operation. I first assume that bending over is the more usual position but flat-ironing just work for me. I just put her flat on the carpet floor and humped away.

She is over 8 inches long so if you are longer you risk making a hole on the other side as reported in some other toys. Then you will lose suction, which gives you a nicer sensation on your pull out stroke.

TPE is more porous than silicone, which can be regarded as almost non-porous. So you have to be careful to sanitize her for long-term use. Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and bleach are not recommended as they may be a little bit destructive for TPE. But then she is not a thousand dollar toy. I would recommend chlorhexidine, available in soap form used for surgeons cleaning their hands. Somebody use aquarium air pump (low-noise) to dry their doll cavities. I may try putting activated charcoal powder inside for storage. It will certainly dry if you put enough. It’s poison absorbing in the stomach too. Yes, it’s black. But it doesn’t stain. Probably some will be caught on the surface pores but then it’s on the inside.

When my current favorite didn’t turn up on Father’s day, I couldn’t wait to try it or lick it, really. When I’m sure she didn’t come on Monday just to avoid the festivities I couldn’t wait to give her a really good flat ironing, the toy I mean. Then my favorite turned up on Tuesday! I drove all the way back from LA to see her, or I have to miss her for two months when she usually returns. I still gave her a good fuck, the live one that is.

It’s really about storage. I can’t afford to have a bigger doll. I was looking for a pair of equally good-looking breasts to go with it. But they are so creepy with holes here and there.

Now full sized pretty dolls liki this for couples can be owned for a thousand and some are down to $600. I will seriously be reconsidering getting one. There are not enough reviews on Amazon to be reliable for now but you can see the showroom and test drive a brand in LA. They deliver too for hourly and overnight bookings.

Previously, when dolls cost six thousand, I seriously considered renting an air-conditioned storage unit to be her home and meeting place. The unit just needs to be 6 ft long, not too hot and not too cold for me and no bad smell from the neighbors. 24/7 access and self-service entrance. I can even hop from company to company for the $1 first month rent. But 6 thousand is a risky investment trusting some other guys on the internet, who are weird one way or the other treating their dolls as family members.

With the drop in doll price, renting is not an economic option anymore. I thought of adding a ceiling storage in the garage, with a pulley system to get her up and down.

And I also forget about the attic. It is certainly most discrete but taking her up and down is too much hassle even if possible. Then I thought of that I can go up to meet her. I just need some climate-controlled storage space up there; again 6 ft long and of sitting height, twin bed width. I can just build a frame and insulate it with faced fiberglass rolls, and a safe passage without contacting the fiberglass. For climate control, I can just tee a HAVC conduit into it as an extra room.

But then if I really wanted to remodel the garage and attic, I could have done it years and years ago. I’m just too lazy. But now there’s great motivation. I wish I had done that years ago; now I just need to select the doll.

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