Sex Robots – The Future of Sex Dolls?

In the past year, we see media talks about sex doll robots, sex robots, and a new term is coined – sexbots.  Thanks to the rapid growth in technology or Artificial Intelligence to be precise. When technology is integrated with sex dolls. Sex dolls become more lifelike ever. However, we have to admit that the existing sex robots are not up to standard yet.

One thing here you need to bear in mind, sex robot is different from sex doll. Sex doll is meant for sex and companionship. it requires high skill of art, craftsmanship and sculpting. Robot is a different thing, it requires high level of science and technology, adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to allows robot to learn and respond. Sex robot is a combination of both, therefore, a robot company is unable to produce a beautiful soft-skin, sex-friendly dolls; a sex doll production house is unable to deliver a doll can speak and react perfectly.

Therefore, some of the sex doll brands are looking for AI and technology company/experts to work with, vice versa.

What the high-end sex robots can do now?

  • Basic Communication (It’s still at early stage, sometimes they can’t respond)
  • Facial Expression
  • Lifelike face and body

What the affordable China made sex robots can do now?

  • Minimal Conversation
  • Body Heating (Still early stage)
  • Moaning (Still early stage)

High-end sex robots sell for over $10,000, and this is one of the famous sex robots Realbotixs, the Realdoll brand.

Is it worth to invest in sex robots now?

It really depends, but personally, I would say stick with it. As with many products, over time the price drops and the technology matures. Ultimately, they are worth every penny. Furthermore, from the feedback we gathered, the top three improvements that doll lovers would like to see are

  1. Dolls move
  2. Body temperature
  3. Moaning

*WM dolls have a body temperature and moan function.

The interesting thing is that they don’t need the dolls to talk. They want the doll to have body heat, moaning sounds and basic movements. In other words, the sex robot maker offers an expensive feature that the user doesn’t want – talking, thinking and responding.

Perhaps shops want to replace their employees with human-like robots who might be customers, but certainly not too many from sex doll users at this stage.

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