Sex Drive: Welcome to the sex corridor in the UK where people can buy sex dolls in the school corridor

Kate wanted to shut down the highway and embark on the sidewalk of her family-friendly passenger car without gas.

Instead of stopping like most drivers do, moms go around to pick up the kids and go to the Pulse and Cocktails sex shop to buy a weird sex doll.

It is one of four adult shops, some of which used to be Little Chef restaurants. Located on A1 Street (a 410-mile stretch from London to Edinburgh), this is also the infamous club and dogging hotspot.

Although not many people describe the highway as sexy, hundreds of people visit these shops every day, and this road has become the sex corridor in Britain.

Two 43-year-old Michaela’s mothers have worked in Grantham branch (formerly McDonalds) for 13 years.

“There are a lot of businesswomen traveling on business, they are looking for something like a vibrator to entertain themselves, and those who buy DVDS or masturbators are also very popular.

“We sell their loads here. Every farmer in the area also has one-I can guarantee! In the first few weeks, a farmer came in, the news spread, and we all sold out.”

She estimates that as many as 500 customers visit the store each week, including truck drivers, farmers, business women and moms.

Little chef goes to sex shop
The sex shop sits on a 160-mile road between Leeds and London and has sprung up here 16 years ago.

When little chefs came to power, the savvy businessman Graham Kidd saw an opportunity to transform these places into sex-shops for horny drivers, and there were 19 stores in the UK, of which 7 Home is the former restaurant of the little chef.

“We opened our first little chef shop in 2005 and thought it was worth the throw-and did a good job. People are happy with the location of our shop-they don’t have to worry about hitting a neighbor next door or someone they know .

“Even if there are billboards and advertisements outside, the entrance is always discreet and secret.

“It’s a very British thing-all you have to do is buy lingerie or adult toys, but we’re all scared to death.”

When we arrived, a black Range Rover with a personalized license plate stopped outside the Grantham store, and a stylishly dressed businessman in his forties appeared in a black plastic bag, clutching his sex doll tightly.

Internally, porn repeats on two screens, and a £ 1,000 sex doll is nakedly supported in a glass box.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Michaela acknowledges that sometimes people misunderstand the store and even mistake it for a brothel. “So far I could have made a fortune with massages, extra services, escorts and dinners.

“A customer was foot fetish and wanted to buy my Next Ankle Boot for £ 100.

“Once, an HGV driver came in and started masturbating to play a DVD-he was told to stay alert. It only happened once when I was here.

The mother was so absorbed that she forgot to pick up the child.
So who are the “typical” customers who offer a wide range of products in stores ranging from £ 3 to £ 1,000?

“It used to be very masculine, and now someone comes in. The store is bright, open and airy, and many people think it will be dark and dirty.”

“We have a lot of newcomers in the evenings and weekends, and they want to add some fun to their lives, and then add single men and regulars.

“We let moms come in before school in the afternoon-they were so fascinated, like, ‘Oh my gosh, I have to hug my kids!’

“They came in with friends and spent up to an hour observing a vibrator like a rabbit, or beautiful underwear to add to their family life.

It is also busy during rush hours and when the children go to bed. “

For many career-oriented clients, spending a lot of time traveling to work and going out means they are looking for something special.

“ Old couple going to buy a movie ”
Literally, it seems that anyone can walk into the door of the A1 sex shop with customers ranging from 18 to 80.

Drive 45 minutes along Huntingdon’s Sawtry, at another Pulse and Cocktails store, which was once a little chef and then undergoes a complete makeover.

Although 55% of Britons are too embarrassing to admit that they own sex toys, and one-third prefer to buy perverted toys online, the store still sells restraint accessories.

It is no coincidence that A1 can serve Leeds and Newcastle, the two most expensive cities in the UK

Zoe Carpenter, 38, has been working here since it was founded nine years ago.

She said: “We have a lot of regulars. You meet a lot of groups-people in the 80s or 90s that usually have Butlin weekend themes, they get sex enhancement pills, male rooster rings or something like that Something. Blow up the doll.

“A lot of old couples come in to buy movies-it’s a great thing to do it together.

“With a sex doll, and sometimes companionship. A customer is an elderly guy who loses his wife. He wants something but he doesn’t want others.”

The store is also thought to be the place where the 72-year-old school principal James Stewart bought toys in his office to make “sex dungeons,” where he played with his married secretary.

He was sentenced to four years in jail after confessing fraud after stealing school funds, when his despicable secrets were revealed.

Zoe said: “He was taking money from school and owning a vacation home and was eventually arrested.

“In his office, they found an item with hidden sex toys-he apparently has spent thousands of dollars!”

“ My joy is a new sex toy ”
The next store is Bedford’s independent Happy Lovers, conveniently located just behind the gas station and just minutes from the secret swing club The Vanilla Alternative.

The shop was formerly a family-oriented roadside restaurant, Happy Eater, and when it opened 16 years ago, it was the first sex shop on A1.

A big sign clearly visible on the road reads “My joy is a new sex toy”, and a variety of adult DVDs and dildos are scattered in the wooden composite wall.

Store manager Jane, 47, lives in Cambridgeshire and has worked there since the beginning.

She said: “This job is being advertised in the recruitment center. I applied because I thought it would laugh with the girls for -16 years. I’m still here.

“My family is used to it now. When I first came here for the first time, my two daughters, six and five, were studying for money in school.

“I told them I worked in a ‘naughty shop’.

“Their friends were a little bit picky and once I was called a ‘Pornstar’-people misunderstand who or what they are when they work in such places.

“My adult daughters are here now, and they will chat and talk to customers.”
The new meaning of the term “sex drive”
Although the location is obvious, the store does its best not to distract passersby.

The only natural light in the store was frosted small windows ten feet from the windows.

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