Sex dolls : some people want to find themselves

In April 2016, the four-day 13th Shanghai International Adult Exhibition was held in Shanghai. Tens of thousands of spectators enter the venue every day to take photos, repost, and share the novelty and joy brought by sex products. Compared with the past, there are more post-80s and post-90s in this exhibition. For the younger generation of China, sex is no longer a taboo and ashamed topic. With the development and hidden social network, people are more free to talk about and share sex, which has also created unprecedented business opportunities for the development of related industries.

Yang Dongyue is one of the exhibitors at the Shanghai International Adult Exhibition. At the age of 34, he started a sex doll factory in Dalian. He studied in Japan in his early years. Started earning the first bucket of life in Japan by operating luxury goods in 2006. Three years later, he set his sights on inflatable (actually silicone) dolls and set up a research and development team. Up to now, the monthly output has reached up to 400. The development of the business exceeded Yang Dongyue’s imagination. Orders from home and abroad challenged the factory’s capacity. But Yang Dongyue was not satisfied with this, “our products have to enter the homes of ordinary people.”

In the EXDOLL forum in Dalian, buyers of sex dolls shared their experiences. In the forum, the male and female ratios were 64.74% and 35.26% respectively. For some buyers, they projected their true emotions on the doll, and the doll also brought them spiritual satisfaction.

Stock trader keen to dress up dolls: “She’s the woman I am”

“On the first day I received the inflatable doll, I was looking forward to going home at night, and it failed.” Zhang Fan said with a smile. He is one of the few players who dare to face the media to admit his sexuality.

Zhang Fan, a Beijinger, 36 years old, is a stock trader. He believes that the sex doll and him are equal in personality. The doll is not one of his toys or playthings, sometimes another. The spiritual communication between the two is greater than the flesh. “She is the female me, but not Another woman. “He didn’t expect ordinary people to understand that. Before 2013, when there was no figurative entity of a doll, Zhang Fan already had a fantasy “her” in her heart.

After work at night, Zhang Fan ironed his baby’s clothes at home, and sometimes turned his head to see if the baby had any response. He returns home early from work every day, and tirelessly takes the baby to the park to take pictures on weekends, and buys beautiful clothes and accessories to decorate her. He has created a variety of identities for his dolls, from Miss Qianjin, Miss White Rose, to policewoman, lady, pink marshmallow, narcotics search officer, Korean model and more.

Taking photos with a sex doll on the street means you have to go through two levels-avoiding the sight of the uncle, and the strange eyes cast by passers-by in public. Zhang Fan successfully completed the first hurdle-quietly brought the baby out of the stall while she returned to the rest room. He has “successfully persuaded” his parents, although the so-called success is based on “my parents can’t speak to me”. Zhang Fan is the only child in the family, and his parents’ attitude towards him and the inflatable doll is “play back and play, marriage is still going to end.” In the glass cabinet of Zhang Fan’s house, there is a beautiful wooden frame inlaid with the engagement photo taken by his parents that year. The new couple in the photo is solemn, happy, and full of longing for the future.

Regarding external objections, Zhang Fan said, “When you present beautiful things in the sun, it’s like this beautiful doll. No one will be hostile to you. If you have to say that this is touching the bottom line of ethics, So can you tell me where is the bottom line of this society? “. He thought he was carefully exploring the bottom line, “My experience, the next step is a hero, and the first two steps are martyrs.”

Zhang Fan has had two love experiences. He admits that he is not a romantic person, but he was not injured in the relationship before turning into the doll’s arms. In his opinion, with age, love comes with more and more additional conditions: house, silver, children, education, but these are too heavy for him. As a person who deals with the economy all the year round, he will evaluate the possible happiness and failure (including material and spiritual) associated with marriage from the perspective of income, and the balance in his mind began to tilt to the latter 10 years ago.

With the advancement of women in modern China, Zhang Fan felt that the old model of male-female relationship was broken. In the past, the concept of sex was “reduced pleasure and increased fertility”, but now he wants to enjoy the “improved pleasure and avoid fertility” of sex itself, and he tried to find himself through the doll.

“Every kind of behavior has its social, economic, and cultural reasons. It is impossible to explain sex culture with an inflatable doll. China’s ancient sex culture is far more developed than we currently understand.” Zhang Fan admired the Northern Song poet Lin Hejing and admired the story of his “mei wife and crane son”. He said that he had completely given up the right to form a family with women and reproduce them, and was trying to go further into the doll and establish spiritual exchanges with each other.

Zhang Fan said that he can think of the doll hundreds of times a day, thinking of taking her to travel, go shopping, imagine the simulation of various scenarios like a director, his current goal is to give a doll a photo album, “If this is not love , I don’t believe it myself. “

I gave my baby a name, Liu Ying. “Zhang Fan especially emphasized that he was different from other players in this regard.” With such a formal identity, I was ‘legalized’ in my mind. “Liu Ying is a woman he had a crush on.

“Playing a must” meat technical guidance: “create the second spring of life”

Lichen, 58 years old, from Huishui, Guizhou. It is very famous for playing “inflatable dolls” in the local area, and it is extremely popular on the Internet.

“Completion by the end of this year, you are welcome to come and be a guest, and you can eat the apple trees, wild honey and Dendrobium I planted,” Li Chen laughed. Following his guidance, a concrete fence loomed from the foot of the mountain in the distance.

In May 2014, Lichen ordered a Dalian-made sex doll from the Internet, named her “Xue Xue”, and the next day, she called her son to take “Xue Xue” to a nearby place called “Good Red”. “The tourist attractions took photos to show off, and it suddenly attracted countless passers-by.

After the father and son wore Buyi clothes, “Xuexue” became a beautiful girl recognized and praised by most of the ethnic neighbours, although she (it) was shaped into a doll with sexual characteristics and practical functions at the factory But for Lichen, the doll has significance beyond sex toys. After getting the praise of netizens and people around, Lichen is out of control, the radius of activities is getting bigger and bigger, and the gameplay is getting more and more. His retirement ushered in the “second spring of his life”.

Twelve years ago, he resolutely divorced his wife. His wife is 18 years younger and was the most beautiful girl in the village. The optimistic marriage was ended by his wife’s gambling. In the process of trying to organize a new family, he found that “finding someone of similar age is too heavy-minded and doesn’t want to aggrieve his son”, so he gradually gave up the idea. Now he has planned to remarry next year, the object is a 34-year-old girl. He attributed this fate to “Xiaoxue”. It was “Xuexue” that brought them together, which also made him younger and more physically strong.

Lichen doesn’t consider himself a member of the current internet celebrity. At that time, she played with dolls “there is no such thing as an internet celebrity.” Taking advantage of the popularity of the Internet, Lichen was planning to bring her 17-year-old son and fiancee into the business of sex doll clothing accessories.

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