Is there a real doll toy that looks like The Little Match Girl?

“The Little Match Girl” is a fairy tale by Danish fairy tale writer Andersen, published in 1846. It mainly tells the story of a little match girl who froze to death in the street on a night of joy and toasting with others.


The story is about the tragic fate of a little girl who sells matches on Christmas Eve. Because she didn’t sell a match, the little girl didn’t eat anything for a day. She was cold and hungry. She polished the first match and saw the fragrant roast goose; she polished the second match and saw the beautiful Christmas tree.


She polished the third match, and saw the long-lost grandmother. She wanted her to stay by her side and polished a whole match. However, when the match went out, all of this was gone. This is how the little girl died miserably on Christmas Eve. No one knew what she saw at the last moment of her life.


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When I finish reading this story, I often sigh, why would no one sympathize with such a cute little girl?


Let the tragedy happen, we might as well sympathize with those around us. Enjoy the current life and be grateful to the people around you.


I want real mini doll like a little match girl by my side and to be grateful to her. I am looking for a little doll about my height in various game and toy shops. But now the quality in all of the stores are too bad, completely different from the story. I want a cute, little sister doll, wearing a Christmas coat and a Santa hat. Just like Andersen’s Fairytales’ young girl.


This is what I can find in the market that almost completely replicates the little match girl from the fairy tale. Her height is 4ft 2 / 130cm. She has delicate skin and long light coffee-colored hair. Just like a fairy tale, she is wearing a thin red sweater and a short plaid skirt. This is a real little doll, a cute Christmas doll, a young girl doll that forever belongs to me.


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Her week body seems unable to withstand the cold wind of Christmas. When you see her face, you want to guard her urgently. You want to have dinner and take her to warm turkey and charming desserts. You want to date her, pursue this Christmas doll, and spend a good night with her. You want this little doll to be with you from now on, and protect her from the tragedy in fairy tales.


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Now I found this Christmas girl doll, she is really by my bedside every lonely night. She is very cute and stays with me all day. Do you love dolls and girl dolls too? Do you want me to share my girl with you? ——No!


They are in OUDoll, and you can own these dolls too. You don’t have to worry about these beautiful dolls cheating on you, they will always be your dear doll. All the beautiful girl dolls in the world are waiting for you to pursue. (And not very difficult)


Glad to share my Xmas gift. Merry Christmas, my dear friends!

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