Sex Dolls Experience in Vegas sounds just like Westworld

Anthony Garreffa: @anthony256 Las Vegas Sex Dolls Experience is now open for business, offering customers special time alone “interacting” with sex dolls in a private room, at an undisclosed hourly rate. The new sex doll brothel is licensed in Clark County and operates out of The Studios, which is a “fluid gender social lifestyle club” but residents are not happy. The Studios is under investigation by Clark County code enforcement right now, with the suspicion of operating a business without a license.

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The Studios was licensed back in 2016 to operate as an educational institution, but a sex doll brothel is well, quite the opposite of that I’d say. They run under the name Fluid Lifestyles Learning Center, but inside The Studios has beds, couches, TVs, a stripper pole and even bondage equipment — very educational. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Sex Dolls Experience changed their website once they were being looked into, where before the update the website wanted customers to “indulge in the ultimate sexual experience” but the very next day the website was updated to ask buyers to “try” sex dolls before buying them. Before the website changes, Sex Dolls Experience’s website said that a customer would make an appointment — where they would arrive, meet a host, pick out a doll, choose a wig and outfit, and then you are escorted to a private room for your allotted time. The very next day the website was updated, with a panicked “We are not a brothel!!” Sex robots are nothing new, with “coding errors” seeing fears that they could strangle their partners mid-act. Read more:

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People want sex dolls like in HBO’s Westworld, but the technology is not there yet, manufacturer claims A new generation of hyper-realistic sex dolls is currently under development, a leading manufacturer of the silicone figurines has said, noting that the robots still lack the tech to make them convincingly human-like.


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