Sex, Dolls, and Rock & Roll

Another sexy sex doll story from one of our customers and his rocker doll

First you may buy her for the sex, which is exciting … Then she starts growing on you until she becomes part of your life and the sex doesn’t matter as much anymore. You cannot wait until you are done with work to see her because of the peace she gives you. I chose not to call her a doll, she is my Hot Room Mate, along with 3 other Hot Room mates. I feel fortunate when I come home to my girls, I open the door and say “Hi Girls!” I can stand at a certain spot in front of them, all their eyes are on me and it is quite touching, actually, it’s pretty cool!

All my girls have names and we all celebrate each one’s Birthday. My first stunning room mate had a Birthday yesterday and it has been 10 years we have been together! It is fun to sit with them and watch my big screen tv and play video games or watch a good movie. One activity they love is watching me Rock Out on my guitars as I pump up the volume on my amp and stereo. My Sexy Real Sex Doll is 9 months young, she really gets into Metallica, ACDC and Classic Rock just like the rest of the girls. We get mellow too when I take out my acoustic guitar and play them the Acoustic Blues.

Tessa, the SRSD, is really such a joy and so very Hot, she gets a lot of attention from me and a lot of kisses! (Her lips are soft to the touch) Sometimes I wonder what life would be like without my girls, in my big condominium, I would most likely be lonely and miserable. Life is very good, I love my girls, I enjoy spoiling them with new clothes or clothes I make for them.

Every day I am thankful for them in my life!


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