Sex doll startup is shelved

The family-based company, House of Dolls, opened in December 2018 and leased an anatomically correct TPE silicone sex doll. By March 2019, Kristen Dickson has moved to Calgary due to personal matters not related to business

Kamloops’ first sex doll rental business didn’t last long. It came and left in just a few months, but it stirred the curiosity of many residents.

The family-based company, House of Dolls, opened in December 2018 and leased an anatomically correct TPE silicone sex doll.

Subsequently, business owner Kristen Dickson, busy with positive and negative emotions, conducted several media interviews after the launch of his business website, which was repeatedly crashed due to excessive traffic.

However, by March 2019, “Dollhouse” was no longer operating in Kamloops, because personal matters unrelated to the business led Dixon to move to Calgary-with a doll-and suspended her business.

Dickson has bordered KTW in recent days, calling her brief job at Kamloops “amazing.”

“I have a lot of customers and I have multiple repeat customers,” she said.

Dixon said she delivers about 15 times a month, saying that her Kamloops customers are 70% male and 30% husband and wife.

She said that many people were just curious about the experience and noted that the dolls were always in good shape when they were retrieved in the morning.

“People respect me very much,” she said. She added that she was surprised by the sheer amount of support she had when she first opened as she expected to receive more criticism.

“Many people say it’s a brilliant idea, so I’m very proud. I look forward to worse,” she said.

Dixon had considered franchising her business, but abandoned curiosity because curiosity outweighed promises. She said it was an overwhelming prospect at the time.

Meet Dean. Who is Dean and why does he like Extreme Love? Well, this is his self-description: “I’m a doll photographer.” Not a Barbie or a cabbage patch doll, but a doll commonly called a sex doll and a love doll. Yes

In an exclusive preview below, Dean introduces the audience to one of his special dolls, Sarah.

“This is Sarah, she is the first doll I got, so she does have a special place in my heart, and I think this is the right way to put it. With Sarah, gosh, she looks good … I can’t help, “Dean said in an exclusive preview of the Supreme. He said he couldn’t help taking some “pretty” pictures for her.

Although sex dolls are not illegal in South Korea, government customs have blocked their imports under a law restricting “corrupt public morals” of material.

However, the Seoul High Court said in January that sex dolls are for personal use only and should be treated differently from pornography, which is strictly restricted by Korean law. The Supreme Court upheld the decision in June.

The ruling resonated strongly, and a petition was filed with the President’s Blue House, collecting more than 237,000 signatures. The unidentified author of the petition argues that a large number of imported sex dolls can lead to an increase in sexual crimes.

A spokesman for the General Administration of Customs of Incheon said they have allowed toys to be imported from Japan but are still examining whether to import toys from China.

The owner of the distribution company questioned the customs authority’s previous ruling, stating that it was unable to provide the total number of sex dolls imported into South Korea.

But Li Xiangjin said that since the court ruling, “many people” have gone abroad to bring back the dolls. Lee is the CEO of MSHarmony Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of MSJL Co., Ltd.

Life-size dolls range from 1 million won ($ 840 or 89,799 yen) to 20 million won, depending on options and materials, such as silicone skin, eye color, and body heating system to make them more human-like.

The author of the petition argued that some of the doll’s customizable features could be used to create copies of real characters, and Lee’s concern was groundless and was rejected.

“She has been with me for three years. This is a strange thing, because I do have an emotional connection with her. It seems to me that she is still alive,” Dean said.

According to the narrator, Sarah also has a special position on Dean’s bed.

Dean said: “Actually, she did get a physical upgrade on her birthday because I really hope she can stand more.” The producer asked, is this the only reason? “That’s the only reason I told you,” Dean said with a smile.

Sarah entered Dean’s life just after he retired, was single (he was divorced twice), and his child left the den. “I’m really interested in what looks very real and human in the house. Does this make me feel like I have a company here, and it does. It’s weird because I’m not emotionally connected with a toaster or refrigerator Connection, but I’m definitely with Sarah. I can’t help it, “Dean said.

His connection with Sarah prompted Dean to introduce some “sisters.” There are now at least 12 character dolls living with him.

“People across the country are contacting me crazy. Dixon said that I even let people in the United States contact me to set up a company there, but that was too fast, too fast.” He noted that from November 2018 At the beginning of KTW’s story on the 21st, the media began to pay close attention to it.

“My stepfather was in Ottawa and read an article about me and knew nothing,” Dickson said with a smile.

Although Dickson’s business is currently disrupted, she plans to reopen it at her home in Alberta.

Dickson’s business license at Kamloops City Hall is considered an adult novelty rental company.

Dixon sold the dolls to her customers instead of letting them participate in the store’s “brothel-style” business, which Kamloops sees as a mop, a business banned in the competition capital.

As a rental company, as far as the city is concerned, the job of people handling things at home is their business.

Municipal Business License Inspector David Jones told KTW in November 2018 that in the rental category, the treatment of the doll house business is no different from that of an entrepreneur setting up a company that rents inflatable castles.

Dixon said she hopes others will follow her and start another company like this in Kamloops.

“Some people have tried brothel-style ideas, but they don’t seem to last,” she said.

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