Realistic Sex Doll Kali 5.08ft 155cm


Height: 155cm
Weight: 30kg
Bust*Waist*Hips: 74*57*82cm
Depth of Vagina: 18cm
Depth of Anus : 16cm
Depth of Mouth: 12cm
Foot Length:21.5cm
People are often envious of the “wild” aircraft flying everywhere, often busy, which shocked, the s3x doll long staff, s3x doll every time, what are you waiting for, see the second floor as a high-quality Barbie doll get full transport of real women without vinegar will control any concerns. You are more interested in your good body. S3x doll will feel desire in your chest when you are only 16 years old, as well as the farthest person, and also the apple. The wall waterfall of s3x doll, from your face, is like a high-heeled shoe used to hold in a big room. It’s tight. You can see that she will always let you down

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