Sex doll rental company settles in Langley

A sex doll rental service starting in Calgary will open a second branch in Langley on Friday.

Randy Wiggins, one of Natrl’s three partners, said the service is popular in Japan and growing in Europe.

“We rent out to some shy men. They are very introverted. They have a hard time seeing women.” He said.

Vancouver-A company that offers “extremely realistic” sex dolls to people’s homes on short-term rents is planning to open in Greater Vancouver this week and has already called for resistance.

Natrl was launched in Calgary by a father and son last year and they plan to open a new location in Langley on Friday.

No storefronts offer rental services. Everything is done online. The company organizes pickup and delivery.

“We are exploring a market that is not well served,” Randy said. Randy did not want to make his last name public because he feared it would hurt his son’s career in the oil and gas industry.

“I think we will succeed in Vancouver.”

Natrl’s location in Calgary rented a variety of dolls with different background stories, including a Russian ski instructor and a little elf named Bella. Most people follow the example of women, although there is also a man.

“You can book online or pay online,” he said. “Everything is done very carefully. There is an actual box where you can fill out any specific instructions you want when you deliver.”

Life-size dolls can be booked for two hours for $ 189, or one night for $ 289.

People choose the dolls to rent based on the information on the website. Described as “petite” by Minnie, the 22-year-old from Vietnam entertains foreign tourists in the Red Light District. Others include Anastasia, a blonde from Russia; Lara, a retired veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan; and a fantasy doll, Bella, with elf-like ears. For those interested in male dolls, there is also Cameron. The company plans to add more dolls in the near future.

The site promises thorough cleaning and “risk-free” handling of the dolls, but the company also strongly encourages customers to use protective devices.

Randy told CTV News that the company charges $ 250 for overnight rent and charges less per hour, so be careful when shipping.

“If you want us to walk in the back alley, we can do it and meet you somewhere if you want,” he said.

He said that all dolls should be thoroughly washed. The whole process is divided into five steps, which takes about an hour and a half, and then all the dolls are inspected with ultraviolet light.

Although the company is still a few days away from opening, it has caused some concern among women advocates in the region.

The Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter told CTV News that these dolls are unpleasant, a real example of female objectification. A message on Natrl’s website said the dolls “have no more restrictions on traditional partners.”

“Men should boycott Natel and refuse to participate in or support this degrading industry,” Laurel McBride said in an email.

McBride added that the dolls themselves, many of which have large breasts and thin waists, also reinforce women’s unhealthy ideals.

A sex therapist in Vancouver says people shouldn’t raise their eyebrows too quickly.

Erin Davidson told CTV News: “In the field of sex therapy and sex education, we say don’t always hate the yum of others.” “Just because it may not be your thing, doesn’t mean it can’t be right Others work. “

Randy said his Calgary business provides valuable services to certain groups of people, including 70-year-old customers and others with disabilities.

Silicone sex dolls cost $ 350 per night. Dixon said they look real and have soft skin, which she describes as “soft like a human.”

Most are female, but she also has a 5’2 “male doll named Zach.

They can be booked online and then delivered and retrieved the next day. After picking up, each doll is strictly cleaned after two hours of antibacterial soap.

“We scrub the entire doll from head to toe,” Dixon said.

She said she wanted to open a brothel but also wanted to maintain its status through insurance and licenses.

“This is the only way that can happen and be legalized,” she said.

This is a controversial idea, and critics say it encourages clients to treat women as objects.

Earlier this fall, a sex doll brothel advertised in Vancouver, and the factory is now in operation. Bella Dolls offers a 30-minute course ($ 90), a one-hour course ($ 120), and a two-hour mannequin ($ 240).

Maria Paredes of the Vancouver Rape Relief said at the time: “In the final analysis, men can treat women as things they don’t feel and can use and reuse them as they please.

Dixon realizes that not everyone knows her business, but she says that so far the response has been very positive. She acknowledged that at first she was shy about members of the buying team.

“The more I sit down and watch them, the more adaptable I am to this idea, the more interesting and the more amazing it is,” she said.

“I just think about everyone. Don’t knock it before trying.”

Dickson hopes to officially launch next week and believes that most of her customers will be people who travel on business and who are curious about trying to do so.

“Sex can be sold no matter where you are. It’s a human need,” she said.

“We have a stroke victim and he has some mobility problems,” he said. “And those shy guys, they are so introverted that the idea of ​​even dating a woman is scary.”

The company plans to launch eight dolls and then introduce eight more in late February.

According to the company’s website, the dolls are made of a material called thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The material “has many of the same characteristics as the skin.”

“Everything is going well in Calgary. We launched here in November. We have always had expansion plans. We will always develop it.” He explained.

According to the company’s website, once the dolls are returned after booking, they will go through a “rigid multi-stage cleaning process, done by trained and certified employees”.

Both the doll’s interior and exterior use antibacterial soap and hydrogen peroxide. After that, the doll was inspected with black light and ultraviolet light.

Wiggins will be responsible for Langley-based businesses, while his son and other partners will continue to work in Calgary.

He said, “We also rented a doll to a disabled person in Calgary.” “We rented a doll to a stroke [man], so his mobility was limited. He found that using a doll can enhance his confidence heart.”

The rental service is mainly male, but Wiggins said there are also some women and couples.

People renting a house from Natal are between 21 and 70 years old.

“Demographics surprised me,” he said.

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