Sex Doll Care – How To Clean & Maintain It?

A sex doll is a lifetime investment and to make sure that she serves you for a long period of time, you must clean and maintain it in a proper way. Here, in this, blog, we will learn about different sex doll care tips that every doll buyer should follow. Scroll down to get started.
Cleaning And Maintenance Tips
Essentials To Have In Your Cleaning Kit
First of all, you need to prepare a kit that includes all the essential items that are necessary for keeping the doll clean. Here are some of the most commonly used items or products –
Antibacterial or mild liquid soapBaby oilVaselineSponge cut into smaller swabsVaginal irrigatorCombMicrofibre cloth Baby powder or talcum powderCorn starchMedical pincersDry towel Strong paper towel

Important Tips
When purchasing fantasy realistic sex dolls in Pennsylvania, keep in mind all the important doll care tips, as mentioned below.
Give Her a Shower
Just like a shower is essential for you, it is the same for your doll as well. You can give her a bath or take a shower along with her. What you need to keep in mind is not to use hot water as it may damage the skin of the doll. Try to use medium temperature water for TPE dolls. Spraying water or submerging the doll’s head in the water is a big no-no as it may result in rusting or molding of the head. If possible, take off the doll’s head before giving her a bath. Also, avoid placing the doll directly on the bathtub’s floor.
Clean The Orifices
Cleaning the orifices, that is, the anus, mouth, and vagina is very important before and after using the doll. Complete cleanliness will protect you against unwanted infections and diseases. So, before buying anime 158cm sex dolls in Indiana, be clear in your head that you will have to fulfill the responsibility of cleaning the doll. To clean the orifices, lie the doll in a position that will expose her anus and vagina.

Coat the swab sponges with lukewarm water and mild liquid soap. Now with the help of medical pincers, hold the sponge and clean the anus and vagina. Once it is done, clean the orifices with a clean swab soaked in warm water. After this, use a dry sponge. Using the same process, you can clean the mouth.
Use Water-Based Lubes
Using lubricants is very essential while making love to a doll. But, not all lubricants are ideal for use on the doll’s skin. Silicone-based lubricants damage the TPE material. Hence, for maintenance, it is advised not to use such lubes. You can try water-based lubricants or other lubes like, baby oil and vaseline. They will serve your purpose and not harm your beautiful doll.
Use Microfibre Towels
To dry the skin of the doll after a bath, do not blow-dry the doll; Instead use microfibre towels. Also, make sure to expose the doll to room temperature once you take her out of the bathtub.
Oil The Doll
Most of the men prefer life size sex dolls. but, little do they know that these dolls require proper oiling all over their body at least once in a month. You can also use cornstarch baby powder.
Simply using these tips will keep your love doll in good shape. So, stay clean and let your doll be clean as well.

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