Sex doll broth is closed

Why is it closed? Because there are manyFirst, residents in the vicinity were disgusted with the opening of the sex doll brothel.
Not only that, the residents also tore off the posters of the sexual doll brothel propaganda, and also uploaded a complaint letter, so the municipal officials in the area said that the sex doll brothel is illegal, it belongs to “Adult entertainment venues.
“Not only in Toronto, but also in many other regions or in the country’s sex doll brothels, there are many people who oppose it, but most people who visit sex brothels are curious.
In an hour or two, it will cost a few dollars or even hundreds of dollars.
Instead of buying a good quality doll directly, although it will be expensive, you should know that sex dolls can accompany you for a long time.
If you go to the sex doll brothel every time, you can count it and spend more money than the sex doll you bought yourself.
You also have to think that when you go to a sex doll brothel, there will be a lot of people using a sex doll.
Even if it is cleaned and disinfected, this doll is not entirely yours.
Why not buy a personal doll that belongs to you from beginning to end?

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