Russia World Cup Sex Doll

This Super Sexy Doll with Massive Butt is ready for to Spice up your FIFA world cup with her thicc ass
Congratulations to France for winning the World Cup!!! Any sex doll order shipping to France we’ll get a gift!!
She might look Russian but is ready to cheer for any time you like! You can also customize it as you like, we have many head options, hairstyles, eyes, skin colors… so it can be a soccer player on your favorite team!
But you can get any other real love doll that you like, to have some extra sweat together this summer… Have a look at other doll models.
The good thing is that a sex doll won’t complain even if she doesn’t like soccer and you have a guaranteed fun break time or after the match!
Have a look at the photos of our Russian Sex Doll ready to Watch the FIFA World Cup Final!

If you like tattoos… ask us about it 😉

Sex has been a controversy in this World Cup as Russia advised to not to have sex with foreign men visiting the country during the World Cup.

You are safe from STDs with our dolls!

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