Rubber wife: living with sex dolls

Every night, Dirk and Jenny watch TV, chat, eat and have sex. Just like other couples-Jenny is made of silicone. “Couples” have been living together for 8 years, and it seems that they have no intention of ending the relationship.

In February 2018, Steven Crowford, a 25-year-old from Scotland, decided to run a brothel with a sex worker (a silicone doll). He wanted to charge customers £ 60 an hour, but the brothel closed a few days after it opened and the owner removed all contacts from the site.

Another British man, Brian Leach, was sentenced to nine months in prison for ordering sex dolls from China, reminding customs officers that the doll contained a child with a child’s sex organ. Leach has been accused of intending indecent behavior with a child-like doll. To be fair, during house searches, the police also found that he had child pornography.

The price of a sex doll is between $ 10,000 and $ 10,000; the more things that look like humans, the more expensive materials it makes, and the more you pay for it. High-quality sex dolls are made of platinum-based polymer medical silicone. The cheaper ones are made of silicones that wear faster than platinum-based silicones, which means stains, spots, and other defects appear. At the same time, a doll that sells for two thousand looks almost like a doll that sells for ten thousand.

The more expensive a doll is, the stronger its joints can be, allowing it to adopt and maintain any posture. 70% of dolls are produced in China. They are handmade and the manufacturer claims that their vagina is sometimes even “better” than the vagina of a real woman.

The manufacturer claims that their vagina is sometimes even “better” than that of a real woman.
A few years ago, photographer Sandra Hoyn watched a bad movie about sex dolls. She started digging deeper and met Dirk on an online forum where a man’s sex doll almost became his wife. Dirk even named her-Jenny. They almost never leave home, but every night they watch TV, chat, eat dinner and have sex.

Sandra decided to understand the feeling of living with a silicone lady.

—At first, I found a shop selling silicone dolls in Germany. Then, I met Dirk and his silicone doll Jenny on an internet forum and visited them in their home. I worry Dirk will say he doesn’t want to take pictures. Then, I was even afraid of Jenny, and she would tell Dirk that she didn’t want to take pictures.

When they first fall in love, they often have sexual relations, which is common in any relationship.
Dirk decided to buy Jenny because he was in a meltdown and felt very lonely. A € 6,000 sex doll is the source of his comfort, his therapist, his constant companion.

When they first started, they had a lot of sexual activity, which is common in any relationship when you are just in love. This is no longer important to them. The doll has become a true companion, not just a sex toy for him.

Dirk had a relationship before. For this reason, he is not a man who hates women and owns dolls. He has a doll, and because of his collapsed body, he is lonely and cannot establish a normal love relationship. Dirk tells me he loves Jenny. He told me that maybe he would be ready to build a relationship with a real woman in the future, but it is not there yet.

Dirk had a relationship before. He is not a man who hates women.
I was banned from showing up. Dirk has a bad experience in the media. At first he was careful. He became open and honest after he realized I didn’t condemn him as a freak. His wish was to get the subjects to advertise more and make it more normal.

Dirk told me that he didn’t want other women at the moment. He is very happy now. They have a fixed schedule. Every night at 6pm, they sit on the sofa and watch TV. In the afternoon they took a nap. Jenny sits on the sofa in the living room, and Dirk hangs Dirk on her clothes or next to the office while working on the computer. Every Sunday, they take a bath and wait for him to dust her silicone skin to keep it soft.

I want to prove through Dirk and Jenny’s daily life that some people are happy, even though their lifestyle seems strange to most of us. Dirk is working at home with a computer. Most of his friends and family did not know him and Jenny. There are also some friends who live with dolls.

Only some friends who lived with the baby knew Dirk and Jenny’s relationship.
Dirk kept walking through the apartment, giggling, and kept replying to her. I don’t understand. I’m not sure, because only Dirk can communicate with her soul, not me. I’m scared to expose my photos. The biggest challenge is to take pictures of Dirk and Jenny at the same level, instead of looking at the doll like a doll, but to recognize what men see and like on her. Because I was not allowed to show Dirk’s face, I had to be careful not to look too superficial in the collection.

I was surprised that I entered his world so easily. What surprised me was how quickly I accepted Jenny as his partner. One day in the afternoon, when Dirk got Jenny to bed because he needed a nap, I tipped my foot through the living room and whispered to Dirk that I was afraid to wake her up. But on the other hand, my inability to speak directly with Jenny or hear what others are saying is also frustrating to me.

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