Reality of reality dolls

When Ryan Gosling romanticized Russ and the “half-Denmark, Brazilian-half-Brazilian” adult doll Bianca in Real Girl, it shocked not only his screen family, but Audience of the world. Even watching a movie looks strange and weird. But sex dolls have become more common in IRLs over the past 5 years-especially with the rise of artificial intelligence.

So let’s take a look at real sex dolls, which is a new trend in sex technology.

Everything you need to know about sex dolls: real sex doll FAQs
What is a sex doll?
Sex dolls are similar to human masturbation aids. Although many sex dolls can be scaled, there are also smaller dolls or just key parts of the human body (chest, hips, vagina, etc.).

Sex dolls have a long history dating back to ancient times and include an absurd urban legend that was allegedly designed by the Nazis to satisfy their soldiers during the war. Recently, these “intimate companions” have appeared in (such as “joke butt”) movies, such as “Old School” or “Russ and Real Girls” on the festival tour mentioned above.

Some are simple and straightforward dolls, some are inflatable, while others are equipped with AI technology to make them more responsive and lifelike. The range of adult dolls is wide, from creepy and disturbing places to sexy and realistic.

Do people really use them?
Although it is difficult to find a study or study that clearly confirms this, the short answer is: yes! From Japan to the United States, sex dolls are popular all over the world.

A documentary on the use of sex dolls shows that in 2017, Japanese company Dutch Wives sold about 2,000 dolls. Just last year, a sex doll “brothel” opened in Toronto, assuring customers that one of their dolls would enjoy quality time for as low as $ 80 ($ 86.53).

But after some strong opposition and zoning issues, the brothel closed down a week before it opened. The brothel had 200 reservations by the time it closed-almost a third came from couples or single women. Later that year, a similar attempt was made in Houston, but local cities blocked the business.

Still, it’s more about the shame of using sex dolls than its popularity. From the $ 425 million market size in 2014 to 2023, the US sex doll industry is expected to surge to $ 690 million. Doll brothels have also succeeded in other countries such as South Korea, Spain and Japan.

This is because sex dolls solve a very common problem: they cannot meet or have sex with real people in real life. These dolls achieve fantasy and allow their “partners” to explore their own sex without judgment or fear.

How realistic is a sex doll?
You might wonder if “real-life” dolls can actually replace real dolls, or if they are just a pale imitation. Of course, having sex with a human male or female is very different from having sex with a doll or robot. But the gap is rapidly closing.

There are so realistic dolls on the market today, they actually resemble real humans. Some of these dolls are equipped with artificial intelligence-including a sex robot that can actually respond to romance.

Are there male and female sex dolls?
So far, female sex dolls are much more common than male sex dolls. However, this does not mean that women are not interested in sex toys. In fact, a study by Adam and Eve found that 44% of women between the ages of 18 and 60 had used at least one-time toys, and the vibrator was the first purchaser.

Male sex dolls are not yet close to the top three, but RealDoll, a major sex doll manufacturer based in the United States, is trying to diversify its products through male choice.

What is a sex doll made of?
Unlike plastic inflatable dolls of the last century, today’s sex dolls are usually made of silicone that is safe for the human body. This makes them soft to the touch and easy to clean.

Even at the reception, two lifelike characters-wearing suits instead of underwear, just like other dolls-wait to welcome visitors. Photos of beautiful women were everywhere on the walls of the hall, and only after careful inspection did they find themselves dolls.

Matt McMullen, CEO of Abyss Creations, who makes RealDoll, comes from an artistic and sculptural background.

Harmony’s wig was reconciled before I met her, and he obviously liked her look very much.

He said she was the natural next step for sex dolls.

The factory currently produces dolls for customers around the world, and although it claims to have a few female customers, most are male.

All dolls fit a certain aesthetic-like Barbie, they have a small waist, a large bottom, and even a larger breast.

Mr. McMullen said that design is driven by customers.

“We are doing business and most of our customers have a certain wish list. The unfortunate reality is that this is very ideal,” he said.

“Many people who might buy RealDoll with sexual capabilities are gradually realizing that it’s not just sex toys,” he said. “It exists in their house and they imagine a personality for her. Artificial intelligence provides people with the tools to create that personality.”

This is done through an application, which can be used with a doll or standalone, and exists as a virtual human on a smartphone or similar device.

Users can choose from a variety of personality options, including moody, angry and loving.

McMullen chose “jealousy” for harmony, and she faithfully asked him to “remove that girl from Facebook.”

She was talking about a Scottish treble, which sounded weird, and told me that she likes science fiction and of course Matt.

Mr McMullen claims she learned from users, but when I asked Harmony how jealous she felt, she apologized and said she “needs to improve her skills.”

Although it can only be purchased directly from the Realbotix website, which is a derivative of Abyss, Harmony-enabled applications are already available for purchase. Due to the clear content, neither Google nor Apple official stores will carry it.

The doll will go on sale later this year and will be available in two versions-a doll with computer vision capable of recognizing human faces for $ 10,000 (£ 7,700) and a cheaper version without visual features for 5,000 US dollars.

What features are you looking for in a sex doll?
The thing about sex dolls is that they are actually built for your entertainment. You can find sex dolls in various sizes, shapes and colors. Some even let you customize everything, including nipple color and pubic hair style!

So when it comes to functionality, everything depends on what you want.

Do you want a standard silicone sex doll, or do you want a doll that can talk, laugh and maintain a conversation? It’s all up to you.

Do I need to assemble sex dolls?
Sex dolls are actually plug and play. When you buy a silicone sex doll, you can use it immediately-although you should probably clean it thoroughly before using it. It may be necessary to first set up a sex doll equipped with AI.

Where can I buy sex dolls?
RealDoll is the world’s largest adult doll manufacturer and is undoubtedly the best doll in the industry. You can buy dolls directly from their website, where there are dozens of options-male and female. You can even build a fully customized doll that starts at $ 5,999 ($ ​​8727.05).

But this is not the only place to find sex dolls. They are standard equipment at any sex shop in the country. The price of a sex doll typically ranges from less than a hundred dollars (for breast or genital areas only), but usually ranges between $ 2,000 to $ 10,000 ($ 2909.50 to $ 14,547.50).

in conclusion
True sex dolls can change the game, although controversial. However, no matter how you look at them, we are sure to see more of these realistic reproductions in the sex toy industry.

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